1. @madelinek106

    First Week of Online Classes Update


    This week has been an overwhelming adjustment. Everything being moved online because of the corona virus has been challenging. Basically, all of my class are asynchronous which means that they don’t have a designated time to meet and the work is all completed at your own pace. This is hard …

  2. @madelinek106

    Culture Module Goals


    I plan to do the digital privacy culture module. Digital privacy interests me because I am on social media, and the internet frequently. Most of my accounts are set to the private setting, but sometimes I wonder what that really means and how “private” is it actually. I have heard …

  3. @madelinek106

    Web Literacy Project Reflection


    When I first heard of this project I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I did not know what web literacy meant. After successfully completing the project I have a better understanding as to what web literacy means and I feel more aware of information on the web.

    I believe …

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