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    Dear Future Students


    I took this class spontanously because it sounded really cool and really fun, but here are things I learned along the way…..

    Don’t put things off for Friday!!! – I’m telling you its not fun The assignment banks are so fun, do the ones that interest you the most because…
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    Never stop dreaming


    Day 1:


    I moved out West to make a new life for myself, I have never felt like I belonged in the Hampton’s. My heart just yearned for a different adventure than the one I was born in. I am a dreamer, and once I set my mind on …

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    Final Paper Progress


    For our final project we are supposed to create a story through four different medias. I am thinking of keeping the same theme I have talked about with my character. While I probably won’t incorporate my character, I am going to write about a love story. A story about a …

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    Daily Creates


    We were supposed to do a total of 3 daily creates. But this time around it was different because we are supposed to create a story line with it. Here are the three I decided to do.

    I mistakenly put the sugar on the wrong side and my wife was …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was all about the internet, and while I didn’t feel like it was too hard, I didn’t really quite enjoy transcribing and changing on the web. I am personally not very tech-savvy. But I guess it was cool to learn about it a little. Its getting to the …

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    Storytelling Within The Web


    For this project we were supposed to recreate another site with X-Ray Goggles. I decided to use IMDB page, and change the movie description of my favorite movie that is about to come out. The first image is the real page of IMDB, and the second was the one I …

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    Dream Room


    I am always daydreaming about how I want to re-organize my room. But what if the possibilities were endless? If you had as much money as you can to make it however you want. That is why I enjoyed doing this project, it let me be creative. This was stared …

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    Buzzfeed Quiz


    Im sure this has been done before, but I wanted to create my own Friends characters. I love this show, and I have re-watched it so many times. So I decided to create my personality quiz with it! Here you go, good luck!




    This assignment was 4 …

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    Dream Vacation


    If I had a ton of money I would take my dream vacation at the beach, swim with dolphins, kayaking, tanning and everything else. I would love to lay on the beach and just read a book. The hotel would be right on the beach and I wouldn’t even have …

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    Weekly Summary 12


    This week consisted of a lot of Assignment Banks and learning more of remixes. I thought it was fun, but would’ve liked to be challenged. I thought there were a lot of ways to get around the Assignment banks being really easy, but instead of procrastinating I decided to get …

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    Remix Generator


    For this Assignment we had to combine songs together to make remixes, but I did the Remix it button which made me mash up a random song with a military effects. So I found military effects and combined them with one of my favorite songs – which is Photograph by …

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    This Doesn’t Belong Here


    This Assignment was supposed to combine two random movies and put them together. So I decided to Mash up my character with Darth Vader from Star Wars. This is my Western Gal shooting at someone, and she is with the “squad,” and that is Darth Vader. This assignment is starred …

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    Holiday Mashup


    For this Assignment we had to put our three holidays together in one picture. I ended up using just my Mac Preview for it, because I don’t know how to use photoshop or anything else that is fancy. This assignment was worth 3 1/2 starts. I would give it 4 …

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    Need Help??

    We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch!

    I had a great time creating this assignment. So I wanted to reach out to future DS106’rs and help you with it. Because I am not very good with photoshop I ended up using FaceInaHole.com. I searched a blank picture of the Brady …

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    Weekly Summary 11


    This week we focused on creating our video. We had to incorporate our characters once again but we came up with the idea to do a puppet show. After much thought into the show we came up with bull  business.

    This week was simple and just focused on the video …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week I unfortunately put things to the very last minute, so I didn’t really enjoy this week as much. I started with the daily creates and thought the ones I picked out were pretty simple. Then we had to choose to do one of the 4 assignment banks.

    I …

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    What i’ve learned


    We were supposed to apply all the readings and videos through an essay. I think what I learned the most is that there are more to videos than just the picture we are seeing. In the good, the bad, and the ugly, there is a scene where the guys are …

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    Video Plan


    I have decided to plan a video show with the same radio show group. I think i’m a little more excited because we have decided to do a puppet show! We don’t know exactly what characters or theme it will be. Each one of us will create our own character …

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    My Favorite Thing To Do


    For this assignment we had to pick our favorite hobby. So because I have a ton of hobbies, I wanted to do one that really fit me! So I decided to go with napping…. that is my favorite hobby. Im so busy in the weeks and I wake up very …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was really relaxed! Because we had such a big project, our professor decided to let us have a easier week. My group finished our radio show this week, and I had a blast creating it. I wanted to be as creative as possible, and just have fun with …

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    Radio Listen


    This week as we created radio shows we were given the free chance to listen to any of them. I listened to Tumbleweeds, at first I didn’t really know what to expect, because the name didn’t give anything away. But over all I really enjoyed the show. It had a …

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    A Letter To You As A Child


    Dear Maybelline,

    The first thing I would say to you is, don’t listen to daddy. He will tell you many lies and lead you to believe that he will pay for everything. Which he will, but then control everything that posses you. Keep going in your horse competition, because you’re …

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    Welcome To Paradise!


    Well Yee-Haw, Western Belle here. Ive been dreaming about my dream vacation. If i could pick any place to go to I would choose Texas. I heard its really dry there and lots of cactuses. Heard there are lots of rodeos! Thats my kind of place, if I had to …

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    Summarize A Movie With Animated GIFs


    Back in the western days

    A guy walked in on a Western Gal he liked flirting with some other cowboy

    She was smiling, and giggling 

    He was so angry he needed to get his rage out 

    But his wife (another cowgirl) was confused and upset that he was acting this …

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    Weekly Summary #2


    For the second part of putting our radio show together my teammates and I met up and recorded it in one day. We decided it would be better to get together and record it rather then send each other voice memos. Here is the post of the progress.

    Then …

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    Radio Show progress


    Coming back from spring break was a little hard to get into the swing of things. But my group & I met last night and recorded our Radio Show.

    Im really excited to see what its going to sound like, I think its gonna be great! It took us a …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was short due to the fact that it was dedicated to our radio show. Im excited to get a start and start recording our show! I started off by asking my friend in the class to be in a group, and she knew someone else so we combined …

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