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    Week 4


    This was my favorite week so far. Since I am a photographer, there was not too much of a learning curve, and I got to experiment with my favorite medium of art. The only thing that I didn’t like that much was that some of the assignment bank assignments weren’t …

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    Photo Blitz



    I liked this assignment a lot, because it challenged me to take photos in a different way than I am used to. When I take photographs, I almost always take a long time to carefully plan out my shots and adjust my settings, but the time constraint for this …

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    Shadow of a Doubt


    I took this picture in low light with only a flashlight as the light source. I liked the way black and white contrast with each other on a piano keyboard and the way shadows fall on it. I didn’t want to include the identity of the person playing it, because …

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    Love at First Shot



    It was a dark and stormy night. Annabella Smith, spy extraordinaire, had received a mysterious note the day before to meet at a busy street corner at midnight. A taxi pulled up and the back window rolled down.

    “Get in, doll,” said the man. His lit cigarette smoke swirled …

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    Looking at Yourself


    I thought this would be a good fit for this assignment and would add a twist to it. No, I’m not a triplet. I staged this photograph and did some manipulation. Each of the three “Megans” here shows a different side to my personality. The Megan driving is kind of …

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    Matthew Putin


    This is my friend Matthew (left) and Vladimir Putin (right). I tell him all the time that he looks like Vladimir Putin, but I don’t think he totally believes me.…

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    Points of Photography


     balance moment


     foreground/background contrast perspective



    Great photography and cinematography requires knowing the rules and elements of what makes an image good. A good image not only captures a viewer’s attention, but holds it, and makes the viewer ask questions. Typically those questions will relate to narrative. Visual …

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    Visuals of Storytelling


    Being an art major with a concentration in photography, most of the advice and information in the articles/videos/etc were things I have already learned and taken into account. But you can always learn more and apply those things in different ways. Most of my work centers on abstracted, close-up images …

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    Week 3


    This week was equally hard to last week. I am not used to a lot of creative writing, so this was a challenge (but I am definitely looking forward to next week). Like with last week, the daily creates helped to get me in the mindset for thinking outside of …

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    Changing Fortunes


    A new wardrobe brings great joy and change in your life.

    I had faked my death and recovered my reputation with the Crown, but just when I thought my career as a spy had gotten easier, I found out I was dead wrong. My next mission: to infiltrate the spy …

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    Movie Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service


    Review of Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015).

    Kingsman: The Secret Service is a film like no other. The writing, acting, and directing come together perfectly to make for one of the most entertaining spy films ever. From start to finish, Kingsman slams on the gas and doesn’t let up. The …

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    Kingsman/Burn Notice


    Kingsman: The Secret Service and Burn Notice are two of my favorite works in the spy genre. Both Kingsman and Burn Notice include aliases, double-crosses, action sequences, gadgets, and many other elements common to the spy genre. Unlike other spy works like James Bond or Mission: Impossible, the main characters …

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    Who is Annabella Smith?


    It was a rainy night in London when I was first arrested. The police took me to the station for questioning and put me in one of those dark rooms with a hanging lamp like in films. But instead of a police officer questioning me, a man with one eye …

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    Influential Albums



    Hunter Hayes: Hunter Hayes. I’ve listened to Hunter Hayes since I was a Junior in high school. I listened to it in my car everywhere I drove for about a year. It was also the first album I ever had signed by the artist when I met him at …

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    Finding Nemo


    A father lets his son get kidnaped and put in a prison colony in Australia. After tricking a girl with memory loss into befriending him, she finds out the father’s really just a selfish prick.…

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    Week 2


    To sum this week up: this was hard.

    Working on three assignment bank assignments in different categories, three daily creates, coming up with an assignment in the visual category, and to finish polishing our blogs on top of writing this weekly summary proved to be a pretty hard task to …

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    Gone Girl


    I decided to put my Photoshop skills to good use on this assignment. The goal of the assignment is to make a missing person poster for a fictional movie/show/literary character, animal, or real person. Of course for this one, I made a missing person poster for one of my favorite …

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    I Spy


    I took this picture for the “That’s Not What I Expected” assignment. The goal of this assignment is to take a macro photograph and to get someone to guess what it is. The picture can be of anything so there is a lot of room for creativity. I really liked …

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    Where in the world is Annabella Smith?


    I chose this assignment because I love using Pinterest, and I want to travel to other countries and experience other places outside the country where I have lived my whole life. I even already had a board on Pinterest dedicated to different places where I want to travel. The UK …

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    First Art


    The resemblance between this Photoshop masterpiece and my original Paint masterpiece is insane. Never did get any better at drawing……

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    Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work


    I appreciated Austin Kleon’s advice, especially since it can be applied to almost anything. His tips are especially useful for creative people who are trying to make a living. In my experience, a lot of creative people, whether they’re writers, musicians, or artists avoid self-promotion, which is already difficult. I …

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    Week 1


    I learned a lot so far this week. I already had a domain and I’ve had to use WordPress for several classes for the last few years, and I already had accounts set up for most of the other sites we’ve had to use so far, so I was lucky …

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