1. @madeleine_ds106

    Week 14 Summary


    This semester in DS 106 has come to an end.

    For my final project, I decided to create a recruitment style project in an attempt to get new secret agents for DS 106 in the Fall of 2019. My idea for my project came from emails with Professor Bond and …

  2. @madeleine_ds106

    Spy Recruitment




    Good morning. DS106 Recruitment Agency’s Fall 2019 Agenda is below as detailed…

    Desired Recruits:

    ****** ******** ********* ********** ***** ********** ********* **** ********* ******* ****** ******* ****** ****** ******** ******* ***** ***** *** **********

    Phase One:

    Our IT Agency will hack into each …

  3. @madeleine_ds106

    Week 13 Progress Post


    For the final project for this week I’m thinking of doing a recruitment style project. For this project we are required to use three forms of media. To complete this recruitment style project, I plan on using the media forms video, audio, and design. However, when spies are recruited, they …

  4. @madeleine_ds106

    Week 12 Summary


    Another week has come to an end in DS 106…kind of. I finished all my work for the week on Sunday since the mashup assignments were all relatively easy. This week I relied heavily on graphic design to complete the various assignments. My main tool for graphic design was Canva. …

  5. @madeleine_ds106

    Mission Remix


    So for the mission remix assignment, I think it would be fun to do an audio/image based assignment. As much difficulty as I had with video assignments these past two weeks, I think it would be important to incorporate the skills we all learned here as well.

    Based on what …

  6. @madeleine_ds106

    Remix 1


    For this remix assignment, I used a graphic design assignment I made earlier in this semester. I hit the remix button for the Logo Switch up Assignment. The remix told me to use any previous assignment and to just make the text hard to read, add unnecessary or random …

  7. @madeleine_ds106

    Logo mashup

    2 Stars

    For this assignment, I had to combine two logos into one logo. I chose Target and Urban Outfitters. I used the main red target for Target and then the basic print name for Urban Outfitters.

    It was really easy to create this graphic. I simply downloaded the two …

  8. @madeleine_ds106

    Holiday Mashup

    4.5 Stars

    For this assignment, I had to make a mashup of images from my three favorite holidays. I decided to use a Christmas tree for Christmas, champagne glasses for New Years, and a turkey for Thanksgiving.

    This assignment was really easy to create. I used Canva again to edit …

  9. @madeleine_ds106

    Superhuman in everyday life

    4 Stars

    For this assignment I had to insert a picture of a superhero into a normal day picture. I inserted a picture of Wonder Woman into a picture of a lifeguard stand at a beach.

    To create this image, I used the graphic design website, Canva. I made the …

  10. @madeleine_ds106



    For a top secret assignment idea all of DS106 agents are on a mission to save all the animals on the endangered species list. How they will accomplish this is unclear at the moment. However, it is an important mission. …

  11. @madeleine_ds106

    Week 11 Summary


    Another week has come to an end in DS 106. This week, like last week, was all about videos. I think these past two weeks have been the hardest for me this semester because of how much trouble I had trying to edit the video assignments. iMovie crashed every time …

  12. @madeleine_ds106

    Spy Movie Trailer

    4 Stars

    For this assignment, I was suppose to make a movie trailer. The assignment bank displayed it as a ‘western’ theme, but I thought I would change it to fit the class’ theme. I decided to make a movie trailer based on my character, Margo Humphrey. In the movie …

  13. @madeleine_ds106

    Character Story

    3 Stars

    For this assignment, I had to create a video story of the secret agent character I created earlier this semester, Margo Humphrey. The video begins with a picture of what I imagine Margo to look like. The picture is of American actress Naomi Watts. I then show a …

  14. @madeleine_ds106

    Week 10 Summary


    Another week has come to an end in DS 106. This week was all about video editing and creation. If I’m being honest, this week was hard. The assignments weren’t difficult, it was the technical side of it that gave me problems and really technical problems entirely on my part. …

  15. @madeleine_ds106

    Where my Shoes take me!

    2 Stars

    In this final assignment for this week I chose an assignment that required me to record where my shoes take me in a day. I had to record myself walking all day and then edit all the clips into one video. In the video you see me getting …

  16. @madeleine_ds106

    Observe Something Grow

    5 Stars

    In this assignment I had to observe something grow! The assignment’s details gave the examples of a flower or a dog, but I decided to do my cat Ozzy. I got Ozzy in August of 2018 and he will be one in June. I have so many videos …

  17. @madeleine_ds106

    Tell Your Character’s Story

    3 Stars

    This assignment required me to tell the story of my character through video. However, I decided to change it up a little bit and talk briefly about myself! I used the whiteboard my roommate and I have on our fridge to draw my life. My roommate also recorded …

  18. @madeleine_ds106

    Character Interview


    This week we also had to do a character interview of the secret agent we created earlier in the semester with interview questions provided to us. We had to choose at least 7 questions and the ones I chose were what orange exotic animal I would be, what I think …

  19. @madeleine_ds106

    Revised Work


    I decided to revise one of my previous graphic design works to relate it back to the radio my group and I created last week. I decided to remake the Charity Add I made from the Design Assignment tab a few weeks ago. I used the promotional poster I created …

  20. @madeleine_ds106

    Connected Daily Creates


    The Daily Creates I created this week was a haiku for Hope, picking out select words from a page of a book I’m reading, and describing what my heart is like if it would be used for a heart transplant.

    I am connecting these Daily Creates to tell a story …

  21. @madeleine_ds106

    Radio Listen


    This week we’re listening to radio shows! Monday night I listened to “Girl Power” and “Rogue Agents.”

    I decided to do my blog post on Rogue Agents. The radio show started off first with personal introductions of each of the members partaking by pretending to be the secret agent they …

  22. @madeleine_ds106

    Radio Show Week Two


    So our radio show is done!

    Creating the radio show was much easier than I expected it to be. My group members and I kept a running Google Doc that we shared with our professor. On the Google Doc, we kept a list of our commercials and bumpers we created, …

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