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    4 icons, one movie


    Ok so this mini collage could very well be a few movies, but it makes sense after you look at it for a while. The picture in the bottom left was supposed to be a different striped piece of clothing, I just couldn’t find an icon for it. The icon …

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    My design blitz


    For this blitz I used my time at the library to photograph some of the interesting objects and signs that are hung up in here. I spend most of my studying time at the library which is agonizing, but at the same time I get the majority of my work …

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    they pulled the trigger!


    This assignment was from a website called Frequency2156 where you are tasked to create a an apocalypse message from the year 2156. Since this class is based around the 80’s I made it a nuclear apocalypse, because everyone in the 80’s were definitely slight worried about nuclear death. The only …

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    Radio show ideas


    There aren’t a lot of topics that come to mind when it comes to the 80’s. Out of the past 5 or so decades I can’t really come up with much but for my grades sake I came up with a few Ideas.

    SlaSHER HOUR Each show we review a…
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    One small step for kind man


    The what if scenario of a failed moon landing is the topic of this audio tale. A theme I noticed that was touched on by Jad Abumrad’s radio segment was the creation of a dreamlike state. From “Moon Landing” the background sound really helped along the idea that this wasn’t …

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    Post-war treasure hunt gone wrong!


    This radio broadcast was pretty interesting. The era of film the Anthropocene broadcast focused on post-war action/treasure movies. It’s strange to see the transition of this genre evolve into a cold war race. The movies seemed to move away from gold and diamonds to uranium. From that point movies had …

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    Hate this sound


    This assignment tasks the you with making a story of sounds that lasts for 90 seconds. While this isn’t on topic per say, it’s definitely happened to college students in the 80’s. The past week my hall had 3 fire alarms. Of the three, two of them we failed, and …

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    You wanna waste my time? Okay.


    For this visual assignment I had to take an iconic photo from the 80’s and replace it with what I thought it should be. There are few movies more iconic than Scarface. The main character Tony Montana is played by Al Pacino who is a Cuban immigrant. It doesn’t take …

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    What is that thing???


    For this assignment I have to preview a zoomed in image and you have to guess what it is. If you guessed this immediately you either cheated or you can read my mind.

    Keep scrolling!

    You are so close!

    It’s a pygmy goat! My neighbor adjacent to my backyard happens …

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    La mano de dios


    For this short assignment, I was tasked with finding my favorite photo. Since the class is based around the 1980’s I thought I would use one of the most controversial moments in soccer history.

    This is whats known today as the “hand of god.” This picture is from the …

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    I wouldn’t consider myself a photographer of any sorts, but I do take a few pictures from time to time. October 2017 to July 2018 I traveled around the southwest US as a part of this government program called Americorps NCCC. There I saw something new and exciting every day …

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    The man in the mirror


    This assignment requires you to look in the mirror and give an accurate and detailed description of yourself. My first observation was “wow I need to get some more sleep.” I have the beginnings of bags starting to form under my eyes which is definitely from lack of sleep, but …

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    Forward momentum


    For the majority of my posts I like to hover around that 80’s theme. For this assignment I thought to share this story because it is hilarious. Towards the end of 6th grade my parents finally felt comfortable leaving me around the house when they had other matters to attend …

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    War what is it good for


    A good story in my eyes is one that engages me beyond listening, watching, or reading. Typically when I’m watching a great movie I end up becoming absorbed into trance like state that leaves me confused on my whereabouts when the credits start rolling. Usually for a good book I’ll …

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    Another day


    Nothing to me is more relaxing than observing some of natures gifts to the world. As a child me and my neighborhood friends used to film almost everything around us. At that time I had no appreciation of the outside world that surrounded me and because this a lot of …

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    From Harlem to stardom


    It was a cool summers night in the big apple, but just like any other night there was always a reason to go to the club. A young man known to his family and friends as Frederick Anthony Jackson, recently came off a dismal spell of bad luck outside his …

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    Bird Magic


    For the Forrest Gump project, I superimposed my face over a Philadelphia . The 1983 finals ended in a 4 game blowout where the Los Angeles Lakers had no chance. The significance of this series isn’t too important to the game of basketball, the events that followed altered the …

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    The Thing from Elm street on a Friday

    Favorite Movie Quote

    In my opinion the 80’s produced some of the best horror movies of all time. Most of the movies i’m fond of from this era are those films where you have to think about what you just watched for about twenty minutes after. The 80’s pioneered a …

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    @ds106dc #tdc2789 A friend of mine had an aging set of chairs on his back porch area that we used more than a few times a week. One night I went to go sit in one of the chairs and all the legs collapsed from under me. Anyone else could …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week for me was all over the place. I was switching out of a few classes just trying to free up a time slot to where I could take a course I needed, which eventually had a spot open up thank god. Besides that I haven’t had too much …

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    What do the 80’s mean today?


    For me the 80’s symbolize a strange in between period in American culture that is overlooked. Out of a all the questionable products from the 80’s like big hair bands and crack, I believe that the golden age of film production started in this era. Classics like: Back To The …

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