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    My Experience with Photography


    As I reflect on my past work with photography, I realize that I have not really been that into photography. Of course I take pictures here and there of the important things but I don’t really do it for enjoyment. I love to look at pictures and I think pictures …

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    Weekly Summary #3


    This week is finally over and I am excited with everything that will come this semester. I felt like this was the first week that we were able to be creative and imagine how we’d portray ourselves as secret agents. I loved all the assignments that were given and I …

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    Austin Scarn Diary Post


    Dear Diary,

    Woke up yesterday morning and just felt like something was off. The city had a weird feeling as if they needed somebody. I went to work that day and thought nothing of it. I completed my daily tasks and got out around 6. I had a company dinner …

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    How I chose UMW


    I’ve decided to choose the assignment Tell It for 3 stars. This story is about how I chose UMW. As everybody knows I play tennis and wanted to play in college so I started looking at places where I could play. I originally wanted to go D1 and look at …

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    Another Day on the Links!


    For this writing assignment I decided to do another day. (This is a 4 star writing assignment). So as many of you know I play tennis for the school and am constantly competing. However in my free time I love to play golf. Golf is one of those sports where …

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    Austin Powers Story Analysis


    The scene I chose to do is not your conventional scene. It is a little silly. I chose a scene from Austin Powers where Austin is interrogating one of Dr. Evil’s spies. Austin wants to know where Dr. Evil is and realizes that by asking the spy the same three …

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    Introducing Austin Scarn!


    Austin Scarn better known as Midnight Rider is making his way into the world one mission at a time. Austin was born on December 14, 1993 making him 25 years old. He is one of the younger secret agents that you will meet but that doesn’t mean that he is …

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    Weekly Summary #2


    This week was a lot of work and I am beginning to understand what it takes to be a secret agent. For starters you can now see that the blog has changed a little and looks completely different to how it first did. I found this to be a little …

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    Daily Create 1/24


    For today’s daily create we were asked to zoom in on nature. I took a picture of this leaf pile and zoomed in particular on this leaf. I found it cool how it looked like a variety of things. I thought it most looked like an eye. Let me know …

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    I’m Doomed!


    For this assignment I decided to create the gif of Kevin when he freaks out because of the robbers. I felt this gif was fitting to our course theme of a secret agent because I didn’t realize how much work went into this course and being undercover. Being a secret …

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    Why Snakes are the Enemy


    I’ve decided to do the writing assignment where it makes us focus on our fears. My biggest fear in life is snakes. I can’t stand them. I can’t even watch a movie with them in it or else I will start to panic and check around to make sure they …

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    Daily Create 1/23


    Today we had to choose a drawing based off of a sound lyric. Being from New York I decided to choose the song Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. I found a great illustration of the NYC skyline so I decided it would fit perfectly with my …

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    Daily Create 1/22


    Today I decided to post a video of a dog playing with an Ipad. I find it very amusing to watch and it’s interesting to see how animals interact with technology and the joy they have for it.…

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    Daily Create 1/21


    This daily create was inspired by MLK Day. When asked how I wanted to celebrate MLK I thought about everything he has said in his past and the profound impact he has had on the world. However lately it seems his words are being forgotten and the injustice in this …

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    Week 1 Summary


    This week I learned all about creating subdomains and making accounts on various social media sites. I had already created a domain for a previous class and a subdomain but I find it helpful to create a new subdomain because it forced me to re-learn the process of subdomain creation. …

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    Secret Agents


    I think growing up everybody has this dream of being a secret agent. A lot of our childhood revolved around secret agent shows and going undercover to solve mysteries. Being a secret agent makes things fun because you are able to have a different identity than just yourself. Secret agents …

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