1. @mdseim

    Lab Report 10 – Troubleshooting



    Equipment List: 

    2 Routers 3 Switches 2 Computers Ethernet cords and power cords for said hardware

    Notes and Observations:

    Even though I’ve put together a network numerous times at this point, I had trouble doing it this time around. We were having trouble configuring the …

  2. @mdseim

    Week 15 Learning Reflection


    This week we did a lab on trouble shooting. Me and Anthony had some trouble getting the network set up, but we figured it out in the end. Troubleshooting it was fairly easy. We just made sure everything was connected and it worked. Other than that, I just studied for …

  3. @mdseim

    Lab Report 9- Video Making


    Objectives: Learn a bit about video editing

    Equipment List: 

    Video editing software A computer Your brain At least one hand and finger

    Notes and Observations:

    This time we learned about one of Alfred Hitchcock’s techniques. If you have footage of someone working up a smile, what you put before and …

  4. @mdseim

    Learning Reflection Week 14


    This week I just worked on my video. As I’ve had more pressing projects, I haven’t really dove in deep to making this video. However, I have a solid concept for it. I think it will turn out well.

  5. @mdseim

    Week 12 Learning Reflection


    This week we reviewed the test and talked about the upcoming video project. I realized what I did wrong on the test, so I think I will do well on the make up test this Monday. I messed up my math when choosing the right amount of binary digits needed …

  6. @mdseim

    Lab 8 – Packet Sniffing


    Objectives: LEARN HOW TO HACK (just kidding… kind of)

    Equipment List:

    Wireshark program A computer Your brain

    Notes and Observations:

    We learned how to look through packets this lab. You can easily get lost in the language of networking when it comes to this. We were looking at mountains of …

  7. @mdseim

    Lab Report 7 – Subnetting


    Objective: Get a better grasp on subnetting by seeing it work before my eyes.

    Equipment List:

    Computer for each lab participant 3 routers 3 switches 1 hub All associated cables with hardware

    Notes and Observations:

    This was a two part lab. The first period was used to map out and …

  8. @mdseim

    Learning Reflection week 11


    This week we reviewed subnetting and had an exam over it. I think I did pretty well on the exam. There weren’t any questions I felt completely lost on. I’m eager to see my grade on the exam. I also decided what I’m doing my video project over. I’m going …

  9. @mdseim

    Learning Reflection: Week 9


    This week we delved into the chasm of subnetting. Subnetting involves working with binary a lot, so I’m grateful I have prior education on subnetting. The whole process is not incredibly difficult, but it is a little tedious. Once I understood the principle of it, I was able to do …

  10. @mdseim

    Lab 6 Internet Servers


    Objectives: Create a internet server

    Equipment List:

    Computer Internet Connection Apache Software

    Notes and Observations:

    I found this particular lab to be more fun than the others. This kind of thing is more in my line of work. Getting everything together and working wasn’t all that hard. The fun part …

  11. @mdseim

    Week 8 Learning Reflection


    In week eight, we continued our studying of binary and how it applies to networks. Again, binary is mostly review for me, so most of what we went over isn’t worth writing home about. All of that binary stuff has been ingrained in my brain never to leave again. One …

  12. @mdseim

    Week 7 Learning Reflection


    This week we got started on a new unit. We got started on binary and touched a bit on sub netting. This mostly review for me, as I remember being bewildered at the concept of binary my freshman year. I didn’t do that well on my test, though. I plan …

  13. @mdseim

    Lab 5 Report


    Obejectives: Simulate a network

    Equipment List:

    At least four people Yarn Paper Envelopes Tape A working brain

    Notes and Observations:

    Switches and routers read different languages. What I mean is that if I sent a package meant for a switch to a router, the router would not be able to …

  14. @mdseim

    Lab Report 2


    Objectives: Learn about cable and get some experience working with it

    Equipment List: 

    UTP Cable 2 RJ-45 connector Cable tester Wire stripper Patch pannel

    Notes and Observations:

    I found this lab a bit harder, since I’ve never been good at manipulating small things. As I have said before, I am …

  15. @mdseim

    Learning Reflection Week 3


    In week 3 of Networking we learned mostly about cable. I got a glimpse of how nightmarish doing cable can actually be. It turns out the organization is the name of the game when you are running cable. I actually have a good friend that works in networking, and he …

  16. @mdseim

    Lab 1- Setting Up a Homepage and Making a Motor


    Objectives: Get all media set up for the class and learn how a motor works!

    Equipment List: 

    Computer with internet connection

    Copper wire

    Styrofoam cup

    Two paper clips

    Wire cutter

    Scissors or something to strip wire with


    Dry erase marker or a cylinder with similar diameter

    Notes and Observations:…

  17. @mdseim

    Digital Media II Final


    Ever since I started taking classes to earn my digital media degree, I have been able to apply everything I learn on a daily basis because I am head designer and brander of the musical group I am apart of, Room 347. For this particular blog post I will be …

  18. @mdseim

    I’m Ready For My Close Up


    The I’m Ready For My Close Up Assignment had me take a close up shot in a movie, and change the background. I chose to use a close up of Bradley Cooper and put him on Hoth.

    This assignment was essentially the reverse of the other mash up assignment I …

  19. @mdseim

    This Doesn’t Belong Here


    The This Doesn’t Belong Here assignment had me photoshop something where it doesn’t belong. I chose to put myself into a scene from Pulp Fiction. I definitely don’t belong with gangsters in tuxes.

    I used a green screen to make cutting myself out easier. I used Adobe Photoshop. I used …

  20. @mdseim

    Mini Documentary


    The Mini documentary assignment had me make… a mini documentary.

    I wanted to be creative with this. I didn’t want a run-of-the-mill documentary. Thus, I decided to do one over a baby. The baby can’t talk, so it was mostly a voice over with footage that illustrated what the voice-over …

  21. @mdseim

    Winnebago Man Analysis


    The Winnebago Man was skillfully put together by the production team. The storytelling of the story is perhaps the most impressive part about the film. The film opens up with a clip of the documentary creators arguing with the Winnebago Man on camera. It gets our attention and sets the …

  22. @mdseim

    Why So Serious?


    The Why So Serious assignment asked me to take a serious part of a movie, and overlay it with comedy audio. So I did just that, mixing the Bobadook and Seinfeld.

    For those who don’t know, The Bobadook is an Australian horror movie that got a lot of critical acclaim …

  23. @mdseim

    Week 8 Summary


    Week 8 was a fun week. The class stitched together the radio show for ds106 Tuesday afternoon. We all had separate parts to edit that we mashed together to make the final product. Reagan and I did most of the stitching together as the class supervised. I think the radio …

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