1. mblack

    Digital Tools: Timeline & Map


    Story Map


    These tools bring back memories from past digital courses like DS106 and Intro to Digital Studies. It was cool getting familiar with them again, but I was a bit disappointed that I could not embed my work on my blog (I even installed the iframe plugin). Other …

  2. mblack

    Digital Tools & Website Feedback


    Between these three platforms, I am more familiar with WordPress and it’s capabilities. Whether it’s used as a blog or a full blown website, you have the ability to customize to your liking and add various media content with ease. Zotero is new to me, and other than managing online …

  3. mblack

    Intro (Digital History)


    I signed up for this class to meet the capstone requirement for my Communication/Digital Studies major. After reading a brief introduction about the course last semester, it became more appealing. To be honest, History was never my favorite subject in grade school, but I look forward to learning more about …

  4. mblack

    Reflecting on The Peripheral


    After reading William Gibson’s crazy, futuristic, sci-fi novel, The Peripheral, it reminded me that there is no guarantee what the future holds or the direction it’s headed in. I think it’s highly important that we educate ourselves as much as possible and spread that information along to others who will …

  5. mblack

    Final Week Summary


    Well, what can I say? Yes, the workload seemed overwhelming at times, but I am truly glad I enrolled in this course. The assignments were interesting and challenging, but that was the fun of it (at least with me). The amount of knowledge and new creative techniques I have learned …

  6. mblack

    A Gangster & A Gentleman (Final Story Project)


    Poster 1

    Humphrey Bogart was born on December 25, 1899 in New York City. He grew up to be a well-mannered kid, until the death of his father at age 17. His mother tried to cover up the truth about his death, but Bogart Jr. eventually found out the real …

  7. mblack

    Weekly Summary (13 & 14)


    These past two weeks have been my worst, as far as completing assignments. This will be my first weekly assignment where I come up short on a few assignments. I’m really agitated about this matter, because I have been very consistent each week (grade wise) and completed every task. But …

  8. mblack

    Actor Transformation


    Original Assignment (4 stars)

    Actors/Actresses change roles and characters all the time. It’s always cool to see them progress and grow throughout the years (if they make it that far). Some make it, and some don’t, that’s just the way Hollywood is.

    I was originally going to use Mark-Paul Gosselaar …

  9. mblack

    Talky Tina Headswap


    Original Assignment (2 stars)


    This is the first I have heard of Talky Tina. Either way, This little girl is creepy looking. The goal for this assignment was to find an image of her, chop her head off, and place it somewhere (monument, object, etc). Pretty simple task, nothing …

  10. mblack

    Consumer Mashup


    Original Assignment (3 stars)


    For this assignment, the objective was to pick a store that we frequent visit, and edit their original logo (using text, images. etc). Although I dislike the Macy’s here in Fredericksburg (kind of limited than other locations), I still visit from time to time to …

  11. mblack

    Sending Alan On A Vacation


    Required Assignment

    First off, Mozilla Popcorn is a tool that I would not recommend. After many times (and I do mean many times) of starting over from the beginning, I started to get the hang of it and was finally able to complete this damn assignment. I could have remixed …

  12. mblack

    Weeks 11 & 12 Summary


    What an interesting two weeks it has been, working with video/editing. I thoroughly enjoyed all the video assignments I chose, minus the required “cloning” video. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool effect and all, but it was pure mayhem trying to perfect it. Other than that slight issue, I’m …

  13. mblack

    Convo With My Twin


    Original Assignment (5 stars)

    Out of all the video assignments, this one in particular was a pain in the ass. It took many attempts to get it somewhat on point (still not satisfied with it). Timing played a huge factor in this assignment, and so was making sure the camera …

  14. mblack

    Chipmunk Style (The Other Guys)


    Original Assignment (2.5 stars)

    For this assignment, we we asked to find a funny clip from a film and pitch up the audio, making the actors sound like chipmunks. There were so many clips I could have used, but ended up going with the whisper fight scene from the film, …

  15. mblack



    Original Assignment (4 stars)

    I rarely watch movies on mute with the stereo blasting. But whenever I see a good action/fight scene, I tend to think of background music that would fit accordingly. A film called The Grandmaster came to mind, and there was a crazy fight scene in the …

  16. mblack

    That Bleeping Censor


    Original Assignment (5 stars)

    The objective for this assignment was to censor a movie scene/clip, using a sound effect. I chose a scene from the movie Casino, where Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro meet up in the desert. That guy Pesci sure does have a foul mouth, …

  17. mblack

    Week X Summary


    Video Editing Tools

    For next weeks video assignments, I am well equipped with what I need to complete each one. For editing purposed, iMovie is my go-to software, and I am very comfortable using it. To grab and download my video clips, I use KeepVid, which allows me to …

  18. mblack

    Genres Of Youtube


    Some of the genres listed on the google doc were familiar to me, like Animation, Mashups, and Parodies (to name a few). But then I stumbled upon a few that had me like, “What the hell is that”? The first one was Machinimia, and I immediately google searched it. It …

  19. mblack

    Exploring A Great Movie Scene (Pulp Fiction)


    The three interesting facts I learned about the film were found at IMDB, and I added a couple video clips from youtube to support each fact (well, 2 out of 3).

    The shot of Vincent plunging the syringe into Mia’s chest was filmed by having John Travolta pull the …

  20. mblack

    Pulp Fiction (Bathroom Killing Scene)


    Camera Work

    First off, turning the volume off while analyzing the scene was a great tip. It helped me focus more on the camera work without getting distracted by the sound.  A number of techniques were recognized in just under two minutes of the clip.

    The camera is focused on …

  21. mblack

    Adiós Week 9 (Summary)


    I was a little bummed about the radio shows being delayed, but oh well, sh!t happens. This weeks web assignments introduced me to some new online features I was unaware of. X-Ray Goggles was one of those tools that allowed me to edit and tell my own story on pretty …

  22. mblack

    Your Theme Song (Creating My Own Assignment)


    I decided to create an Audio Assignment where DS106ers would create their own theme music. The instructions are below.

    If you had the opportunity to create your own theme music, what would it sound like? Get creative and create your own sounds or select an instrumental from Youtube or any …

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