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    Quote for the Week


    For my first Assignment Bank project this week I chose Favorite Movie Quote. This assignment asks creators to insert their favorite movie quote onto a picture for its correlating movie.

    Since we are working with the 80’s pop culture theme this semester I went on the hunt to find …

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    Week Five!!


    I can’t believe we have just completed the fifth week of classes already! We have almost completed 1/3 of the semester – that’s crazy!

    This week was audio week. At first I didn’t know where to start. I am not super familiar with audio editing software. I took an elective …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    Preliminary set of ideas for our upcoming radio show project.

    Podcast Style: Conversation between group members
    courtesy of giphy.org Use of generic 80’s music for theme to transition in and out of topics.
    courtesy of giphy.org If possible, play clips of various popular songs, movies, tv show, speeches, and/or radio…
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    Live Tweet Along!


    This Monday I participated in the DS106 radio tweet-along. At first I was a little intimidated and not sure what to expect; however, I ended up having a lot of fun. I have never participated in a live tweet-along. It was fun to interact with other students in the class, …

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    DS 106 Radio Bumper


    Radio Bumpers are the mini commercials that accompany radio shows. It reminds the listeners who they are turned into. There are all kinds of bumpers, but all are relatively short (only a few seconds).

    Here’s my attempt at a radio bumper for the DS 106 Radio!


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    Moon Graffiti


    “Moon Graffiti” is a fiction audio story based on President Nixon’s speech entitled, “In Event of Moon Disaster,” which would be given had the moon landing not gone as planned. The following are my thoughts as I listen in….

    The story opens with radio transmissions to the space craft and …

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    Sound Effects Story


    This week we were asked to tell a story using only sound effects, following the guidelines of the Audio Assignment Bank assignment, entitled Sound Effects Story.  AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments70This week we were asked to tell a story using only sound effects, following the guidelines of the Audio Assignment Bank assignment, …

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    Relaxing Sounds v. Auditory Hell


    For my second Audio Bank assignment, I chose All the Relaxation. This assignment asked the creator to create a collaboration of sounds that could be looped to create a relaxing background noise. I used freesound.org for my sounds and Garage Band to complete the assignment.

    In my last assignment …

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    Sick 80’s Beat


    For my first Audio Bank assignment I completed an assignment called, Sick Beat. This assignment asks the creator to make a beat using sounds they found for free, public use online.

    For this assignment I used freesound.org for all the sounds you hear, and used the Garage Band audio software …

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    Week Four!


    Another busy week has passed. It is hard to believe that we have completed the fourth week of the semester! Unfortunately, the stomach bug got the best of me and I spent most of my week stuck in bed. Thankfully, I am feeling back to normal!

    I still have not …

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    This week we were challenged to complete a 20 minute Photoblitz. While it was fun, it was definitely a challenge!! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to take as many “good” pictures as I could, but 20 minutes goes by fast. Thank majority …

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    My Photo Reflections


    Those close to me know I love photos! I enjoy taking photos, as well as looking through them. One of my favorite pastimes is looking through old family photos.

    Photography for my is a fun hobby. I don’t do it as often as I used to, but whenever I get …

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    Prince is Going Places


    For my last Visual Assignment of the week, I decided to put a Pop Star Out of Place. It is a 3.5 star assignment that asks creators to take an image of a pop star and put them into an unsuspecting (or just an unrelated) background.

    I decided to take …

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    Color Splashing Fun!


    For this week’s Visual Assignment Bank assignments I chose a 3.5 star assignment entitled, Splash the Color. The assignment asks creator to use color splash, a technique that highlights one main color in a photo, while grey scaling the rest of the image.

    I decided to color splash an …

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    Disney Dreamland Diary: Lunch Addition!


    For my final Writing Bank Assignment of the week I am doing a 4 star assignment entitled, “Instagram is Down…Describe Your Lunch to Me!”

    It caught my eye after writing about my 80’s vacation to Disney. So I decided to circle back to that idea and catch up with my …

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    A Wacky Wednesday!


    For my third Writing Bank Assignment of this week I stumbled upon a 3 star assignment entitled, “A Story in Alphabet.” The assignment it to create a story that uses all the letters of the alphabet consecutively.

    Admittedly, I may have had to look up a few words for inspiration …

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    A Disney Dreamland


    For my second Writing Bank Assignment I decided to do a 3.5 star assignment entitled, “Welcome to Paradise.” This assignment asks students to write about their dream vacation.

    Given that our theme for the semester is is 80’s, I decided to take on the persona of a child of the …

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    Can You Guess Who I Am???


    For one of my Writing Bank Assignments I chose a four and a half star assignment entitled, “Monologue Of A Household Tool.” At first I thought it would be a breeze, but quickly realized its harder to bring a household item to life.

    I wanted to keep it lighthearted and …

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    Week Two!


    It’s been fun week learning the way around DS 106 . I am still getting used to the format of the class, figuring out where to find different assignments. I have learned that the DS 106 community is far and wide and there are a variety of different activities DS …

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    Week 2: Daily Creates!


    This week we began to experiment with “Daily Creates.” DS 106 daily creates are daily creative challenges that the DS 106 community can take part in. They are simple assignments that take less than 10 minutes to complete.

    At first I was skeptical of the daily creates, but I soon …

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    Creepy Eyed Ferris


    In keeping with my theme for the week – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – I decided to make an adjustment to movie poster. I followed the assignment details from the “Creepy Anime Eye” under the Visual Assignments in the DS 106 Assignment Bank.

    While this assignment was easy and didn’t …

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    A Simple 80’s Haiku


    This assignment is a writing assignment under the Assignment bank; you can find the instructions here, http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/haiku-2/

    Movie Haiku: Save Ferris:

    Created by Hughes

    Ferris likes to skip some school

    Save Ferris Bueller

    I haven’t written a Haiku in a long time. I work with middle school students who are …

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    Week One!


    This week in Digital Storytelling the main goal was to establish a media presence and get acclimated to the different platforms. I chose to make all new accounts for the course that way my personal accounts could remain separate. As others in the course have pointed out, creating media accounts …

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    The Eighties!


    I am excited that this semester’s theme is the eighties! While I am too young to have lived through the eighties I have been introduced to eighties culture by my parents. When I think of the 80’s I immediately think about pop culture – the fashion, tv shows, movies, and …

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