1. mariamk

    Weekly Summary; Week 13


    Lets just say this has been a crazy journey finding NoirCat but he is home atleast with his rightful owner Maggie. Here is a story map of NoirCat’s journey with House of Noir Getaways and beyond. LINK

    Also here are my two updates for this week

    During my …

  2. mariamk

    Week 12; Weekly Summary


    This week we received our assignment!! Our task is to find the NoirCat that has gone missing. At first I was a little lost as to why our agency was assigned to find NoirCat when our agency helps people disappear! But upon further investigation and evidence it was event how …

  3. mariamk

    Weekly Summary; Week 11


    This was a rather hectic week second week for me in #ds106. This week we have to establish our agency House of Noir; Getaways. My group met this week to discuss the basics of our new organization. I was unfortunately unable to make it to the meeting because of work …

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    Design A License Plate


    Design A License Plate-2pts

    Also for House of Noir; Getaways I created a license plate. I used the website buildasign.com to make my design. I still have to see what my co-workers think about getting all of our license’s plates customized but I had a lot of fun making …

  5. mariamk

    Character Resume


    Character Resume-3pts
    For this assignment I had to make a resume for myself to showcase what I had done with my life so far. I am not sure exactly if I enjoyed this assignment I think on paper it’s hard to show all your experiences and what you have …

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    This week were asked to complete 2 daily creates!

    I wrote a poem about meeting a stranger.

    you look like someone I’d want to know.
    you’re captivating
    and my eyes won’t let you go.
    maybe I knew you before,
    in an alternative universe.
    its possible we were friends,
    at some …

  7. mariamk

    Weekly Summary; Week 10


    Well this was my first week taking over Mariams blog and I must say I have enjoyed myself. I have never taken a class like this before. It is interactive despite being online and it really gives you a chance to work creatively along so many people!

    So lets see …

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    I was also asked to answer interview questions about myself but I was busying due to a prior engagement. I had my co-worker answer the questions on my behalf and I think she did a good job. To be noted I can’t sing so technically she is the liar.

  9. mariamk



    VIVA HOUSE OF NOIR. We have decided to stay together and work as a team on our final project. I think although coordinating time schedules with other people can be difficult at times I have enjoyed working in this group throughout this semester. Everyone in the group brings something unique …

  10. mariamk

    Television Debut


    I also made my television debut this weekend. Idk I went on Find a Noir Lover to find a lover and get over my ex but after going on this show I realized how much I still loved my girl and how much I wanted to get her back. We …

  11. mariamk



    I also had to comment on peoples stuff in this class….I mean it was fun finding blogs of people I already knew I guess. But whatevs

    This man is doing the lords work because so many people don’t know how to pour a beer! http://ds106.steverechter.com/video-assignments/jack-teaches-how-to-pour-beer/#comment-129

    Drawing isn’t my strength either …

  12. mariamk



    So I had to complete what are called daily creates. They were fun I guess a little difficult at times because I am not very artistic but I enjoy that they switch up catergories every week to keep it interesting.

    I made a motivational poster.

    I made tree art

    And …

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    Hey FAM my name is Jeffrey Davidson and I will be taking over Mariams blog for a while. Not sure how I feel about this yet because it is more work for me to do but lets see where it goes! …

  14. mariamk

    PLOT TWIST: House of Noir is back!


    This week we had two options of completing 8 starts worth of video assignments or creating a trailer for a 15-30 video with a group that related to our noir characters.

    I chose the second option. My radio show group House of Noir decided to get back together and work …

  15. mariamk

    Video Essay


    This week we were asked to read and watch some clips that related to how to read a movie. Prior to this assignment I had no idea whatsoever about how you read a movie. The Roger Ebert article “How to read a movie” was very helpful for me. I was …

  16. mariamk



    We had to complete two daily creates this week!

    1.) I took a picture of something and made it blurry. This is a family picture that was on my desk and I moved my camera rapidly along with the frame to make the photo blurry.

    2.) I also read aloud …

  17. mariamk

    Radio Show Listen & Tweet Along


    I listened to the Noir Buzz on thursday night. Bonds mentioned that this will be a unique show in that there are only two members in this group which I can only imagine had advantages and challenges of its own. I enjoyed the bumpers and commercials in the show. I …

  18. mariamk

    Final Radio Show Reflection; House of Noir


    This radio show project has probably of the most unique group project projects I have worked on. It was different in that there were so many different elements that were coming together to make the radio show possible. Each one of my group members had a unique character and trying …

  19. mariamk

    Weekly Summary; Week 8


    This week was a little hectic just because it was the first week after spring break and adjusting to being a college student again can be a little difficult. I did not give myself enough time this week to balance out all my work. I unfortunately missed the many chances …

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    This week again were asked to comment on 10 of our classmates posts!

    Comment 1: I thought this was a great review about the god-father from the characters perspective.
    Comment 2: This person did a very good job incorporating other characters from the class into their assignment.
    Comment 3:

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