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    Final Blog Post I Will Write For DS106


    To set the mood for *tear* final blog post *tear* hit play

    Well this is it. My final blog post. Never thought this day will come. At moments throughout this semester i prayed from this day to come but now that its hear i really dont know how i feel. …

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    Paying It forward


    Procrastination Kills! My one and only advice to the kids taking your class in the future is to not wait till Sunday afternoon. Get it done throughout the week and you will do fine in your class. Also participate and ask questions. But mostly don’t procrastinate..…

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    Jersey Shore

    RESTORE THE SHORE  (HIt Pause—the video for some reason loops) I felt like opening up my final project with a video about what this whole projects about, Hurricane Sandy and its effect on the Jersey Shore. I decided to do my final project on the Jersey Shore because i feel…
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    Tutorials I have Created!


    Throughout the semester i have come across many assignments that i got stuck on and had to look through tutorial after tutorial to figure out how to get that assignment done. So being a DS106 student it was my job to create two tutorials of my own and when i …

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    Assignments I Created!


    Being a part of DS106 it is our duty to create two assignments that future students will have the pleasure to complete. So when thinking to myself which section was the hardest i thought the video section. So i decided to create an assignment that would be in the Video …

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    Daily Creates


    Week 2

    I did three daily creates which were pretty fun…

    #1 Wear something as a hat that is not normally a hat..

    #2 Draw a tribute of your favorite bands album cover…

    #3 Spinning Quarter-Take a picture of something spinning

    Week 3

    Here are my daily creates…..

    #1- Girraffes …

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    Week 13 and 14!


    This week was all about remixing and to be honest it was kind of tough. We had do remixing assignments which included remixing music and editing photos. I had a rough past couple of weeks so i had very little time to work on it until this weekend came so …

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    Learning About Remixing


    This week is all about remixing and we learned about you could remix which is… everything. Music and video all could be remixed and some can be remixed in cool ways. One remix i really like was the one we were asked to watch was A Fair(y) tale which you …

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    Opposties Attract


    This assignment was to take two different genres of music and mash them together. Check out this assignment here-> Opposites Attract. The two genres i like the most are rap and techno so i decided to mix them together check it out and let me know what you think …

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    Remix This!


    One assignment this week was to remix an assignment by going to ds 106′s remix cite at http://remix.ds106.us/ and hit the generator button. The assignment i got was ALTERNATIVE BOOK COVERS (click link to try it if you wish) and to”countrify it” was the remix it got linked up with. …

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    Final Project Idea


    For the final project i think i am going to do it on the Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore has been through a lot lately from the TV show to Hurricane sandy so i feel it is only right that i do my final project on it.

    Visual: Collage of …

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    Week 11 & 12!!!


    This week was actually a lot of fun. Video assignments looked difficult and impossible when i first read it but when i looked over the tutorials and Video assignments it suddenly didn’t seem so hard. Here are my 16 stars worth of Video Assignments. Hope you like them:

    2 Stars …

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    Lip Sync!


    Im a huge 50 cent fan and there is not a better song to play if you want to get the party started than Just A Lil Bit. I spitted the hot lyrics while my friends broke out the hottest dance moves your baby eyes have ever seen so here …

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    Live At Monticello Apartments!


    Scrolling through video assignments i came across “Live Here!”. The assignment details were to show off where you lived and try to convince other students that where you live is the best place to live. I live in Monticello Apartments which is located right across the street from the Fredericksburg …

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    Supercut It! Jim Carrey!


    Everyone knows Jim Carrey to be the funny man or the overly dramatic character in almost every movie he is in. So when i came across “supercut it” a video assignment where we had to create a supercut montage i knew exactly who i was doing it on. So i …

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    Lets Give Em Something To Talk About


    What makes you laugh?? Will Ferrell in basically every movie hes in makes me laugh. For this assignment it was to get a clip of movie that makes you laugh and i immediately thought of the movie Step Brothers. Step Brothers is like top 5 funniest movies of all time …

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    Week 10


    This week wasn’t too bad. I finished within 5 hours which is personal best. I have a few video editing tools but my knowledge with the is close to none. I have windows movie maker and MPEG Streamclip now. I know the basics and after this week i know a …

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    In this assignment we have to do everything for the video assignment without actually doing it. Its planning ahead and getting everything set up without actually completing the assignment so next week it wont be that difficult.

    1.Well the first one i chose was “PLAY BY PLAY” the …

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    Look, Listen, Analyze


    This assignment we had to choose a scene from any great movie and do a couple of exercises with it to make sure we pick up all there is to pick up. I chose to do the opening scene of Reservoir Dogs. If you have not seen this movie i …

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    Week 9!


    Week  9 wasnt too bad. When i first looked at it i was about to just quit and give up right then! It seemed impossible way out of my league. HTML codes, changing websites to tell a story, connecting daily creates! What?! i dont know how to do any of …

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    Autumnal Show Review


    Well I listened to Autumnal Show and i had to say i kinda liked it. The camp side stories and the oktoberfest background info was really interesting. The audio was really good I could hear you guys perfectly and the background music was nice a subtly it didnt overpower your …

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    Google Map Trip


    The next assignment i chose to do was Google Map Trip (If you want to try this assignment click here—->Road Trip). This seemed cool to me because there are places not only in this world i want to see but in this country. So i decided to tell …

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    Johnny Boy!


    The web assignment i chose was called What They Might Have Done in Social Media (click HERE <— if you want to try this assignment) and the objective of this assignment was to create a Facebook for a famous historical figure and create a fake tweet and explain what it …

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    “UMW tops Marymount”- ESPN.com


    This week we had to re-edit a website’s webpage and tell a totally different story. Well we, UMW Men’s soccer, played Marymount in the first round of the CAC tournament and this influenced me to pick this as my story. The sports capital of the internet world is obviously ESPN.com …

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    Weekly Summary–WEEK 7+8



    Weeks 7+8 was mostly about working with audio assignments and getting in touch with our new UK friends and Coventry University. I finally found out how to embed stuff into WordPress like my music from soundcloud, youtube videos and even photos from Flickr so hopefully you can see a …

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    Dr.Seuss will go down as the best children’s book author in history. This audio assignment was to just read your favorite Dr.Seuss book so i chose Sam-I-Am and just recorded me reading it into audacity. I did it the first time and it was really boring so i added background …

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    Someone Like You – Matt Poole Cover


    Someone like you by Adele is a great song and i have to admit i do sing it at the top of my lungs when im ridin in the car but never thought id share my voice that most people call a “mix of Fergie and Jesus” with the world …

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