1. Megan McMillan

    Flickr Plugins. One Option.


    With the Daily Shoot assignment coming around I set about finding a way to show my Daily Shoot photos on my blog. I wanted them to go to a page I created, not to my posts (because I feel like I post too much.) So first I had to create …

  2. Megan McMillan

    Movies on Facebook: Fight Club


    I mentioned in a previous post I had several ideas floating around in my head but did not have time to work one them. Well, finally this afternoon I was able to start and finish one of my projects.  This contains a Fight Club spoiler so if you haven’t seen …

  3. Megan McMillan

    Dear Ivania,


    This is for you. Haha.

    From Megan

    Ok so this is a “troll quote” I saw a couple of them on the internet awhile ago like this one… and I’m pretty sure there’s one out there with Malcolm Reynolds (from Firefly), Indiana Jones and Han Solo but I can’t …

  4. Megan McMillan

    If there was ever a need for a sarcasm font…


    Dear upstairs neighbors,

    I really admire your love for music. I mean , almost every day I hear your oboe/clarinet playing, your stomping/dancing, and your off key singing of Katy Perry’s Firework. Especially at midnight. It’s awesome. Here is my gift to you.

    It’s wake boarding santa with a flare …

  5. Megan McMillan

    Been Awhile


    Besides my post from just an hour or so ago that we were forced to do wrote in response to the articles that we read it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here just for funsies.

    The reason for the lack of posting was because of work… and school work/reading. I …

  6. Megan McMillan

    Yay Creative Commons


    This is only the second computer science class I have taken at my four years of Mary Washington however both have touched upon Creative Commons. We had to read articles and watched a video in my first class about creative commons and open source. That time it went completely over …

  7. Megan McMillan

    THE Gardner Campbell


    This is the last post tonight, I swear.

    While watching Gardner Campbell’s No More Digital Facelifts I was mostly… overwhelmed. Campbell clearly knows what he is talking about and I clearly do not know much of what was being said.

    One of the points I found most interesting was when …

  8. Megan McMillan

    Poe, Lee, and Parton.


    This is a tweet Jim Groom sent out earlier today. I thought it was funny and took it up as a challenge. The result is this:

    Now, if you can’t tell I haven’t had photoshop for very long and thus my attempt is not the best. But I am proud …

  9. Megan McMillan

    Testing Tweet Tools?


    I really don’t know if this will work but here we go.

    Yay it worked. Ok so I have been messing around with my blog and various plug ins. I just worked with Kaitlin (blog.afacewithfreckles.info) and set up google analytics on her blog and we worked together to get Twitter …

  10. Megan McMillan

    I love Google Analytics


    Earlier today I installed google analytics.  I have 22 page views. (21 from US 1 from Canada). Hello readers.

    Here are some tips for those who have not used Google Analytics before:

    1. I searched “Google Analytics” in the plugin search of word press and went to the second page …

  11. Megan McMillan

    Why am I still up?


    So, it’s almost 1. I have no classes tomorrow, but I do have to get up for work. There is no explanation for why I am up but here is a quick little something I made.

    I saw one of the “Submit Your Assignment” things: The Big Hip Hop and …

  12. Megan McMillan

    Short Introduction


    This is my short introduction.

    My name is Megan and I’m a senior at the University of Mary Washington. I have played rugby all four years here and have had the chance to play what the team likes to call “mud rugby” twice.

    This is a picture taken after the …

  13. Megan McMillan

    Assignment 1


    A couple hours before class and I finally got my blog set up. Well, attached to my site. I still am going to mess around with the colors and formatting because right now it’s quite unattractive. I don’t know if anyone is going to come to my site but if …

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