1. maddiekp

    #edcMOOC Blogging Survey: Please join in!


    Hello again edcMOOC bloggers!

    Many of us in #edcmooc either blogged throughout the course, or used quad- blogging to connect with other edcMOOCers. Whether you were a new or experienced blogger, what role did blogging play in your overall edcMOOC experience? Did blogging or quadblogging in #edcmooc enhance your learning …

  2. maddiekp

    Why #edcmooc worked! – Reflecting


    Following on my previous post, here is my deeper analysis and reflection on why this course worked for me and my peers.

    To start with, below is the #edcmooc course details as mentioned on Coursera site:

    “This course will not be taught via a series of video lectures. Rather, …

  3. maddiekp

    When the student is ready, the teacher will appear #edcmooc


    I am reading a lot of negative comments about the course on the forum and in some posts. Participants are complaining about “absent teacher”, “no videos and quizzes” and no “formal assessment”.

    I am thinking MOOCs are not for everyone, especially not for those who think MOOCs can be compared …

  4. maddiekp

    Week 2: A day made of glass #edcmooc


    In week two of e-Learning and Digital cultures mooc.

    In this week’s learning:

    This week, we move to more future-focused visions of technology and education, and explore how utopian and dystopian stories (or ‘discourses’) are shaping our understanding of what is happening now in the sphere of learning technology, and …

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