1. mbransons

    Fairness and Fair Use


    cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by gaelx Now that we’re about two-thirds through the semester, you’ve probably used a lot of images, video, and/or sound to complete any of a number of ds106 assignments. And a … Continue reading →

  2. mbransons

    Puppet Trolls


    I wanted to see if we could pull off working with a green screen in iMovie and came up with this idea for an assignment – “Puppet Trolls.” Create or use a puppet and have it become part of a … Continue reading →

  3. mbransons

    My Horse Needs Shoes


    From our live foley session today. 16 students worked in five groups to create sounds for 30-40 sec portions of this scene in Buster Keaton’s 1922 film The Blacksmith. Lot’s of creativity and successes in there. Looking forward to hearing … Continue reading →

  4. mbransons

    What is Digital Storytelling?


    Welcome to the Spring Semester of CT101 York College which is a Digital Storytelling course that participates with the open course/community DS106. Over the next fifteen weeks you will spend time crafting a digital space in which you will showcase and describe a variety of digital media projects. You …

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