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    Audio Reflection (Week Five):


    Audio Reflection

    Frankly, I never really had an opinion on audio storytelling before now, because I’ve never given it a shot before. I’m more of a visual listener/learner/you name it. I always find myself getting vastly distracted whenever I attempt to listen to something that requires my full attention. Maybe …

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    Weekly Summary (Week Four):


    This week proved to be exceedingly stressful for me. I guess it’s that time in the school year when all of your classes are beginning to pick up and expectations are rising. Needless to say, I had a million and one things due this week and not nearly enough time …

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    Photoblitz (Week Four):


    For this exercise, I was instructed to take 20 minutes to try and capture as many photo ideas generated on a list as I could. I was asked to first document the current time I began the blitz.

    I began at 3:50

    In the next 20 minutes, I captured seven …

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    Photography (Week Four):


    Before reading these articles, I never really stopped to appreciate all that happens in photography. I have been tasked to find still shots of superhero movies and analyze them from different photographic perspectives. Below is what I found:

    Contrast: This is a still shot from the movie Batman v Superman: …

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    Photo Reflection (Week Four):


    Photo Reflection:

    My previous experience with photography, you ask? It is none existent. I used to run from people holding a camera and I never intended on picking one up. I used to be extremely self-conscious about literally everything. So there is no wonder that I didn’t want any documentation …

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    Assignment Bank 3 (Week Four):


    Newspaper Blackout Poetry: 

    This week I was asked to incorporate the character I created last week (The Jester) into one of the assignments I chose to complete. When I saw this assignment; I saw my opportunity. This assignment asked me to grab a marker, today’s morning edition, and start blacking …

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    Assignment Bank 2 (Week Four):


    The Life of a Superhero:

    This assignment asked me to make an image of a superhero in an everyday life situation. Easy enough right? WRONG. I just want to simply start this off by saying this is the hardest, and I mean hardest, technology-based thing I have ever had to …

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    Assignment Bank 1 (Week Four):


    Places of Peace: 

    For this assignment I was asked to create a collage of photos with all of my favorite spots where I feel relaxed or at peace and then post the collage to twitter. I want to go into the reasoning for the four pictures I selected for my …

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    Weekly Summary (Week Three):


    This week severely tested my time management, writing, and creativity skills. I spent the beginning of the week procrastinating starting all of the assignments in fear that they would be hard and difficult – when in reality they were fairly easy and a lot of fun! I always get nervous …

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    Assignment Bank 4 (Week Three):


    I Like To Move It Move It:

    Ah freshman move in day, what a memorable time. A lot of emotions coursed through me that scorching day in August 2014. I would have to say my favorite part of the journey was meeting my freshman roommate. Her name was Stefanie Chae …

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    Assignment Bank 2 (Week Three):


    Who Inspires You – Batdad Edition:

    *This week we were asked to connect our class theme (superheroes) to one of the writing assignments we complete. When I saw this assignment, I thought it would be the absolute best one to make that connection.

    Dear Batdad,

    They always say a girl’s …

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    Assignment Bank 1 (Week Three):





    Day in the Life of a Superhero – Phantom Hex Edition: 

    I woke up panting this morning. I always do whenever I have that dream. What is that dream you ask? Well I kind of have a secret government organization trying to murder me and I always …

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    Character Dossier (Week Three):


    Introducing Jester – the one who causes painful laughter:
    Now I know the title to this post may seem cheery and happy, but it is quiet the opposite actually.

    Jester wasn’t always a villain. He used to be a sweet and loving child, but that all changed when Matban moved …

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    Superhero Stories (Week Three):


    I really enjoyed how Jess Nevins defined a superhero in his book. He basically stated that there is no concrete definition of a superhero, but instead one should apply fuzzy logic when defining a superhero. That means people should “…consider superheroes on a continuum…” From Narcisse’s article there is no …

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    Weekly Summary (Week Two):


    This week proved to be a lot of fun. I spent most of the week customizing my blog and getting into the swing of basically being active on social media. I didn’t think it would be as difficult as it was. I know our generation is technology gurus and digital …

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    Assignment Bank 3 (Week Two):


    Triple Rocktroll Lyrics:

    I’m not going to lie here, I fell victim to clickbait when selecting this task from the assignment bank. The reason I fell victim is due to the use of Nickleback as the assignment icon. I don’t know what it is about Nickleback, but they just have …

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    Assignment Bank 2 (Week Two):


    Animals Doing Funny Things:

    I clicked on this assignment so fast, not even Usain Bolt could have clicked faster. I thoroughly enjoy tagging my friends and sharing funny gifs/memes with my friends and family. I find myself somehow deeply relating to said gifs/memes and most of my comments are: “me …

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    Assignment Bank 1 (Week Two):


    We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch:

    When I saw this task in the assignment bank, I automatically knew I had to do it. Although I don’t have a huge immediate family like the Brady Bunch – I do have a huge “framily.”  “Framily” is the term the eight of us …

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    My Weekly Summary (Week One):


    This week I learned not to add a class at the last possible second. Upon doing so, I set myself up for an exhausting endeavor of doing a weeks worth of work in one day (which I now know not to do going forward). When I first started doing the …

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    My Opinion of Super106:


    I do enjoy the superhero theme selected for this semester. My dad would disown me if he ever read this, but my favorite superhero is Batman. The reason he would disown me is because he is a die-hard Superman fan. I guess the saying “like father like daughter” isn’t 100% …

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