1. melia838

    INTE 5340 – Week 2 Reflective Summary


    This week was much less intense than last week, in regards to my participation in this course. I feel like I was able to get a better understanding of the information presented in the L&K text and I’m starting to be able to connect the information in meaningful ways in …

  2. melia838

    INTE 5340 – Week 1 Reflective Summary


    Wow, what a week. I started a blog! Seriously, the thought of me blogging was probably something no one, I mean NO ONE that knows me, would have ever thought I’d do. I’m also using twitter and ds106. How crazy is this? I’ll say it again, WOW!!!!!

    I’m still at …

  3. melia838

    ds106 – Assignment Bank – June 13, 2015 – VIsual


    Assignment: Choose a photo of anything that you want to make a stencil out of using Photoshop or some other editing software. Using your software, remove the color and make the image appear to be a stencil instead of an actual photo. Take notice of how this changes the focus …

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