1. mbarajas88

    Supercut It




    The instructions for this assignment were to create a montage of an overused or widely recognised trope or movie theme. Initially, I had wanted to do “love at first sight” and create a video montage of that one scene where one person looks at another one and they …

  2. mbarajas88

    The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video-Mashup Edition)



    The instructions for this assignment were to use clips from different movies no longer than 2 seconds in length and “mash” them together into one video. I was supposed to use my favorite movies, but unfortunately all I had access to were the movies already on my computer, so …

  3. mbarajas88

    What People Think I Do



    So this year I began giving ESL classes at my Goodwill as a part of one of my Education classes. I also offer help to some of the people that take advantage of the services offered there, and I’ll often help people logging into their emails and figureing out …

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