1. mcorrigan

    Is it over?


    My theme for my final project was “literature comes to life.” I had high hopes and different visions of how I was going to do some assignments a couple of weeks ago. With that said, I really enjoyed my theme and I think I did some pretty good work this …

  2. mcorrigan

    Winding Down… with Mashups!


    These past few weeks have certainly been interesting. Aside from having 969875 papers to write, I also had to contend with Remixes and Mashups for Ds106. Below are the links to my assignments for this week. I think my favorite of the week was my Patrick Swayze mashup which might …

  3. mcorrigan

    Cat In the Hat Knows a lot About Mash


    Another assignment this week was to play with the Remix tool in the assignment bank. My assignment was to “Warhol” an image-easy enough. But then, the remix tool added a Dr. Seuss twist. Here is the end result:

  4. mcorrigan

    Adventurer Crossover Battle


    For this mashup, I decided to do the Crossover Battle Royal assignment. The assignment calls for a creation of an image or video with characters from two different universes who come together for an epic duel. I chose two of my favorite video game characters, Lara Croft and Nathan Drake. …

  5. mcorrigan

    I Might Lose Friends Over This



    There you have it. A mashed up movie poster for the prequel to the 2011 smash hit “Magic Mike.”  I used different elements from Patrick Swayze’s (R.I.P.) career to compose this new, very different piece of …art? The hardest part of this image was working with the spotlight clip …

  6. mcorrigan

    Re: Mix.


    So after reviewing some information on remixes and mashups, I’ve decided a few things. First I think remixing is in itself a creative process. Mashups and remixes take an already created work and utilize it ~creatively~ for a new purpose. The end result is a new work altogether. For the …

  7. mcorrigan

    Final Project Plan?


    Are we already at this point? I feel like we only started a couple of weeks ago. It has been a fun whirlwind though. So for my final project, which involves combining many of the elements we learned over the semester, I was thinking of playing around with “literature comes …

  8. mcorrigan

    Two Weeks of Video


    I love movies. Plain and simple. I do not love creating them, however, as I found out these past two weeks. It takes so much more than a camera and a subject. There are way too many things to think about when you try to tell a story through video. …

  9. mcorrigan

    Even More Daily Creates


    With all the stuff going on this week we were only assigned 2 Daily Creates.

    The two I selected represent a common theme: time.

    The first one I’ll discuss is a photo that shows the passage of time. I know it looks a little icky but I didn’t have a …

  10. mcorrigan

    End of Week 9


    This week turned out to be great. With a terrifying storm coming, I had to do things earlier in the week to make sure I could get everything done on time. First I’ll start with my Daily Creates. As usual it was a lot of fun to just be creative. …

  11. mcorrigan

    Cool Story, 6?er


    I don’t know if its a thing or not but I have been referring to other DS106′ers as simply  6′ers for a few weeks. Yea I’ll take credit if it does become a thing. Anyways, this week I had to remix a website. And I did. And its amazing. Check …

  12. mcorrigan

    Am I a crazy cat person? & More Daily Creates


    So the past two weeks have required 6 Daily Creates. It was an interesting two weeks with a much needed fall break. The break did make it difficult to stay focused each day to examine my Daily Creates but I think the end result is just as good as my …

  13. mcorrigan

    Week 6 Summary


    Phew, what a week. I can’t believe I made it out alive. This was a trying week because design isn’t something I am too familiar with. It was great to learn about all the aspects that go into designing something that is able to convey a story or experience with …

  14. mcorrigan

    Week 6 Daily Creates


    I always have a blast with the Daily Create. I love finding new ways to be creative each week.

    The first TDC this week was to create an image that celebrated World Vegetarian Day.

    This is a great picture of my wife making a vegetarian stew. She found the recipe …

  15. mcorrigan

    A Design Safari


    This week has been all about design. Until you have to do it yourself, you don’t realize how much design goes into simple images, ads, posters, logos, etc. This week we had to brush up on our knowledge of design by completing a design safari. I had to choose four …

  16. mcorrigan

    5.. Already?


    I can’t believe it is already week five. Sometimes I still feel like a boot camp grunt. This 5th week turned out to be tons of fun though as we got to concentrate on visual assignments. I think visual storytelling is more appropriate for the internet because it is so …

  17. mcorrigan

    Lego Gandalf, My Buddy


    Another visual assignment this week was to carry along an action figure or something along those lines and snap pictures of it with you on your everyday outings. I carried this Lego version of Gandalf from LoTR with me for a few days. We shared good times and bad. We …

  18. mcorrigan



    Confused by the title? Me too. I had to take a common object and manipulate the colors a little bit to make it less common… now do you get it? Yea me neither. I was wandering around and I thought hey! what is more common than a light switch? And …

  19. mcorrigan

    She Might Kill Me For This!


    Another visual assignment I did this week was turning an ordinary portrait of someone into an extraordinary portrait. Naturally, I chose my wife. I picked one of my favorite pictures of her (isn’t she just beautiful!) and made her look like a pop-art vampire. I did this by airbrushing the …

  20. mcorrigan

    Splish Splash Color Bath


    One of my visual assignments this week was to add a “splash” of color to a black and white picture. This is something I have always wanted to learn how to do and it only took Ds10-Awesome to motivate me to learn. The first one I did was a forgotten …

  21. mcorrigan

    My “Best” Photos


    I created a set on my Flickr page that is a collection of some of my best work so far. I will add to it each week. Feel free to suggest which photos I should add or if you think some just don’t belong.

  22. mcorrigan

    Week 5 Daily Creates


    So for this week I chose to do 3 Daily Creates that, as always, turn out to be a lot of fun.

    The first was to take a picture of your favorite baldy. The only problem was that I didn’t have a camera near my only bald friend. So after …

  23. mcorrigan

    Watch that 3rd step, its a doozy!


    Week three turned out to be pretty killer… in the sense that it almost killed me. I absolutely love having my own blog and my own spaces to share my creations. I never thought I would have accounts to websites like youtube and flickr but lo and behold I do …

  24. mcorrigan

    this Inspires me


    After reviewing the submissions at the DS106 “Inspire” site: http://inspire.ds106.us/ I chose the animated Chinatown movie poster as my favorite submission. Not only is this a brilliant movie, this is a brilliantly animated poster. The smoke bellowing from Jake Gittes cigarette embodies this amazing crime noir movie. The smoke eventually …

  25. mcorrigan

    What is The Hobbit shaped like?


    After I saw the Kurt Vonnegut “Shape of Stories” video I started playing around with some of my favorite stories. I chose to display the graph I made of The Hobbit‘s plot.

    To begin, Bilbo is happier than the average hobbit with a beautiful house at Bag End where he …

  26. mcorrigan



    One of the assignment choices for the week was to tell a story in 5 photos. Here is mine:

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