1. malbrycht

    Signing off DS106.. The Wiretap has been cut off…


    Packing up everything that we have used for observation over the last 16 weeks.  I send this last report in with a heavy heart.  I have worked so closely these last few weeks with Omar Little.  We’ve had many late night interviews and I will do my best to honor …

  2. malbrycht

    DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments961 “Bumper Sticker”


    “Bumper Sticker” DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments961 (3.5 stars)


    Yo, yo, yo… Wassup.  I this here assignment, Melinda helped me design a bumper sticker for my main man, Renaldo’s cab.  Renaldo and I spend alot of time in this cab.  I want to tag it as ours.  This bumper sticker is marked …

  3. malbrycht

    DesignAssignments, DesignTutorials1445


    This is a tutorial for the Design Assignment 1445, “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”

    The requirements of the assignment are listed below:

    Imagine your favorite company whether it be food, clothing, or any other company. Now imagine their enemy or competitor in the business. Your goal for this assignment is …

  4. malbrycht

    Mashup Assignment 1323 “Movie Mashup”


    Mashup Assignment 1323 “Movie Mashup” for 4 stars:

    This was a very fun assignment to do.  This assignment was to mash different movies together and blend them into a Movie poster.  I chose to blend “Star Wars” and “The Wire”.  For this assignment, I downloaded the movie poster from the …

  5. malbrycht

    Swede a Scene , VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments437


    Swede a Scene (4.5/5 stars) (Plus Extra Credit please? :))

    Old Biddy Productions decided to get together and swede a few scenes from Season 4.  We sweded scenes from Episode 5 and Episode 6.  We first chatted a few times and tossed ideas around on google docs.  We decided that …

  6. malbrycht

    VideoAssignment393, Make a Tutorial for You Dad,


    Video Assignment 393 (5 stars) is an assignment in which you make a tutorial for someone else to explain how to do something.  My father just received his first smartphone for his birthday.  He has had the phone now for over 2 months and is scared to even pick the …

  7. malbrycht

    WE 11/2/2014 Busy Week Learning Video


    This week started with a huge amount of fear and dread.  The beginning of videos…  I could feel a panic attack setting in just at the thought of it!  I am so thankful that Meredith Fierro talked me down off the edge of the roof. (just kidding :)) Meredith tutored …

  8. malbrycht

    It’s Vacation Time! Video Assignment 1036


    This assignment is the video assignment 1036 for 2 stars.

    I chose to make a video of our 2013 vacation to the Outer Banks, NC.  I fell in love with the Outer Banks.  I loved it so much that I had to make a video of our vacation.  I felt …

  9. malbrycht

    WE 10/26/14, Another week on the roof…


    Here I sit, trying to record all of this week into one small blog.  This has been a long week.  There has been much activity here from my view on the roof.  I have been busy with daily creates.

    I drew with a light sabre, recorded a view of winter, …

  10. malbrycht

    The Radio Show “DSTW 76.5 News Radio Show”


    I listened to the radio show done by Meredith, Demi, Amy, and David titled “DSTW 76.5 News Radio Show”.  This was such a good radio show.  I was holding my sides laughing.  I loved the Bubbles interview in which the description was so vivid describing the blood on the scene.  …

  11. malbrycht

    WE 10/19/14 My View from the roof…


    This week has been a truly difficult week from my roof.  I lost my first cousin that was like a brother to me in a car accident.  This did not help with all of the other difficulties that we were facing trying to function as a team to get our …

  12. malbrycht

    Dailycreate, #tdc1010 : Special Day


    Today is a special day after I heard the possibility of positive news at my work.  Several benefits have been taken away and the possibility of their return was discussed today.  This left me really happy.  Yeah!  (Also my Halloween decorations at my desk make everyday a happy one! :))…

  13. malbrycht

    Our Current Chaos will be art… dang nabbit…


    We are hard at work tossing around the ideas of a radio show designed as if it is a news broadcast that could have taken place during the time period of The Wire.  We will have several different snippets from each member of our team that will include political news, …

  14. malbrycht

    Week ending 10/12/2014: Focusing on Audio


    This week we focused back on audio.  Audio seems to be harder for me than working with images.  It seems more personal listening to someone’s voice rather than just looking at a picture.  We are building up and getting ready for our radio show.  A radio show makes me really …

  15. malbrycht

    The Wire, Season 2, Episode 12 with comments


    I know that this was not a required blog but I just wanted to make a comment on how much I enjoyed watching the episode while Karen Thorson and editor Thom Zimny were commenting on the episode.  I had two functions going at once.  I watched the episode from the …

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