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    Digital Story Critique Week 11/03/16


    Digital Story Critique

    Digital Storytelling – Starbucks

    Who doesn’t want to know more about Starbucks, considering there is one within walking distance no matter where you are located? This digital story about Starbucks is incredibly informative and the pace is very quick. I learned more about Starbucks, and while I’m …

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    Reading Response Week 10


    A Road Travelled

    The Evolution Of The Digital Storytelling Practice

    This was an interesting read and given its political focus on socioeconomic struggles, it is relevant during this election cycle of 2016. Joe Lambert shares his life experiences and interactions with counter-culture movements to define digital storytelling as a valuable …

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    Gallery Walk – Week 9


    I would like to begin by saying that I had some idea of what digital storytelling is, but have now discovered how much I really did not know. Digital storytelling is all around us and has many different applications. Digital stories are used to inform, instruct, and even to sell …

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    Digital Story Critique Week 8


    I continue to be pleasantly surprised as I search for digital stories. In this story, Galveston, Hurricanes and OZ, were presented with an act of discovery that leads to learning about a historical event and that leads us to present day and the arts. This digital story produced by a …

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    Response to Digital Storytelling Article Week 8


    Digital Storytelling can often be seen as something that stands alone to convey a single message, place, or even an experience. When participants are asked to compose a digital story it is often focused on the outcome and not the process of getting there. Digital storytelling has the potential to …

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    Digital Story Critique Week 7


    Digital Storytelling: Social Studies 7th Grade – George Washington Carver


    I have been so focused on well-produced digital stories that I have neglected many other examples. As I continue to think about how to use digital storytelling in my work environment with adult learners, it can be overwhelming when …

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    Blog Response Ch.7 Week 7


    As the reading begins, I am introduced to an observation that learners will use tools differently and that the outcomes will be unique. Individual learning and different outcomes, leads to a greater collaborative learning experience even when using the same tools. I often see this in the manufacturing environment that …

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    Assignment Bank Video: Chipmunk Style


    I recorded a clip from Friends and sped up the action by 200%. I used a Samsung  Edge GS6, Adobe Premiere Pro and You Tube. The assignment can be found here:  http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/chipmunk-style/

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    Response to Digital Storytelling Article 09/29/16


    I have come to realize that digital storytelling can be a powerful tool. Whether the story is just for fun, to sell a product, or to provide instruction, if composed properly it is very effective. When considering digital stories as a means of communication it is important to understand some …

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    Digital Story Critique 09/28/16


    I am always amazed by the amount of things that can happen in a short amount of time. This digital story presented by Google is an excellent example of this. “Google Search: Reunion” is a touching story that happens in 3 ½ minutes.

    The story begins simply with an engaging …

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    Audio Assignment – Week 5


    At first I was intimidated by this assignment, so I visited the DS106 bank and searched for something that interested me. I found a topic titled Make It 800% slower and the example given was a song by Justin Bieber called U Smile that is slowed down 800%. This incredible …

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    Blog response Chapters 2 & 3 Week 5


    Chapter 2 – Music remix in the classroom

    Erik Jacobson


    I have been aware of music, music composition and music remixing for a long time. Currently, Dubstep is a popular form of remixing and talented DJs can earn fame and fortune. This Dubstep phenomenon has also led to the …

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    Digital Story Critique 09/22/16


    When I first thought about, and investigated digital storytelling, the focus was on an individual’s experience provided through a TED Talk or about a place that had been abandoned. As a designer and visual communicator, I began to wonder how else digital storytelling could be used. I searched around and …

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    Digital Story Critique 09/15/16



    Numbers are a curious thing. Some numbers we can easily comprehend, take the number 10 for example. We have ten fingers, as long you’re willing to not argue about how to correctly classify thumbs. When the numbers become larger, for example Ten Million, then it becomes a bit more …

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    Response to Digital Storytelling 09/15/16



    How to Master the Art of Storytelling on Snapchapt

    Snapchat is used by many as a social media toy to create and deliver temporary messages. When Snapchat was first introduced, Generation Z and Millennials snapped it up and began communicating with ease. As Snapchat has aged, so has its …

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    Blog Response Ch. 4 Visual Networks Guy Merchant (week three)


    This week’s reading was intriguing. As the author begins speaking about graffiti and the social group associated with it, I thought about my own experiences attempting to understand graffiti growing up. The graffiti artists were labeled delinquents and often associated with gangs. Most of the time charged with defacing private …

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    Digital Story Critique 09/08/2016 (2)


    I was searching for digital stories and I came across one that was quite endearing and human. As I clicked through the story, I couldn’t help being overcome with an overwhelming sensation. The story is about a small town in Canada’s Northwest Territory called Pine Point. Pine Point is interesting …

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    Bucket List


    Where do I begin? There are so many items on my bucket list that I had to pause and really consider a few that would not only be fun to accomplish, but also fun to share. I composed this visual using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

    I would really enjoy traveling…

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