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    Refection Summary


    The company I chose to knock off was Arby’s. I changed the cowboy hat for a top hat for its logo. I tried to think of something more 80,s themed but I failed to come up with something. The shape of the hat isn’t great because I’m not great at …

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    Radio show


    For the radio show I edited an interview with Steve Jobs and David Burnham from 1981 about computers and their role in the future. I chose this interview because I found it interesting how people viewed computers back then and that we still have the a lot of the same …

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    Week 6 Summary


    I found the information and resources on design to be interesting. I didn’t realize so much went into making a good design for something. After reading some of those articles I do appreciate more all the work that artists and designers put into their work. I read the 10,000 hour …

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    I read some articles and watched a few videos on some aspects of design and I was impressed by everything that goes into design. I would not be able to keep all the information in mind while designing something. Even choosing the right colors is more complicated than I would …

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    Week 5 Summary


    I tried listening to the podcast, but when I pressed the play button nothing happened. I also got multiple warnings from my browser that the site was not secure so I didn’t want to spend much time on that site. I found the radio broadcasts to be very interesting. I …

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    American Life Radio


    I listened to the lady vanishes and ICBM Nuclear Missile Close Call. I found both of those stories to be interesting. I’ve heard of David Copperfield but I’ve never heard of him making the statue of liberty disappear. It ruins some of the magic once you actually know how the …

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    Week 4 Summary


    I thought the video on Annie Leibovitz was interesting. I’ve never heard of her before watching it. Even though she is a celebrated photographer I thought her photos looked awkward, but I guess I’m no expert on photography. It was a delight to see some photos from the 80’s to …

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    Photography in the 1980’s


    I’ve looked at some photos from the 80’s on google and I found a lot of pictures with a political agenda. You can definitely see there was some conflict in the political landscape back then. Of course even today there is still conflict when it comes to politics. I also …

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    Writing Assignment: I’m a real boy


    If I was to spend a single day as someone it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger. He may be older now but he’s still physically stronger than I’ll ever be. I would spend a good part of my day seeing what I could lift. I would then spend the rest of …

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    Writing Assignment:Facing Your Fears


    I am a spider, a small and often harmless thing. I spin my webs to capture the bugs that plague your house. As I come down to crawl across the floor I see a titan walk closer with a heavy object at hand. I see a shadow descend as my …

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    Week 2 Summary


    I learned a few things on the articles about copyright. I found the remix video to be enlightening on how everything we make there is always heavy inspiration from something else. It was interesting how intellectual property and the laws we’ve made around it have hindered creativity. I didn’t get …

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    Writing Assignment: Another Day


    I like to look at trees, the way the leaves move in the wind. I am also taken by the way light reflects off the trees leaves. The clouds are fun to look for your imagination tries to make shapes out of them. I also enjoy looking at the stars …

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    Show Your Work


    One of the ideas that resonated with me was “Think Process not Product”. I think we often take for granted everything that goes into the process of getting or experiencing finished products. Even something like getting fast food. How often do you ponder where the potatoes that make your french …

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    This was an interesting video. I was unaware of all of the references used in Star wars and that Led Zeppelin had a lot of songs that had direct inspiration from other songs. Creators generally don’t mind taking ideas when their making something, but when someone tries to build of …

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    Concerning the Ghost busters and Huey Lewis copyright issue. There are definitely some similarities but I don’t think there is a case for a lawsuit. I looked at the National Geographic article and I don’t see the what problem is with Gordan Gahan’s picture and how they used it. I …

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    Week 1 Summary


    I learned a bit about the Christian right and their involvement in politics. I struggled in writing the story. I wasn’t sure what information was needed for it to be a good story. I don’t think I gave myself enough time to make a good story or gather the information …

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    My 80’s Story


    The Christian right movement started before the 80’s but it started to get more political spotlight in the beginning of the 80’s. It is a political group that advocated for things like anti-abortion, prayer inside school, intelligent design and many other things. Overall they support conservative values. They proved themselves …

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    The 80’s


    I don’t know much about the 80’s but I know of some the movies that came out in the 80’s. I do find it interesting to see what kind of technology they used back then. Some of the best stories that I know of in the 80’s include Indiana Jones: …

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