1. mightytev

    A dream


    OK, so I thought I’d try some “train of thought” writing. Only now because it took so long for my laptop to start up, I’ve had some time to think about it so it’s not as off the top of my head as I would’ve liked.

    I had a very …

  2. mightytev

    Writing Challenge I


    OK, OK.

    I googled “Writing Challenges” and found one of those sites that generate random plots. I randomised it a few times and chose this one:

    A character is calm throughout most of the story. During the story, a character is killed. The story must have a frog in it. …

  3. mightytev

    Writing (+ Reading!)


    OK, OK. OK.

    I want to start writing. I’m going to use this blog to start writing. I’m thinking short stories, maybe scripts for comics that I’ll ask some lovely arty-type to draw for me.

    I’ll also likely use this to document anything I read. I don’t read nearly enough. …

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