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    Radio Show Progress


    Week 2 for our group was mostly about putting the story of the show together and the trivia and Ask Nancy segments. When we got together over Google Hangouts and talked about the project, we decided we would use Daniel Z’s idea about government spying and make it into a …

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    Week 7


    Week 7 was okay. It seemed like less work than last week, but because we were in groups working on a project with other people, it took a little longer than expected. Because our group hasn’t come up with a name for the show or a really solid story yet, …

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    Taking Back Spam


    For this assignment, I used this Robot Voice Generator to read my spam comments from my blog. I thought it would be interesting to use a robot voice instead of my own voice or a different generator to read spam comments, since spam comments are usually automatically generated by “robots” …

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    Radio Show Design Project


    For my design project, I designed a temporary ad for our trivia segment that we’re planning on doing. We have yet to come up with a name for our show, so it will need to be edited in the future, but for now I think this works really well. The …

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    Radio Show Progress


    So far in our progress, our group (myself, Daniel H, Daniel Z, Samantha, and Sarah) have basically decided on a 30ish minute spy narrative show similar to the Limetown podcast, with the theme focused on mass surveillance vs. old school human asset spying. We’ve also decided to add in other …

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    Week 6


    I thought this week was a little easier than past weeks. I liked almost all of the assignments. I already am pretty familiar with Photoshop and graphic design. One of the harder parts of this week I found was making two of the assignments related to our spy characters. A …

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    Abstract: The Art of Design


    For this assignment, I watch the Abstract: The Art of Design. I watched the photography episode on Platon and the graphic design episode on Paula Scher. In the photography episode, they profiled a famous portrait photographer, Platon, who has taken photographs of average people as well as famous figures like …

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    Favorite Movie Quote


    For the Favorite Movie Quote assignment, I chose Kingsman: the Secret Service (one of my favorite spy movies). “Manners maketh man” is one of my favorite quotes from the film. The quote itself is said right before something crazy and badass happens, but it’s also one of the main themes …

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    Contradiction Creation


    For the Contradiction Creation, I decided to find a negative picture and put positive text over it instead of the other way around. The quote is by Bob Ross, and is probably one of his most famous quotes about positivity, so I wanted to match it with “happy” and positive …

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    Mary White


    For this assignment I created a fake ID for my spy character, Annabella Smith. Instead of just sticking with the biographical information that I already created for Annabella Smith, I wanted to create a fake ID for a spy, which would probably work best as a passport. I came up …

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    You’re Invited


    For this assignment I created an invitation to a masquerade ball from the Alfred Hitchcock film, which is based on a book, Rebecca. I used a few different fonts, meant to be fancy but classy. Most of the fonts already came loaded onto Photoshop, but I did download some free …

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    Design Blitz


    Minimalism & use of space is shown in this postcard from a UMW Gallery exhibition. The lack of any other graphics, the use of only 2 colors, the large spaces and even spacing between the letters, and the simple font make this a minimalist design and a good use of …

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    Week 5


    This week was a big challenge for me, but I did have some fun with it. Like I said in my Moon Graffiti post, I am not really audio-inclined, and I really prefer having something in front of me to see when I am creating something, so that added even …

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    Even though I appreciated it and the technical aspects, I was not a huge fan of the Limetown radio show. Part of the reason is that I am not really an auditory learner, so having something to look at is a lot easier for me to get interested in. I …

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    Radio Bumper


    This is the bumper I made for DS106 Radio. I actually lost my voice recently due to a cold, so coming up with a way to record this was challenging. I was originally going to try to find different audio files of people saying each word (“you’re,” “listening,” “to,”…), …

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    Moon Graffiti


    “Moon Graffiti” was an interesting show to listen to. I haven’t listened to many radio shows or podcasts, so it was a little different, but I picked up on a few elements of sound to tell the story. Even though the episode was short, the writing and the sounds worked …

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    My Killer Playlist


    Who doesn’t love making playlists/mixtapes? I might have went a little overboard with 29 tracks, but let’s just say it’s Volume 1 and Volume 2. Almost all of these are early 2000s music from when I was a kid. It’s basically of a mixture between pop, R&B, boyband music, and …

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    A Scary Story


    For the sound effects story assignment, I used Audacity to create a short story using horror sound effects. Finding the sounds didn’t take too long, but layering them and timing them correctly was the hardest part. I chose the sound of rain, a door creaking, a door closing, a creaky …

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