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    Weekly Summary 8


    This is the moment everyone has been waiting for. The radio show is finally complete and I am so excited. It was such a process and honestly after doing this I have a newfound respect for radio show hosts and their ability to think on their feet.

    Here is where …

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    Radio Show Week 2


    Finally it is time for us to start to get into the show and I am so excited. After establishing what we wanted to do with the show and bringing everything together we were able to then get creative with what we were going to talk about and how we …

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    Weekly Summary 7


    This week was a really good week because we started to get to form our ideas for our radio show. I was able to meet with my group and we mapped out some great ideas which I put in a blog post below. We were also able to get feedback …

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    Welcome to DS 106 Radio: Hip Hop Edition


    For this assignment I decided to create a quick radio bumper to introduce us to our show. I decided on the James Bond theme song because I think it gives us a great lead into our show. I decided to not add any sound effects because I just wanted to …

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    Happy Birthday Instrumental!


    I loved this assignment. First off I do not think that I am a great singer but I found it so enjoyable to try. I didn’t even realize this was a potential for an assignment but when I saw it I knew I had to hop on the opportunity. When …

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    Sites and Sounds of NYC


    Being from NY I loved the idea of the assignment. The goal of the assignment was to create sounds that would match up with a city. I realized that I didn’t want to just create the sounds but I wanted to actually show what it was like to be in …

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    Radio Show Design Project


    For this week we were asked to create a poster for our radio show. My other group members decided to do the bumper and the logo so my job was the poster. As I began thinking about what to create I knew I had to to create something that would …

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    Weekly Summary 6


    This week was an interesting one. We got to focus on design and how everything develops into one. I’ve always been interested in design because I like putting things together and making something thought provoking. I was never really into decoration and wasn’t really big into adding bright colors to …

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    Photo Blitz


    This week our task was to capture a variety of photos that deal with concepts for design. After researching every single one I decided to focus on the four below that you see. The first is dominance because you really feel a presence in that photo. I chose this photo …

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    Generating Cool Letters


    My secret agent’s name is Austin Scarn and for most who don’t know he is based off of the secret agent Austin Powers. I found it really cool how I could change his name in font to match up with the groovy times that Austin Powers was accustomed to in …

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    Motivation to the Max!


    Here is Tiger Woods sinking the putt at the 2008 US Open to win. Gives me chills every-time. The quote is great because it is from The Office where Michael Scott quotes Wayne Gretzky and makes Gretzky’s quote his own.…

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    Design Resources


    This week we were asked to take a look at graphic design. I originally looked at what Vignelli posted and he showed us the simple design. I found it facsinating the process he used and how simple it was to create while making it thought provoking.

    I then moved to …

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    Destination Spain!


    Here is a postcard of San Juan De Gaztelugatxe which is located in Bermeo, Basque Country. It is a hiking place and is the top tourist attraction in the Basque Country known for it’s role in Game of Thrones (season 7). If you watch Game of Thrones then you will …

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    Help Find Austin!


    Austin Scarn is missing in the city and no one can find him. He was last seen doing his job downtown at Madison Square Garden. He was wearing a suit the day he went missing. He is around 6 feet tall with orangish/brown hair. Could’ve been captured by a local …

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    Weekly Summary #5


    This week we dove into the world of audio and I’ll admit i was extremely nervous because I had never done anything with audio. The first task was to download audacity and that was extremely tough to do. First I had to find the correct download for my mac and …

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    Brainstorming Ideas


    Secret Agents come in all shapes and sizes. When you think of them you originally think of the Bonds of the world but never a female secret agent. I think it would be really cool to do a radio show based off of female secret agents and spies. I originally …

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    Live Tweet


    Tonight was the first night that I had my first opportunity to live tweet to something. I have never been able to get into live tweeting but I found after doing this that I really enjoyed it. I loved being able to interact with my classmates online and I felt …

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    Welcome to DS106 Radio Bumper


    Hi everybody and welcome to DS106 radio hosted by yours truly, Matt Miles. I really liked this assignment because I love hearing what it would sound like if I was a radio announcer. I always admire those radio personalities and how good they are on air. They always seem to …

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    What am I doing in this story?


    I found this assignment to be very challenging. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to do this audio assignment because I had never worked with sound effects. I also was having a hard time trying to find sound effects that matched up with a story.

    I …

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    Humming My Assignment


    For this assignment I chose to hum a song of my choosing. I originally was supposed to whistle but realized I’m not great at it. Let’s see if you can figure out what song I was humming from this short little clip!…

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    Picking up Blake Lively


    This assignment was very funny and one I enjoyed a lot. For this assignment the goal was to try and get a date with a famous celebrity. I decided to do it from the perspective of Austin Scarn my secret agent character. I had a tough time keeping it together …

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    Moon Graffiti


    As I listened to this I was amazed at how great the quality was and just the severity of the event. You do not realize how incredible this event was and the probability of them living through this. This event ended up changing everything we know about the space and …

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    Weekly Summary #4


    This week was a very challenging one and one that made me step out of my comfort zone. I have never been a big photography guy so this week really helped me improve on my abilities. I think photography is an important skill to have because an image can capture …

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    Going into Cinematography


    This week we were asked to break down different cinematic elements and how they impact storytelling. I chose James Bond and I chose the scene at the end. This first shot deals with the contrast because even though it is night out the lights from the city illuminate the future …

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    Threat Level Midnight


    For this assignment I decided to take a poster of Threat Level Midnight. For those who do not know what this movie is it is from the episode of The Office. Michael Scott created a movie where he is named Michael Scarn hence where I got the name for my …

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    Do you Believe in Miracles!


    This picture represents everything that is great in sports. The goal of this assignment is to come up with an image that symbolizes motivation. I don’t know if anyone has seen the movie Miracle but if not it is a must see. This movie documents the trials and tribulations of …

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    Here is what I was able to accomplish in 20 mins. I was able to complete this challenge in a short period of time because once I got on a roll it was really easy to capture certain images. I thought this was an enjoyable way to get acclimated with …

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    Movie Bar Code


    For this assignment I decided to choose the Incredibles and tie it in into our secret agent theme. I love this movie and it always reminds me of my childhood. This assignment was interesting to me because it made me create every frame of a movie compressed into a line. …

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