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    Radio Show and more! Week 7 recap


    This week my group and I have made exciting advancements in our radio show “Stories of Our Stories”. I honestly love our show idea and design. Everyone has created really cool bumpers and commercials. We are all getting really into the whole disney channel theme of it.

    Radio Show Progress…
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    Disney Channel & Our Stories


    For my radio show I am in a group with Maddy, Rosemary, and Jordan. We all decided to make our radio show theme about our childhood stories. I am really excited to work on this radio show with them because everyone has such great ideas!

    So excited to work with …

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    60’s vibes, logos, posters: Week 6 Summary


    This week I was able to create designs and explore more editing tools. I think so far this week has been my favorite because I really enjoy creating color pallets and designs. I have had experience with photoshop in highschool and we would complete similar assignments. This week I was …

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    Ferris Bueller Poster Design Thoughts


    I had never thought much about design in terms of movie posters and book covers before. The video “Movie Poster Expert Explains Color Schemes” was really interesting and made me look at movie posters differently now. 

    I learned that red and white movie poster designs are used for comedies. 

    One …

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    radioshow review ds106radio


    Listening to the radio show on February 22nd was so much fun and really interesting. I loved tweeting along with everyone because it felt like we were in class discussing! 

    I was so surprised when I heard my radio bumper play at the start and end of the show! I …

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    A Suspensful Sound Effect Story


    I wanted to create a somewhat scary story for my sound. Here it is:

    Imagine you are just getting home from work on a rainy spring day. The birds are chirping, but the thunder and rain have made it very dark outside. You open your creaky door and notice a …

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    Interview? Podcast? Music? Radio Show Ideas


    I’m really excited to make a radio show! I think our theme is very broad so there can be a lot of paths one could take with it. One idea could be an interview of group members to talk about “their story/experience” with COVID and ways of coping (in terms …

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    Pickled Peppers!


    I decided that the “Tongue Twister” assignment looked fun so I gave it a shot!

    I found a list of tongue twisters online and picked the “Peter Piper” tongue twister:

    “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked, If Peter Piper picked …

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    Grease Inspired Radio Bumper


    You know the morning announcement scene in Grease?

    If not take a look:

    The xylophone tune for the morning announcements inspired my radio bumper for the ds106 radio show!

    Sadly, I don’t own an xylophone so I used my uke instead!

    Hope you like it!…

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    Say “Cheese”… Week 4 Reflection


    Well week 4 was one of my busiest weeks yet! I took a different approach to this class than I usually do this week because of the visual assignments aspect. This weekend I looked over and planned for the assignments I would do. Then, at the beginning of the week …

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