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  1. mirandaskin

    Weekly Summary #10

    For this week, we were to analyze video and movies. This is so interesting to me because I really do like watching clips and videos online. We also have done pictures and images, and then audio. Now, we are putting it together with film! First, I read and reflected on Roger Ebert’s journal about reading movies. … Continue reading Weekly Summary #10
  2. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/26/15

    #tdc1387: Bigfoot is missing. I used Word to create this image poster! @ds106dc #tdc1387 bigfoot is missing!! — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) October 26, 2015 —SALTY SKINN
  3. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/23/15

    For this daily create, we needed to remove something important from a photo. I took out the girl from a classic romance movie. #tdc1384: Removed. @ds106dc #tdc1384 removed the girl from the love story. — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) October 23, 2015 —SALTY SKINN
  4. mirandaskin

    Weekly Summary: 7 & 8

    DS 106 Radio Show: The VERGE. This was a fun couple of weeks creating a commercial, bumper and a show! Bumper Commercial  Audio Assignments: Row Row Polyphony: The Mouse Ran Up The Clock! (2.5 stars) Imitate Some Weather: Sunday Morning.. (2.5 stars) Daily Creates: 10/5- Pareidolia 10/7- What would I do if I had not lost… 10/8- Lasts.  … Continue reading Weekly Summary: 7 & 8
  5. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/17/15

    For today we had to create an 8th day. I decided to go with something I think most people would enjoy before the dreaded Mondays. #tdc1378: The Eighth Day @ds106dc #tdc1378 #dailycreate — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) October 17, 2015 —SALTY SKINN
  6. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/8/2015

    For today’s daily create, we unfortunately had to think of our “lasts” as in last moments of the summer that we are going to miss. I always miss the beach. #tdc1369: Lasts @ds106dc #tdc1369 Going to really miss those warm beach days in the sand and water. #hatteras — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) October 8, … Continue reading Daily Create 10/8/2015
  7. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/5/15

    For today’s daily, we had to make something that contained pareidolia, which is basically an illusion of something. #tdc1366: Go on a hunt for pareidolia. #tdc1366 @ds106dc pareidolia #seatbeltsmiles — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) October 5, 2015 —SALTY SKINN
  8. mirandaskin

    Weekly Summary 6

    This week was all about DESIGN! I had a great time with my design assignments, and also I learned so much more about each element. Daily Creates: Combining 2 logos: Which Mexican restaurant will you choose? Upside Down Day: I chose something that looked cool upside down. Daylight Savings Time is soon approaching, and for … Continue reading Weekly Summary 6

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