1. mduniverse

    The fourth


    The first daily create is on my sound clod account which could not be shared, it is the one called knocking which is me knocking the football chat song on different things.

    But the second daily create for this blog is see able on my vine acount which can be …

  2. mduniverse

    The daily west


    Okay we all love old west movies, i mean cowboys shooting cowboys its all good fun and daily creates are just the same fun. My first one is Jesse James telling everyone how good looking he is because every one wants people to know they are good looking don’t they? …

  3. mduniverse

    The second one


    To continue my daily creates for ds106 i saw a daily create that was about a glass of water that was half full and i thought what if you could only see the top of the water would you know if it was half full or half empty? Anyway this …

  4. mduniverse

    The Daily creates to start daily creates


    This is the first of eight blogs that i will be doing for my daily creates which will have three daily crates in them at a time.

    Okay lets get started the first daily create was to take a photo at 1:06am and i chose to make it a snapchat …

  5. mduniverse

    Me, Meself and Me again

    Who is Mark Doyle?

    I came from a family not rich nor poor just in the middle class. A lot of the time I wished I was richer so I could get new toys and games but now that I am older I loved being middle class I grow up …

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