1. mblack

    DS106 Radio


    So when I first tuned in to DS106Radio, there was program called Radioing. There were no hosts, just some obscure music playing. About 30 minutes later, a new program came on called “Sunday Sunday, Sunday. Mariana Funes and John Johnston were the hosts and began the show with the interesting …

  2. mblack

    Audio Storytelling


    Both gentlemen dropped a lot of gems about the art of audio storytelling/broadcasting. Ira Glass discussed the “building blocks” that are crucial in storytelling. There is the Anecdote, which is the sequence of events, the Bait, which leads to questions from the listener, keeping them interested in the story, and …

  3. mblack

    Am I A Player? (Audio Poetry)


    The second audio assignment I chose was Here It Here (worth 1 star). The goal was to write a poem/story, using homophones (words that sound the same with different meanings). This was another opportunity for me to get creative and practice poetry.

    It took me some time to decide on …

  4. mblack

    Welcome to Havana!



    So I chose the Sound Scapes audio assignment, which is worth 4 1/2 stars. This assignment was right up my alley because I love to produce music in my spare time. The idea for the track hit me instantly. I decided to create a latin vibe, and that’s when …

  5. mblack

    Current feeling (TDC983)


    This picture pretty much sums it up. This week has been my busiest since the start of the semester. Just have to stay focused and remain positive. Where’s my Starbucks?!…

  6. mblack

    Vimeoetry (My Escape)

    I was put on this earth to explore God's creations But am I asking too much for a permanent vacation? The ocean is my great escape, I love the sound of crashing waves But I'm hoping that one day you'll join me on this peaceful escapade


  7. mblack

    What’s up Stranger? (tdc981)


    So I was hanging outside enjoying a vanilla latte, when I spotted a stranger. I ran up on him real quick and believe his name was Chris. He seemed kind of nervous and scared to talk with me. Maybe it was the fact that I am 6’5 and tend to …

  8. mblack

    Week 3 Summary


    Week 3 flew by for me, but I managed to make time and complete each task. I enjoyed the variety of assignments this week, they weren’t dull or boring, just fun and creative. As far as my blog itself, I did not add or tweak anything new. I might mess …

  9. mblack

    Best of DS106


    So I stumbled upon Michael Smith’s page and discovered his animated movie poster for the classic film Psycho. You can tell he put some time into making this, it turned out Sick! I liked how he replaced the characters photos from the original poster with custom animated gifs. He …

  10. mblack

    Daily Create Montage (tdc978)


    Made this montage yesterday in iMovie. The clips were FF a bit, and I applied an Aged Film video effect on all clips. The instrumental I added in the background is from rising Detroit producer, Apollo Brown. It is quite short, but originally was about a minute and a half …

  11. mblack

    Rocky IV (Vonnegut’s approach)


    This movie came to mind as I was thinking of a story that I could explain using Vonnegut’s approach to “the shape of stories.”

    Rocky Balboa is at the peak of his boxing career. Life is good for him and his family. Things start to go sour once a deadly …

  12. mblack

    Morning routine…


    This is my lune poem dedicated to chai tea. I prepare a cup every morning to get my day started. The herbs and spices help to preserve health and increase peace of mind.…

  13. mblack

    What is “Storytelling”?


    When I think of the term “storytelling”, I visualize books/novels written by great philosophers/authors. The classics like Charlotte’s Web and Romeo and Juliet come to mind, but a story can be told in other forms as well. Anyone is capable of telling a story, but it’s “how you tell it” …

  14. mblack

    Weekly Summary 2


    Two weeks in and my blog is starting to look like an “actual” blog. I played around with the themes some more and downloaded/activated the appropriate plugins. The workload increased just a bit, but that’s expected. It’s all about managing your time and reading the assignments carefully. The Daily Create’s …

  15. mblack

    Michael Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able


    Michael Wesch drops a  bulk of knowledge in his presentation about New Media. He understands that students are un-interested in lectures and the same watered down assignments. I can relate to that because I was always a more hands-on type of student. Reading text books bore the hell out of …

  16. mblack

    Personal Cyberinfrastructure


    Gardner Campbell’s article and video relating to Personal CyberInfrastructure is jam-packed with useful info, not only for students, but for faculty as well. People still fail to acknowledge the powerful capabilities of an online presence and how it can benefit them. In a university setting, for example, it allows better …

  17. mblack

    My thoughts on ds106zone LoDown 001


    I found Scott Lockman’s podcast to be very informative about the direction of the ds106 course. He seems like a real down to earth person who is willing to help students any way possible. His idea about getting students involved would be a great addition to the podcast because they …

  18. mblack

    1st Daily Create



    Nothing fancy here, just outdoors enjoying the lovely weather. I really despise selfies, but you gotta do what you gotta do.…

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