1. Megan McMillan

    Real Life Meets Internet


    This past week, after a rough restaurant weekend of Valentine’s Day work, some friends and I rewarded ourselves by meeting up and getting sushi. We haven’t seen each other outside of work for awhile so we talked a lot.
    Sushi was eaten, fun was had, and the conversation turned to …

  2. Megan McMillan

    Nerd Valentines V: The Force Awakens


    I missed doing Valentines for 2015 and as of right now I’ve only gotten two (well… one and a half) done for 2016. BUT I didn’t want to get too busy and miss posting them before the actual day. So here are my attempts at Valentines for the year featuring …

  3. Megan McMillan

    Daily Create 1480: Cattle brand


    Ok so drawing with a computer mouse is difficult, but this is my design for a cattle brand. It’s based off my twitter handle mega_mc.
    The brand is the Greek letter Omega (since it has MEGA in it…) and then the letter M in the middle. If you turn Omega …

  4. Megan McMillan

    Animated Comic Book Cover


    It’s been a long time since I made something for this site, but Sarah put forth the challenge on twitter so here we go.
    For as much as I love the Marvel movies I have not read that many comic books (I know… shaaaaame. Though I just moved and my …

  5. Megan McMillan

    Nerd Valentines IV: The Search for Valentines


    Another year another batch of Valentines, still the same crappy photoshopping. Only three this year… unless I find time to make some after work but that’d be past Valentine’s Day.
    Darth Vader/ Star Wars one. I think this one might be my favorite.
    Spock/Star Trek
    Hodor/Game of Thrones. Or the …

  6. Megan McMillan

    Oscars Four Icon Challenge


    The night before the Oscars I got the idea to make four icon challenges for the movies nominated for Best Picture. Because I didn’t think of this until 10pm the night before the Oscars, and because I had to work most of the day of the Oscars I did not …

  7. Megan McMillan

    Colorize It


    I know the DS106 classes are out of the Visual/Design Assignments now but you know what? they’re my favorites and since I’m an open participant I’m just going to stick with them since there’s no grade for me.
    I recently tried my hand at the Colorize It assignment. I’m surprised …

  8. Megan McMillan

    Nerd Valentines III: Attack of the Valentines


    Yet another Valentine’s Day has arrived and for the third year in a row I whipped some cards up, and yet again I did not improve my style (but I kinda like the “bad” look to them… they’re campy). This years batch includes Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. …

  9. Megan McMillan

    Ridiculous Horror Movie: Manatee


    Manatee/ The once gentle manatees are tired of dealing with humans. For years they’ve been getting hurt by boat propellers, but no more. You thought you only had to deal with sharks in the ocean? Well now look out for Manatee.

    While remarkably similar in theory to my “The Squirrels” …

  10. Megan McMillan

    Ridiculous Horror Movie: Cinco De Die-o


    Cinco De Die-o/ Five co-eds head down to Mexico to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Their celebration angers the local spirits and what was meant to be a drunkenly forgotten holiday turns into one they will never forget. That is if they survive.

    Sombrero pic from here.
    Font from Da

  11. Megan McMillan

    Ridiculous Horror Movie Concepts


    With Halloween just around the corner I thought it was time to work on a little project that’s been brewing in my head. These have kinda been spawned by the existence of films such as Santa’s Slay, Thankskilling, Poultrygeist, and Gingerdead Man, not to mention all the other movies SyFy …

  12. Megan McMillan

    Ridiculous Horror Movie: The Squirrels


    The Squirrels// After years of leaving seed out for the birds with strange contraptions to prevent the Squirrels from getting to the feeders, the Squirrels have had enough.  You might think they’re cute but be careful leaving your house now.

    Squirrel pic from here.
    Font from daFont.
    I was able …

  13. Megan McMillan

    Animated Magazine Cover


    Well, this took a lot longer than I expected. I think it’s pretty ok even with the hair bouncing around a bit but that’s because I got lazy. Whoops. My least favorite part of this was my attempt to recreate the clouds in the background. Basically I took the Doctor …

  14. Megan McMillan

    Color Splash: Water Tower


    I went to New York in the Spring. I took a ton of pictures but one of my favorites was this one of the water tower in Brooklyn. It stood out pretty well in the regular photo but I figured making a color splash version just helped the color pop …

  15. Megan McMillan



    Sarah and I are collaborating to create an across the world photoblog. We wanted to do something artsy together despite her being in South Korea and I in the United States. So we came up with a photo challenge, which is a lot like Daily Shoot. We have a list …

  16. Megan McMillan

    Messing around with Photoshop


    Still not good at photoshop, plus it’s nearing 5am. But I watched the last episode of The Ponds on Doctor Who. SPOILERS AHEAD: So Amy and Rory Williams ended up getting stranded in 1930s NYC and have to live out their life there but since they grew up in the …

  17. Megan McMillan

    Yet another movie poster GIF


    This time I made a movie poster for Atonement.

    The bottom half is part of the original poster, the top half is a gif I made from a scene in the movie. Umm… my thought process on this is kind of weird but I’ll give it a shot at explaining …

  18. Megan McMillan

    Finally something new


    Work and real life has kept me busy. Here’s a quick gif. In the actual clip the people move but I just wanted the background to move. It’s a little sloppy you can see the figure on the left move a bit (his arm) near the end of the gif. …

  19. Megan McMillan

    Color Splash Gif Tutorial


    I decided to make a separate how to post rather than have it clutter up my color splash gif post (You can click any of these pictures and they will take you to a bigger version.)

    This is the way I colorized my gif as seen in this post, …

  20. Megan McMillan

    Color Splash Gif


    I felt like I needed to do one more assignment to get the number of stars needed for the week, even though I’m not doing this for a grade. I really wanted to try the movie summarized in gif ones but the movies on my computer right now didn’t really …

  21. Megan McMillan

    Traveling with the Doctor


    This summer, while searching for jobs and spending a ton of time watching netflix, I discovered Doctor Who (which is why it’s being featured in many of my assignments this year in DS106 and not last year). This past  autumn I bought a crocheted version of the Eleventh Doctor, (I …

  22. Megan McMillan

    Exterminate Troll Quotes!


    My first troll quote’s theme was vampires. This one is robots/aliens.

    Another nerdy post. The picture is R2D2 from Star Wars, the quote is from a Dalek in Doctor Who, and I attributed it to Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was going to first attribute …

  23. Megan McMillan

    Cat Breading for Dummies


    Hello. And welcome to Cat Breading for Dummies.
    To begin with you’ll need some items.

    A cat. Some bread. And a knife. (The knife is not for the cat but the bread, don’t worry.)

    I then asked for permission to put bread on my sister’s cat, seeing as the cats …

  24. Megan McMillan

    Disclaimer: Sarah made me make this.


    Sarah’s sister’s birthday is coming up and Sarah wanted me to make a gif. Seeing as Sarah has recently become obsessed with 9GAG and through that pedobear (if you don’t know he’s a cartoon bear that’s a pedo… yeah…)  she made me make this gif. Although it doesn’t look like …

  25. Megan McMillan

    Color Splash Take 2: FLAMINGOS


    I went to the Philadelphia Zoo last year and took a picture of flamingos. Now, they weren’t as bright as I have seen them in many pictures so I decided to help them out by having them be  the only colorful thing in the picture.
    Things I learned while doing …

  26. Megan McMillan

    DS106 for Life


    This is what happens when you take DS106… ok not entirely. DS106 is what you make of it.

    (Gif is from the movie Emperor’s New Groove)…

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