1. Tyler Crump

    Introducing Mamoru Fuun-Kun


    Hello everybody today I’m bringing you an awesome new assignment that I’ve been contemplating about since the start of the semester. What I wanted to do is create a sort of mascot for my blog, something that I could hopefully use throughout my blog design and posts that could function …

  2. Tyler Crump

    We have a new transfer student!


    Hello everybody its been quite awhile since I’ve made a post but I plan on bringing back all my anime related posts to each and every one of you. As for now I have created my very own supercut video the point being to make a montage of an overused …

  3. Tyler Crump

    ds106 the final chapter


    Coming to a close peoples:

    In regard to my previous statements on the personal cyber infrastructure, after finishing this course I noticed one line in my previous statements that bugged me quite a bit. “How long do I have to do this for.” Well I can tell you after completing …

  4. Tyler Crump

    Final Daily Create


    1. Take a photo of an old photo a la http://dearphotograph.com – Here is a picture from my family’s Christmas in 2007.


    2. Find the night light, shoot a photo outside at night – Ah the light of the moon its silver rays shining down upon you. Or wait …

  5. Tyler Crump

    Who would win in a fight?


    Have you ever been asked a question like, “who would win in a fight Batman or Spiderman?” Chances are there were times when this question was stuck in stalemate, with no victor ever being agreed on. Well that’s where you come in. For my last original assignment, crossover battle royal

  6. Tyler Crump

    So what’s the deal with the breakdown?


    Because I’m an anime loving otaku of course, why else? But seriously, I do consider this to be a rather large hobby of mine. I’ve seen over 190 Japanese animations in a combination of series, movies, specials, ONAs and OVAs and by no means will it end there.

    So for …

  7. Tyler Crump

    Movie trailer


    Have you ever tried to describe a movie or a TV show to someone but you just couldn’t find the right words? Well you know what they say a picture tells a thousand words; in that case a moving picture must tell about a million words. For my next original …

  8. Tyler Crump

    The wonderful world of Wall-Mart


    We’ll I’m wasting no time in creating these assignments, let’s see how much longer I can keep these going back to back. For my second original assignment I have created the visual assignment: shopping adventure. For this assignment you need to take a picture of the most bizarre product …

  9. Tyler Crump

    Anime breakdown – Kill me baby!


    Alright then going into my 4th breakdown, I’m sure all of you are as excited as I am. This time I’m going to show you some of the lighthearted aspects of anime; focusing on the sketch comedy/slice of life (ish). Kill me baby is one of the most recent series …

  10. Tyler Crump

    Daily create week 13


    1. It’s the 100th Daily Create- Create a photo representing this number – Well we made it to 100 people! But be warned, we must not let it go to our heads, least we incur the wrath of the almighty 100.

    2. Take a photo in which a mirror is …

  11. Tyler Crump

    Anime breakdown – Katanagatari


    Okay people lets talk swords. What type of swords first comes to mind for you? Broadsword, falchion, rapier, claymore, katana etc? Well how about a 7 ft tall suit of armor or maybe a pair of pistols? What the hell am I talking about you say? Well obviously you have …

  12. Tyler Crump

    Daily Create week 12


    1. Sketch a picture that shows perspective-I wasn’t sure what to draw for this but looking at some of the others I see a few optical illusions in there. So I Googled some easy to draw ones and voila.

    2. Take a photo of a bumper sticker; what is the …

  13. Tyler Crump

    Lets get schmaltzy


    Hey everyone, so who remembers waaay back when we started doing these assignments and I made (Wrote? Hit shuffle on iTunes?) this iTunes story:

    Well it’s making a return for my final remix assignment, although this time I’ve been challenged to change up the media used in this assignment. Oh …

  14. Tyler Crump

    I think I broke my manhood


    Well I got an awkward remix from the start, my assignment was to do the iconic you assignment but with the twist of doing it the exact opposite; meaning the un-iconic me i suppose. So in a horrible display of my manliness I have created this:

    The people featured in …

  15. Tyler Crump

    Anime breakdown – Fairy Tail


    So how many people out there want to admit that being a fairy just may be the most awesome thing ever? I’ll assume very few people raised their hands. Well what if I told you that one of these fairies was raised by a dragon and can eat fire? If …

  16. Tyler Crump

    Daily create week 11


    1. Draw love – For such an odd request I decided to give an apparently very unoriginal answer (according to Google top searches anyways). I looked up how to draw the kanji for love which is pronounced as “ai” in Japanese. I know its a little tough to make out …

  17. Tyler Crump

    Whose the real monster?


    For my final video assignment I have done a 5 second film (a rather long 5 secs but still relatively short). I should apologize that I broke my streak of maintaining an anime theme in my work. However while the actual plot may not include anime references you all can …

  18. Tyler Crump

    Agiri Goshiki presents “SERENITY NOW!”


    Life got you down? Can’t seem to relax? Well Agiri Goshiki has the cure for what ails you! With her patented ninja relaxation techniques she guarantees to put you in a state of utter calmness:

    Agiri is just my absolute favorite character from the series Kill me baby, shes just …

  19. Tyler Crump

    Double Trouble


    I had to put some thought into this assignment, I of course wanted to center this around anime still (which I did) but I just couldn’t find any numbers that had a significant amount of anime appearances. So Instead I decided to focus on some popular groupings of people in …

  20. Tyler Crump

    Remixing in anime


    Being an otaku it be nearly impossible for me not to notice remixes presented throughout anime, as the name of Kirby’s videos implies, everything in anime is a remix. The second video on remixed movie scenes really highlights the overall same methods used in creating anime. What makes anime such …

  21. Tyler Crump

    Daily Create week 10


    1. Glamorize your ride with a photograph worthy of its service to you- Seeing as I don’t have a car, motorcycle, bike, skateboard, skates or unicycle I guess I have to give the spotlight to my shoes.

    2.  Sometimes perfection is the enemy. Take a photo that represents a beautiful …

  22. Tyler Crump

    Anime breakdown – Eden of the East


    Pop quiz you suddenly wake up standing in front of the White House holding a phone to your ear and a gun in the other hand, what do you do? What do you do man?! Hurry lives are on the line! Well obviously the first thing you do is go …

  23. Tyler Crump

    5 Kids that can kick your ass (mine included)


    Going into my next video for the week I have done the One archetype, five movies (animes, tv shows blah blah), five seconds (more like 12 in this case). For my theme I have decided to focus on some prominent kiddies of the anime universe, all of which are grade …

  24. Tyler Crump

    Princess Pononoke


    Well I felt pretty inspired by this project, been working on it practically non-stop all day. For my movie trailer mash-up I have focused on yet more works from the brilliant director Hayao Miyaki. From my recent post of Howl’s Moving Castle you may be noticing just how big a …

  25. Tyler Crump

    Daily Create week 9


    1. Make a photo that emphasizes the color yellow- The craziness of hatless Finn, and all this time I thought his hat was surgically grafted to his head.

    2. Some trees express enormous soul. Find and photograph that special tree- The island of Tenroujima, home of the grave of the …

  26. Tyler Crump

    Characterizing Howl’s Moving Castle


    Still keeping myself busy with video and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to let up any time soon. Following up my earlier written review of the movie Howl’s Moving Castle I have characterized both Sophie and Howl, the protagonists of the film, in this video essay:

    Like my …

  27. Tyler Crump

    Anime scenes that changed my life


    Hey people pretty freaking exhausted from doing some late night editing. Today I’m showing my spin on the movie scenes that changed our lives project but you guessed it making it it scenes from animes instead. These scenes for the most part just changed my thought process on a lot …

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