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  1. mirandaskin

    Design Blitzin’

    I went on another photo taking spree! This time, I was recognizing a few of the many design elements that there are. I found some really cool designs around my house that I actually have not noticed before. This definitely changed my perspective of patterns and words that are large parts of design. Rhythm: Just taking … Continue reading Design Blitzin’
  2. mirandaskin

    This Assignment Is Suspect: Who took Fluffy?

    This Assignment Is Suspect: Have you ever seen those crime shows that organize a case using a suspect board? Like Scandal or Blacklist? Well, that’s exactly what this assignment is. You will create a suspect board (or a board that connects different characters) to show interaction between the people. Feel free to add text, objects, … Continue reading This Assignment Is Suspect: Who took Fluffy?
  3. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 10/1/15

    It’s October! For today’s daily, we had to take a picture of something that represents daylight savings time that is soon approaching! I am using a gorgeous photo of UMW fall that represents us (minus Arizona) getting ready to turn our clocks back. #tdc1362: Daylight Savings Time @ds106dc #dailycreate #tdc1362 Fall is approaching. #fallbackwards … Continue reading Daily Create 10/1/15
  4. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/30/15

    For today’s daily create, we had to turn something upside down and take a photo of it. #tdc1361: Upside down day! @ds106dc #dailycreate #tdc1361 Upside down turtle…it could be a flower though! — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) September 30, 2015 This is the original turtle figurine I have: —SALTY SKINN
  5. mirandaskin

    The Vignelli Canon

    In Vignelli’s booklet, he describes in detail about design and what it means to “design”. He talks about different design elements ranging from grids and rulers to color and texture. His training helps you take an advanced look into the world of design, but he proposes three important aspects that shape this world. First, he … Continue reading The Vignelli Canon
  6. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/28/15

    For this daily create, we needed to combine 2 logos. I love Mexican food, and so choosing between Qdoba and Chipotle is always a hard decision for me. I just inserted the Chipotle logo underneath the Qdoba logo, and cut out the part that said “Mexican Grill”. #tdc1359: Combine your favorite logos. @ds106dc #tdc1359 Which … Continue reading Daily Create 9/28/15
  7. mirandaskin

    Weekly Summary #5

    My radio show name: 99.3 The Verge Give at least 2 blog comments to each person in your group. Comment on at least three people blog post this week. 1. Photo Blitzes that I saw were really interesting this week. I thought that they seemed to be a very spontaneous and fun assignment, added with some cool … Continue reading Weekly Summary #5
  8. mirandaskin

    Photo Blitz!

    I decided to use my apartment as my space. I did this because I thought I would find normal things to interpret and use them in the blitz. I liked this experience, it was easy and fun! I just ran around my apartment trying to create images with this blitz! I enjoyed finding 2 things … Continue reading Photo Blitz!
  9. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/23/15

    For this daily create, we had to add something into our coffee!! I added a french fry. #tdc1354: Latte Art today! #dailycreate #coffee @ds106dc #tdc1354 There's a french fry in my coffee. — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) September 23, 2015 —SALTY SKINN
  10. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/21/15

    For this daily create, we were told to add icons or images all over ourselves today! I chose the chocolate icon and went chocolate galore! tdc1352: Print all over me! #dailycreate @ds106dc #tdc1352 Who doesn't love chocolate!!! — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) September 21, 2015   —-SALTY SKINN
  11. mirandaskin

    Weekly Summary #4

    Summarize the key points you learned about audio storytelling from the Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos. Audio is another great form of storytelling that creates a lot of imagery in your mind in a different way. I really enjoyed learning about audio and how people use it to engage other listeners.This week, I was nervous … Continue reading Weekly Summary #4
  12. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/20/2015

    For this daily create, we had to make another 5-card story! This was easy since we have already done them! I created a story about a Halloween party I hosted. #tdc1351: Five Card Story My Five Card Flickr Story: It's a day #ds106 @ds106dc #tdc1351 — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) September 21, 2015   —SALTY SKINN
  13. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/17/15

    For this daily create, we had to doodle our own picture onto a woman. Using Sketchbook, I gave her a pretty dress, and she accidentally dropped her purse. But not to worry, she’s picking it up. #tdc1348: Dumb doodle pad Art @ds106dc #ds106 #tdc1348 Doodling a woman picking up her dropped purse. — miranda … Continue reading Daily Create 9/17/15

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