1. @mingea

    Week 14



    We are finally done.

    My final project consisted of a really long evidence blog post where my agent mac took over the blog. She explains the situation that she was in, how it all started, and how it ended. This was really fun to do cause I got to …

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    Advise to the newbies


    Hi Newcomers,

    Welcome to DS106, its one hell of a ride.

    My one advice to you is to be creative. The class became enjoyable once I started making all my posts funny. You dont need experience in photoshop, or any software really, but google will become your best friend. I …

  3. @mingea

    Agent Mac Fixing it all


    Agent Mac here..

    Maria normally does these posts but this is a special occasion. The Russians and the Canadians are going to attack the United States and the Directorite has put me in charge of the mission to stop it. I don’t know why they chose me. I don’t even …

  4. @mingea

    Final Mission


    For my final mission, I have decided to do Item number 2. “We have unconfirmed reports that Canada is up to something, so we are looking to defuse the potential situation. Are they conspiring with the Russians? It may seem preposterous, but consider the facts: They’re both vast and brutally …

  5. @mingea

    Mash Up VIdeos


    For my second assignment, I decided to do The contest Nobody Could Win. This assignment was rated 4 stars. I decided to mash up different Melissa Mccarthy movies because I really like them, so why not. I started out with wanting to do spy movies but then I started watching …

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    Close up Tutorial


    Man, Tutorials are cool. Close ups are not.
    This assignment, while may seem difficult, its really not. I am going to write this tutorial in steps.

    Step 1:
    Find your inspiration. Since our class is spy themed, I decided to do mine on my agent, who is on her mission. …

  7. @mingea

    Pretty in Pink


    I decided to remix the assignment that I just did because why not, why make something new when you can just add on to it. My task was to make the assignment, prettier. Prettier in pink that is. 

    So I set off on the hardest task. Finding a pink spaceship. …

  8. @mingea

    Remixed PhotoMash


    My first Remix assignment. How exciting.
    I decided to remix the assignment I had already done, Photo Mash. When I clicked the remix button, it told me to

    “Use the worst, over the top design elements in an assignment. Use Arial or Papyrus fonts, green and pink colors, sappy music …

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    James Bond x2


    For my first mash-up assignment, I took James Bond and…. James Bond and mashed them up in one photo for the Photo Mash Assignment.

    I changed it up in this assignment though, and instead of using canva, I used pixlr. I know truly a shock. This was my first …

  10. @mingea

    Week 11 Summery


    Another week, another summery.

    This week I did 13 stars of video assingments.

    I started out with 4 1/2 stars by making the Kingsman Silent. I related this assignment back to our theme by using a spy film (my agent’s personal favorite film)

    The next assignment was another 4 …

  11. @mingea

    Spoil a Movie


    For my last assignment, I decided to do Spoil a Movie! This assignment was rated 4 stars, and the task was to create a compilation of the most important scenes from a movie and try to do it in 30 seconds or less.

    If this was a mission, I …

  12. @mingea

    Daily Routine


    For my second assignment this week, I decided to do the What do You do? from the assignment bank. This assignment was rated 4 1/2 stars but I think it was a lot easier than most assignments.

    I decided to record myself doing a task that I do every single …

  13. @mingea

    New Mission


    The DKC has figured out where all our agents are, and our new mission is to throw them off track. Make all blog post titles outrages, so they can’t figure out what we are writing about. We have to leave hidden messages all over the blog posts to really throw …

  14. @mingea

    Silent Kingsman


    For my first assignment this week, I decided to Return to the Silent Era. I kept this up with the class theme by having my movie scene be from the Spy Movie Kingsman… Do you sense the trend I am going on here? literally, everything I do is on …

  15. @mingea

    Interview with the Agent


    This week, we had to do a video assignment and answer a series of questions.

    Obviously, my agent mac is somewhere DEEP undercover at a currently undisclosed location and could not answer the questions posed, so I answered them on her behalf, using a script she provided me.

    I did …

  16. @mingea

    Censoring 22 Jump Street


    For my first web assignment, I decided to tackle a 5 start assignment. The assignment is “That Bleeping censor” and the task is to take a 2-minute movie scene and sensor out a recurring phrase. I decided to take the basic approach and find a movie with some curse words …

  17. @mingea

    Week 9 Summery


    Man, I feel like if it wasnt for this class, I would not realize how much time has past since the beginning of the semester.

    Now to the good stuff.

    This week I started out by doing a stepworks story because it seemed like a cool idea. I took the …

  18. @mingea

    Best of ds106


    This week, we had to go look through past assignments people have done and try and find the best of ds106. “best” is pretty subjective so I am going to have a few criteria for what I will categorize as being best. This is a criteria created just for this …

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    Agent Maria 2017-03-24 18:48:11


    For my second web assignment, I decided to do a personal search engine. To start off, I got x-ray goggles and did a mini tutorial with it. I just want to note that the tutorial is not helpful at all.

    I decided I wanted to do a spy-themed search engine …

  20. @mingea

    Radio Listen


    For my the listening portion of the assignment, I decided to write about Agents on Air because it had the coolest name. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I could not listen to the shows live, but I caught up with a few after.

    I really liked how the first …

  21. @mingea

    Stepwork story


    I decided to do the step work story as an alternative to doing web story telling because I had already started watching the 18-minute tutorial and I became committed. Right away, I knew I wanted the text I wanted to use was the bee movie script. I thought it would …

  22. @mingea

    Week 8


    Radio show week is finally done! Not that I didn’t have fun, it was just really tedious. I also now hate audacity.

    I started out the week meeting with my group and then meeting some more with my group. You can read all about that in my update post!…

  23. @mingea

    2nd Radio Show update


    So our radio show group (minus ahmed cause of his commute) met up twice this week. The first time we met, we decided what we were going to do.
    We talked about a few ideas but in the end decided we are going to do a very conversational styled show, …

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