1. mblack

    Favorite Musician Gif (Tutorial)


    Before we begin, choose the GIF application you are most comfortable with. Photoshop is recommended, but for those who are not familiar with making animated gifs, I will guide you through with the simplest method. Next, think about who your favorite musician is, and then find your favorite video of …

  2. mblack

    My Dream Vacation Spots


    Original Assignment (3 stars)

    Click image for full page

    For this assignment, I used Pinterest and created a new board, pinning different places that I would love to visit. I have never used Pinterest before, and always assumed it was more geared towards females. It was super easy creating my …

  3. mblack

    Reverse Audio


    Original Assignment (2.5 stars)

    I remember reading an article about classic bands (Eagles, Queen, Led Zeppelin) who are hiding secret satanic messages in their songs when played backwards. Now that is pretty creepy is you ask me, but I never took the time to check out the list of songs …

  4. mblack

    Radio Show Commercial


    Here is a commercial I produced for my groups radio show, The Hamptons Handyman. Being that the setting will take place in The Hamptons, I have added some classical music in the background that I found on youtube. I copied the youtube link and pasted it the vid to mp3

  5. mblack

    Chaplin Foley


    After completing this assignment, I have a greater respect for those responsible for foley production. You really have to be on your “A” game and the timing has to be on point. This was probably the most difficult audio assignment I had within the two weeks. It took me a …

  6. mblack

    Radio Show Bumper


    This bumper was created for myself and Jeff Lundberg’s radio show, “The Hamptons Handyman”. The total run time is about fifteen seconds, and it is a pretty basic bumper to remind the listeners what they are listening to. I found the classical music on Youtube and converted it to mp3. …

  7. mblack

    Gun Control Mashup


    Original Assignment (3 stars)

    For this assignment, I decided to browse Youtube in search of some kind of speech or debate. Originally, I thought about using clips of Bill O’Reilly getting “owned” on his own show (can’t stand that guy) but decided to pass. About five minutes later, I found …

  8. mblack

    My Contributions (Radio Show)


    For our radio show, “The Hamptons Handyman”, I will be playing the role as the host, Tobias John Giggleswick. Mr. Giggleswick is your typical wealthy snob from the Hamptons. Without giving too much away, he hires a handyman to fix some home repair problems around his mansion, where the broadcast …

  9. mblack

    Weekly Summary (Numero Seis)


    Another week down! We’re about at the half way point now, huh? These weeks are flying by, but hey, I’m not complaining. Anyway, this week was  packed with assignments dealing with the art of design. I believe I accomplished the goal of understanding the basic elements of design.

    Design Safari

  10. mblack



    Original Assignment (3 stars)

    Sometimes sequels can be a hit or miss in the film industry. For this assignment, I found a movie poster on Google for the film Taken 2. I enjoyed the first one, but the second one, not so much. Now I hear they are possibly making …

  11. mblack

    One Story/Four Icons


    Original Assignment (2.5 Stars)

    There were so many movies running through my head when I started this assignment. For some reason, I wanted to pick a film that was gritty/ruthless. The four icons I displayed represent, greed, murder, money, and deception. Many people consider this film to be a classic. …

  12. mblack

    My Empathy Map (TDC998)


    Some of the categories were related to DS106 and others were more of less how I’ve been feeling lately. I feel this daily create allows our classmates to learn more about each other on a personal level. It allowed me to vent, and just speak on what was on my …

  13. mblack

    Design Safari


    So yesterday, I remembered to bring my camera with me on my way to class. I originally planned to shoot all my photos around campus, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead, I decided to park my car on Princess Anne St., and walk the streets of Downtown Fredericksburg. There …

  14. mblack

    DS106 Propaganda Poster


    Original Assignment (3 stars)

    I thought this was a cool assignment, since I like to dabble into designing (album covers, promo posters) from time to time. There were some really good looking World War 2 posters that I came across on Google. I must have searched about ten pages deep …

  15. mblack

    Water and Glass (TDC997)


    Nothing too creative here… I was actually thirsty for some water so this worked out great. Shot this short vid with my Canon DSLR then imported it into iMovie. From there, I made a few minor edit’s, added some background instrumentation, and it was a wrap. >>>



  16. mblack

    Week 5 Summary


    Photography week was a blast! The first assignment I started on was Photoblitzing (which was my favorite). It was a beautiful day, so I took advantage of it and came out with some great photos. The suggestions from David duChemin’s book, TEN refreshed my mind and I applied his tips/tricks …

  17. mblack

    Week 5 Daily Creates


    This week of Daily Creates was a nice mix-up of digital content (as it always is). I never have any issues completing them each week (which is great) and I look at these exercises as practice for future assignments.

    Noise Pollution

    This captured during the evening hours in King George. …

  18. mblack

    Being A Better Photographer


    The suggestions/tips from David duChemin’s book, TEN is top notch. I was familiar with many of his suggestions, but it was a good refresh for me and perfect for beginners who want to learn more about photography. I enjoyed myself this week, applying these techniques when I was out and …

  19. mblack



    I found this assignment (3 1/2 stars) to be the most difficult. It wasn’t the assignment that drove me crazy, it was finding the right object to use. I eventually decided on using these colored shot glasses that were just sitting in a box in my room. But now the …

  20. mblack

    Loyalty… (Demotivational Poster)


    I chose the assignment, Demotivate Yourself! (2 stars), which I found to be very cool and easy to make. Demotivational posters are everywhere, some funny, some not so funny. Once I figured out the message that I wanted to incorporate into the poster, my next step was to figure out …

  21. mblack



    All of the photos in this assignment were taken at my residence. I was already home, working on other things and had my camera handy. It was a nice day out, (last day of summer) so I decided to mix it up and take some indoor/outdoor photos that fit the …

  22. mblack

    Album Cover


    I chose this assignment because music plays a big part in my life. If I’m not listening to music, then I am producing my own. Album artwork can do wonders for artists, even if no one has ever heard of them before. As long as the artwork looks amazing, people …

  23. mblack

    The Last Day Of Summer (TDC988)



    I felt this picture was fitting for today, being that it is the last day of summer (notice the disgust on my face, lol). There is a song by The Cure with the same title. It is not my favorite song, but it works and expresses the mood as …

  24. mblack

    Week 4 Summary


     Audio Storytelling

    First off, I must say that I enjoyed the videos from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad. They dropped a ton of knowledge on the art of storytelling through audio. Ira’s “building blocks” technique was spot on, and I will definitely keep it in mind on future assignments. No …

  25. mblack

    Listening to Stories


    I decided to listen to three movies from The Truth. The first story I listened to was called Cold Read. Right off the bat, It felt like a scene straight out of a movie. The conversation between Jonah and Amy and the sound effects at the bar seemed …

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