1. @MeMcMe3

    Radio Show Ideas


    It has never really crossed my mind to have anything to do with a radio show, really in any capacity. If I were to do a radio show, it would be mainly music. I don’t listen to radio shows often, especially political ones. Therefore, I’m really not sure what direction …

  2. @MeMcMe3

    Audio Reflection


    Sound is universal. No matter where you are on earth, certain sounds may be attributed to almost anything. By that same association, language isn’t even needed for a combination of sounds to create a meaningful story. Language itself is just a coordinated accumulation of sounds. Mood, atmosphere, and meaning are …

  3. @MeMcMe3

    Sound Effects Story


    You don’t really know where you are. There are frogs, some industrial humming, some old music, birds chirping, and some running water. You are walking, destination unknown.…

  4. @MeMcMe3

    Radio Show, Thoughts


    I could only tune in for a few minutes because those hours are usually not good for me. What I could tell was that there are a lot of people in Ds106 with way better skills than me at making radio bumpers. The material did seem a bit random to …

  5. @MeMcMe3

    Make Your Own Mixtape?


    I don’t use Itunes or anything, I use Spotify. So I don’t have any music downloaded, rendering Audacity more useless than I already find it to be.

    So I just used Spotify to make a fairly specific playlist. The instructions never said I couldn’t!

    To make this playlist, I decided …

  6. @MeMcMe3

    Auditory Hell


    I’ve combined a synth noise, with a TV static noise. It’s more unsettling than awful, but I guess it would be awful depending on how you see things.…

  7. @MeMcMe3

    Becoming a Better Photographer


    Any photo can tell a story, most efficiently in the eyes of the photographer. I can’t just find some random picture on the internet and tell some BS story about it using cursory knowledge. In my view, whenever somebody takes a picture, they must be the one to explain it. …

  8. @MeMcMe3

    The Visuals of Storytelling


    I never really consider myself to be a photographer. Though every once in a while I’ll find something that really catches my eye, and it’ll translate into a pretty good-looking picture. I mainly take pictures of natural things, though sometimes I’ll take pictures of my car or a building that …

  9. @MeMcMe3


    Make a photo that freezes or isolates the motion of an object Take a photo of a food being served or eaten in an unconventional way. Make a photograph that features vertical lines today. Let’s play with movement. Get a shot of something in motion. Make an abstract, that would…
  10. @MeMcMe3

     Illustrate 106 (1 Star)


    Turns out there’s a car called the Peugeot 106. Not available in North America though.

    I found a picture of one that said 106 on the license plate, so I tweaked the colors a bunch to accentuate the 106ness of it.

    Looks almost like a digital render now, but it …

  11. @MeMcMe3

    Art Comes To Life (3 Stars)


    I replicated the soup can picture from Andy Warhol, or one of the many. I never saw the appeal in this stuff……

    I also didn’t have a soup can, so I used this can of beans that I’ve had in my pantry forever. I took a picture of the can, …

  12. @MeMcMe3

    Adapt an Artist’s Work (3 Stars)


    Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa in the 1500s. Happiness is the representation of this famous piece, in the words of Da Vinci himself.

    So I decided to desecrate and vandalize the Mona Lisa to change its meaning. I’ve added some facial hair, angry eyebrows, glasses and a mustache. …

  13. @MeMcMe3

    Street View Story (3 Stars)


    I randomly zoomed out on Google Maps and dropped the pin with my eyes closed. I ended up at 19 Pochtamtskaya Ulitsa in Kapinsk, Sverdlovsk Oblast. Which is in Russia.

    19 Pochtamskaya resembles a Soviet Gulag of some sort. I can’t read Cyrillic, which is what all of the signs …

  14. @MeMcMe3

    Buddy Photo (2 Stars)


    I don’t have any stuffed animals or anything like that, so I drew a face on an apple. The apple is too afraid of covid to go outside, so he stayed in my apartment with me.

    Hanging out with it’s apple friends me cooking the apple on the stove the…
  15. @MeMcMe3

    Car Lust (2 Stars)


    I pretty much have my dream car already, but it’s not as perfect as I’d like it to be.

    But in Europe, they got a faster, wagon version of my car. So you have to import them, and can’t because you aren’t allowed to until they’re 25 years old. My …

  16. @MeMcMe3

    Week 3 Summary


    Lots of learning this week. The writing assignments were pretty painless, once I weeded through the ones I didn’t care to do. I enjoy the freedom to pick and choose. I’m not a huge fan of poetry though, so I made a point of avoiding those.

    The daily creates were …

  17. @MeMcMe3

    Long Form, Short Story


    Long Form, Short Story

    My College Experience, in Short

    Setting- Various places in the east coast

    Characters- Me, some other people that I haven’t fictionalized yet

    Theme- Self discovery

    -Why you should care

    -The first section: What led up to my college experience. Why I ended up there in the …

  18. @MeMcMe3

    Reading, Some More


    I don’t read many short stories, because I’m not a huge fan of the genre. There, I said it. I enjoy longer books, with more substance and plot to them. Illustrations are of course nice, but not something that I’d consider crucial to getting something out of reading. Thus, I …

  19. @MeMcMe3

    That Bucket List  (2 Stars)?


    I never really have had a bucket list, but there’s a lot of things I’d like to do in my life that I’ve just never put on paper. Most of the bucket list things I have to do are travel related, there isn’t a whole lot of the typical “skydiving” …

  20. @MeMcMe3

    5 Albums that Shaped Your Taste (2 Stars)?


    I have pretty unique musical tastes for somebody my age, (22). Some of my musical taste comes from my mother, who interacted with a lot of these musicians in her early career. Not from my father, whose taste in music makes my ears bleed. 

    5. Tom Petty- Full Moon Fever …

  21. @MeMcMe3

    What’s in a name  (2 Stars)?


    My first name is Ronald, and I absolutely hate it. I’m the third, and my parents chose it because they couldn’t agree to anything else. Which I’m also thankful for, because my mother had some pretty shit ideas. They expected that the whole “Ronald McDonald” thing would be over, but …

  22. @MeMcMe3

    A Letter to me as a child  2.5 Stars


    Hi RJ as a 13 year old. I think I’m writing to you at the correct time? What I’m going for is you like right after middle school, so I think I have the age frame correct? If I don’t, whoopsie daisies, If I got you too old, well that …

  23. @MeMcMe3

    How Does a Song Make You Feel? 1.5 Stars


    I chose Once in a Lifetime by The Talking Heads for this writing assignment. I’ve always really enjoyed The Talking Heads from a musical standpoint, and this is likely one of my favorite songs by them. This song makes me feel hopeful, yet instills realism at the same time. David …

  24. @MeMcMe3

    Dream it, Write it (2.5 Stars)?


    First of all, my dreams pretty much never make any sense. When they do make sense, I can still subconsciously tell that they are not quite dreams. I also very rarely can remember the subject of my dreams, unless I write them down. Which I pretty much never do, because …

  25. @MeMcMe3

    Artistic Licence, Better Late Than Never


    I didn’t quite transcribe this by Friday, I’m not a huge fan of WordPress.

    I don’t consider myself artistic in the commonly accepted definition of the word. However, I strongly believe that art is not something that can be defined with words. Art is whatever one finds beauty in, even …

  26. @MeMcMe3

    Weekly Musings


    This was an interesting week for me. I’m still trying to get a hang of everything, and that’s proving to be a little bit more difficult than I originally anticipated. I’m sure there will still be some mistakes here and there, but I enjoy having more creative reign over where …

  27. @MeMcMe3

    Weekly Things


    “Another Day”

    Well, I chose this assignment from the “Writing Assignments” section of the DS106 website. I kind of randomly picked something that seemed somewhat intriguing to me. This particular assignment focussed on natural beauty and being able to take a moment to truly take the world in for what …

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