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    Behind the Scenes of Breaking Bond: Week 14


    Daniel Hawkins (Agent Roderick Rush) and I worked for the last two weeks on the ds106 Ultimatum/final. The hardest part of this project by far was coming up with ideas for the final and then coming up with ideas for specific assignments to embed in our piece. We knew at …

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    Breaking Bond


    If Professor Paul Bond has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is as it seems…


    Journal of Agent Annabella Smith with Roderick Rush—Breaking Bond


    Jan 20, 2017

    Agent Roderick Rush, my partner in espionage, and myself have signed up for an online digital storytelling course at UMW taught …

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    Advice to Future Students


    DS106 was a really hard class with a ridiculous amount of work (for my super lax senior year schedule). I did learn a lot of cool new things though and I’m really glad I toughed it out. The radio show is the worst part. It was hard to work with …

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    Week 13


    This week, I worked with Agent Roderick Rush in coming up with ideas for our final ds106 mission. For this project, we are using the prompt that Professor Bond has been working with the Russians, and in our mission we plan to find out why and what he’s doing. Each …

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    Week 12


    Week 12 had a lot of assignments as part of it, but it was actually fairly easy when compared to the past few weeks. At first I thought coming up with mash ups and remixes was going to be hard, but the assignment descriptions this week were very helpful and …

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    Movie Mashup Tutorial


    The Movie Mashup is a fairly simple assignment, but how complicated you make is entirely up to you. You can go in whatever direction you want with this assignment. With mine, I went with the theme of our semester of ds106: spies. You’ll want to choose two movies that could …

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    Dream Vacation (With Some Help from Uncle Bob)


    For the remix assignment, I remixed the Dream Vacation Pinterest assignment. The remix card I got said “Uncle Bob: Introduce an unexpected character into your assignment, someone as strange or unexpected as your Uncle Bob.” So, I added more pins to my board that were unexpected. My old board of …

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    Spy Mash Up


    For this assignment, we were supposed to put two actors together that didn’t originally appear together in a background and blend it all in to make it look believable and natural. I knew I wanted this one to be spy-themed, so I used a picture of Jude Law from the …

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    Hugh Jackman Really Hates Ducklings


    The concept behind this Ready For My Closeup assignment was to take a closeup of someone’s face and put it together with something that contrasts with what their face is suggesting. In this one, I made it look like Hugh Jackman really hates ducklings.

    I used Photoshop to paste Hugh …

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    Jack Bourne


    For the Movie Mashup assignment, I wanted to make it spy-themed and to mashup two spy movies. Spy movies seem to kind of run together in my head, especially movies like the Bourne series and the Jack Ryan series. This mashup mashes together Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and The Bourne …

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    Week 10


    Movie week was one of my favorite ones so far. If not for other factors, this week would have been pretty easy for me, but I still had fun with it. I really enjoyed the video assignments. I thought it would be more about directing and shooting videos, but there …

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    Spy Interview


    For the Character Interview, I chose what I thought were some of the funnier questions to make for a good interview for my character, Annabella Smith. I found footage of a silhouetted interview with an anonymous woman (which was actually very hard to find) and changed the pitch of my …

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    Just Keep Swimming


    This is a GIF I made for the Moving Object assignment. I wanted to make something simple, since animation can get complicated very easily, so I used some of my goldfish and a blue piece of paper. I took a few pictures on my phone and made a looping GIF …

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    College Snapshot


    For this assignment, I had to put photos together with music to make a video about my favorite memories from college. I used iMovie and got the song from Freesound. The song doesn’t go perfectly with it and it was recorded through a vent, but I love country music and …

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    Chipmunked Taken


    For this assignment, we were supposed to “chipmunk” (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) a video by changing the pitch of the voice to a high pitch. I used iMovie to turn Liam Neeson’s awesome and serious Taken scene into a chipmunk video. iMovie has a convenient way to change the …

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    Best of DS106


    Daniel Z’s Daily Create to redesign a Ladybird book cover was one of my favorites so far. The joke was definitely creative, especially since the kid on the cover has a cloth over his face. It made me laugh more than any Daily Create has so far.

    Cole Hodges’ Valentine’s

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    Agents on Air Review


    For this assignment, I reviewed Agents on Air. There were a few factors that went into the show that I thought they did reallwell. Their marketing and social media presence were very realistic and interesting. I liked that during their show they encouraged the audience to tweet at them with …

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    Color Walk Time Lines


    For one of the web assignments this week I made a photograph Timeline with Timeline JS. Since I’ve used Timeline JS for another class, it was pretty easy. For the assignment, we had to pick a color and go on a 20 minute walk, basically doing a photo blitz of …

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    You’re A Pinteresting Character


    For this assignment, I was able to use one of my favorite sites, Pinterest, and incorporate my character, Annabella Smith, into it. You can see the entire Pintrest Board here. This was super fun and very surprising. I’ve been on Pinterest for a few years, but I was still surprised …

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    Google Draw Something


    This was a very cool assignment. Daniel did a great job finding this and making it into an assignment. It really made me think more than I ever have about how computers work and where computer science could go. I also liked how when you turn the volume on, there …

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    Kale is the Worst


    This was a super awesome assignment. I went into this with a little hesitation, because I have never done any kind of coding, but I learned how to do this quicker than I thought I would. It’s really user-friendly for people like me who aren’t really computer-science oriented. The writing …

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    Weekly Summary


    This was absolutely the hardest week of the semester, but our radio show hopefully shows the hard work we all put in. Finding time to meet, to plan the show, and to record the show was hard enough. Editing the show was very, very hard. Even though we have had …

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