1. @Michael Dietrich

    Module #2: Part 3


    The result of my research is a brief history of trolling as a hobby, from it’s beginnings in the prank phone call to the massive phenomenon it is on the internet today. During my research, I learned about other platforms that have been used for trolling over the years, as …

  2. @Michael Dietrich

    Module#2: Part 2


    I think everyone is well aware that people have always found new and exciting ways to annoy one another for quite some time now. Only recently however have people been able to not only bother total strangers but remain completely anonymous while doing it. The internet in recent years has …

  3. @Michael Dietrich

    Module #2: Part 1


    This week, My group and I have decided to go with the topic of “Trouble with Trolling”. Now initially, I had trouble deciding where I wanted to even begin with this module. Although I frequently use the internet, my interactions with other people online is very limited. There are only …

  4. @Michael Dietrich

    Weekly Report #2


    This week was definitely a lot harder than week 1, mostly towards the end. This past week, I have learned many things about the device I am constantly carrying around in my pocket, many of them not pretty. I have learned that a large part of the process of making …

  5. @Michael Dietrich

    Weekly Report #1


    Starting this weeks work was a fairly easy en devour. Not only because I have successfully taken an online class in the past, but because I have taken this specific class . Last year I made an attempt to take digital studies for a short while, But I eventually dropped …

  6. @Michael Dietrich

    What I Learned: Module Part 3


    Overall, the work I did for this module, while simple, was satisfying. Any work done within the field of entertainment is great for me. Originally I wanted to go with a module for interactive fiction, But I felt that I did not have the skill set necessary to do so,so …

  7. @Michael Dietrich

    GIF: Module Part Two


    I will say that, in this instance at least, creating a GIF was extremely easy. This however, was only due to the help of my fellow classmates. While looking for a website where I could make a GIF, I noticed that a number of my classmates had mentioned a website …

  8. @Michael Dietrich

    Why This Matters: Module Part One


    The reason why I decided to go with creating a GIF for my first module was simple. I love films. It is my dream to one day work in the entertainment industry, and although I strive to be a successful writer, I would love the opportunity to work behind the …

  9. @Michael Dietrich

    Hello Fellow Students


    My Name is Michael Dietrich. I am a junior and plan on graduating sometime next year. My hope is that after college I will be able to enter the entertainment industry as a writer. Setting up this website and application was extremely easy as I had already done it for …

  10. @Michael Dietrich

    The First Apple Product in My Home


    During my time living in New Hampshire, my family could not afford the luxuries of owning expensive devices and electronics. This is why the day my Father brought home and iPhone was particularly exciting. Technically, the iPhone did not belong to him. The phone was given to him by the …

  11. @Michael Dietrich

    What I learned #1


    Our very first module taught me a lot within the topic of interactive fiction. The tips and recommended programs, along with a short play session of the game “Zork”, taught me several ways to successfully go about creating a story that is entirely devoid of visual and audio cues, containing …

  12. @Michael Dietrich

    My 1st Module: Interactive Fiction


    When Choosing a topic for my very first module, it only took me a few moments to decide that it would be on the subject of interactive fiction. The reason for this quite simple, and that’s the fact that I have always had an interest in this form of storytelling. …

  13. @Michael Dietrich

    Hello Friends


    Greetings fellow students. My name is Michael Dietrich, and this is my blog. The blog I am currently using is the same blog I had used for the class i have just finished a couple of days ago. Because of this, not only do i have everything that is required …

  14. @Michael Dietrich



    Going into this class, I thought for sure I was going to hate the structure of an online course. I feared that without being present within an actual classroom setting, I wouldn’t be able to learn anything of real value. I’m happy to report that those assumptions were completely wrong. …

  15. @Michael Dietrich

    How I learned to Accept My Fate


    Love, friendship, happiness… These are all concepts that are slowly being forgotten in this day and age. The Drop changed everything, including how humans view themselves and each other. Gone are the days of relative peace among the people of this world. In fact, if you want my honest opinion, …

  16. @Michael Dietrich

    I Inch Closer to My Calling in Life


    I’ve probably stated before in one of these numerous blog posts that it is my dream to one day work within the entertainment industry. The problem is that this is my dream job only in theory. In reality, I had never had enough hands on experience to confirm whether or …

  17. @Michael Dietrich

    My First Video


    The video that is embedded in this blog post is a bit different from the other videos i have shared with all of you so far, in that I did not create this video for the sole purpose of fulfilling an assignment for this class. In fact, this video was …

  18. @Michael Dietrich

    Analysis of Baby Driver


    For this assignment I decided to analyze a scene from the 2017 film “Baby Driver”, which, as I state at the beginning of the video,  was my favorite film of last year. Full warning, the video I created and posted below is far from my nest work. As I have …

  19. @Michael Dietrich

    I Loved This Assignment!


    I’ve probably mentioned at some point in these numerous blog posts that I love movies, and I hope to work in the entertainment industry one day. So naturally assignments that involve analyzing pieces of film history, as well as just talking about them in general, fits right up my alley. …

  20. @Michael Dietrich

    Ring Around the Rosie


    Ring Around the Rosie is honestly the only nursery rhyme from my childhood that I can remember, probably because it’s the only one I legitimately enjoyed listening to. Whats interesting about this nursery rhyme that you may not no about is that the song is actually describing the events of …

  21. @Michael Dietrich

    My Thoughts on Video Production


    If there’s anything watching countless movies over the years has taught me is that in order to stand out and keep things fresh, a director has to present the audience with their own unique style of filming, and the videos I have watched just now have only further proved that …

  22. @Michael Dietrich

    How To Read a Movie


    I’m gonna be completely honest, despite being a huge film buff my entire life, I never liked Roger Ebert. To be fair, I never really followed or pay much attention to him, nor did I read any of his work, so perhaps I truly do not have an accurate view …

  23. @Michael Dietrich

    My Best (and Hardest) Week So Far


    Let get the bad parts of the assignments for this week out of the way. I’ve always made it clear right from the beginning of this class that I am particularly not good with electronics, especially when it comes to computer programs. So this week when I was tasked along …

  24. @Michael Dietrich

    The Drop


    When thinking about how to tell a story using only sound, I decided the best way to go about doing this was to depict a disaster in process, as we as a society have heard the sounds of disaster so much over the years within pop culture media that it …

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