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    I miss her!


    Special Persons Montage: For this assignment you are to decide on who is special to you. It could be a relative, sibling, parent, friend, mentor, celebrity, or anyone. Then you are to make a video of images or video clips of them showing all the different things that they …

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    We Found Her!


    Bring Your Pet To School: Do you miss your pet while you are in school? Do you ever wish that you could bring your pet to school with you? This tutorial assignment will allow your dream to come true. You can use GIMP or other photo edit software to place …

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    Edna’s Not Missing


    Edna, a black puppy, enjoys long walks and snuggling on beds. She’s just like any dog!! She also loves to be pet by her owner Miranda. Miranda is her best friend. However, recently, Miranda has been super busy studying for her finals, leaving Edna sad! This morning, Edna Rose woke …

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    Sunshine State


    Design a License Plate: Design your own license plate! You can use an online site, alter a preexisting photo, or make your own from scratch. Make the license plate describe either your or a character. Your license plate design should have two part to it: designing the background for …

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    If Found, Please Call..


    Missing Person: Create a missing posters flyer for a fictional movie/show character, made-up person, animal, or a real person. Be sure to include a picture, the name, characteristics, and last seen date and place. Let your imagination do the talking for this poster! (4 stars).

    I made this design …

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    Puppy Police


    Please Someone Call the Police! : You know how in crime movies and criminal investigation shows they usually include an audio of a victom talking to the police over the phone? Well in this assignment make an audio of you talking to the police over the phone. Your story of …

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    Here Comes the Bride


    Wedding Invitation: We are currently in the middle of the wedding season. With this being said so many people out there are tying the knot! For this assignment, I would like you to create/design your own wedding invitation as if you were going to be getting married soon! What would …

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    Please Hire Me?


    Character Resume: Using either Microsoft Word, creating your own webpage, or using a website like LinkedIn, create a “fake” resume for a fictional person or character of your choice. Add detailed descriptions and make the resume relevant to the character. Resume must include a profile, work history, education, and …

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    Weekly Summary 13 & 14


    This week, we learned all about Remixing and Mash-ups. I had no idea this was an aspect that we would dive into for this class!! I was happy, because remixes of songs and videos are so innovative and funky cool to see and hear. I enjoy remixes that people create, …

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    What is a Remix?


    The first video was a documentary by Brett Gaylor of a remixer called Girl Talk. This band, like many artists and bands, plays music in crowds for many to hear and enjoy. The only difference is that his music is a compilation of many different artists.

    I learned in the …

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    She’s the Twelfth Night


    Movie Mash-up:   Take a movie that you really like. Now think of a movie that has been compared to it, and make a new movie poster that incorporates the two! (4.5 stars).

    For this assignment, I had to use two movies that are similar in themes, or really, just been …

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    Serena Changing


    A Changing Character: For this assignment you need to pick any chacter and follow thier progression that they have had (TV characters from a long standing TV show will probably be best). Use video clips to show how the character has changed and grown up over time. Try to make …

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    Weekly Summary #11 & #12


    This week, we extended our knowledge on video to create many more captivating and interesting stories. I enjoyed adding on to this video knowledge, I learned more techniques to make audio enhance the video I am creating, more tools within my applications and edits, and just a new view on …

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    Daily Create 11/5/15


    #tdc1397: Anny Cow the Researcher

    For this daily, we were to create a 6-line poem about life purpose.

    Interesting, huh?

    @ds106dc #tdc1397 This life Is here for us to learn about ourselves and others and to find joy in these things around us

    — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) November 5, 2015


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