1. @Michael Dietrich

    The Journey


    When telling this story about a hellish post-apocalyptic land, rather than trying to tell a grand sweeping story, I decided to make it a more down to earth tale. To that end, I decided to tell this story from the perspective of a lone traveler, a young man who has …

  2. @Michael Dietrich

    The Power of Sound


    As I stated just a couple of blog posts ago, I have absolutely no idea how anything audio related works, and going into this week I was extremely concerned I would have trouble keeping up with the assignments given. While I am still pretty much lost when it comes to …

  3. @Michael Dietrich

    The Moon Landing Disaster


    I absolutely adore these hypothetical “What If?” type of stories, especially ones that are grounded in reality ( The more likely it seems things could have happened a different way than they actually did, the more it tends to hold my interest, as it is generally more interesting to think …

  4. @Michael Dietrich

    What Do I Know About Audio?


    Nothing, absolutely nothing, that is my answer. I’m not even joking. When I first looked at the syllabus for this week and saw that there was going to be an entire week dedicated to just audio, I was extremely worried (and still am). I know nothing about audio mixing, how …

  5. @Michael Dietrich

    Things Are Getting More Interesting


    I have to say, after a couple weeks of online assignments, this class is really starting to grow on me. Unlike other classes I have taken in college so far, this class I have noticed really encourages you to flex your creative muscles. You are asked to talk about hings …

  6. @Michael Dietrich

    Daily Creates #2


    Stopping to smell the flowers may not seem like all that much, but this simple task can brighten up even the gloomiest of days, and with my flower, The Night-Shade, like a rose that is blue and purple, I hope people will continue to be made just a little happier…

  7. @Michael Dietrich

    My Childhood Creation


    Although I’m pretty embarrassed to admit it, When I was a young child I would often fantasize about being a superhero named “Zone Fighter”. The reason I played pretend like this so frequently was because of my simple love for Japanese giant monster movies and TV show, such as Godzilla …

  8. @Michael Dietrich

    A Look Into what Almost Was


    As I mentioned in my previous blog post, a third world war following the escalation of the Cuban Missile Crisis would have surely had a disastrous effect on Earth and Human civilization. Billions would be killed, and the few who did manage to survive would have to struggle to survive …

  9. @Michael Dietrich

    After the Cuban Missile Crisis


    One of the most famous  and frightening moments during the cold war was the Cuban Missile Crisis. As I’m sure you all know, the Cuban Missile Crisis was an event that nearly led to a violent confrontation between the USA and the USSR, which in turn would have surely led …

  10. @Michael Dietrich

    A Busy Week So Far


    While I am starting to get used to the structure of this class, my busy schedule has not done me any favors. Due to the fact that I am almost constantly working, I have little time to venture into the outside world, which makes completing assignments such as the design …

  11. @Michael Dietrich



    The photos I took are, admittedly, not super impressive (not to mention I only took a few). But the reason I did this was because I truly think that in these three pictures, many of the concepts we read about are on full display. Each of the objects on center …

  12. @Michael Dietrich

    Question of the Week


    My pick for an alternate history timeline is easily the scenario where the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated into a full scale war. I have little doubt in my mind that if a third world war took place during this time, the world as we know it would be an unrecognizable …

  13. @Michael Dietrich

    Design Reflection


    If there is any lesson I am going to take away from the two ted talks and the practice assignments, it’s that there truly is no completely right way to go about designing pieces of art. Designs are entirely subjective. The designs these two speakers praised could be seen as …

  14. @Michael Dietrich

    Daily Create Reflection: Fonts


    Daily Create #1: Fonts Matter

    Everyone knows that the  same phrases,sayings, greetings, etc. can have slightly different meanings depending on the tone it is said in and the context in which it is said. In my daily create, I wanted to convey this by presented the common phrase “good luck” …

  15. @Michael Dietrich

    A Better Process this Time


    If you read my previous blog entry, you’ll know that I struggled with the assignment quite a bit due to my lack of knowledge with pretty much all forms of social media and photography. I’m happy to report that this time around the  process was far easier. I was able …

  16. @Michael Dietrich

    What I learned from photography so far


    When I first started this assignment, I wasn’t sure how well I would fare. I have never been remotely interested in photography, not even a little, and because of that, I have absolutely zero knowledge of how to go about taking “professional” photos. Due to these circumstances, I was concerned …

  17. @Michael Dietrich

    My First Week


    Lets just say this first week was pretty stressful. I’ve never done any sort of online class life this before so for the past couple of days (which unfortunately is the only time I’ve had to work on school) I’ve been scrambling to figure out exactly how this sort of …

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