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  1. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 9/15/15

    For this daily create, we had to directly link a picture to an emotion. This is very interesting because different images have different imageries and connotations to everyone. #tdc1346 Take an emophoto. @ds106dc #ds106 #tdc1346 Emotions of admiration of this beautiful cookie and ice-cream match — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) September 15, 2015 I just … Continue reading Daily Create 9/15/15
  2. mirandaskin

    Weekly Summary 3

    “First, What is Storytelling?” What did you learn this unit about your notion of storytelling? Where might it apply to your interests or studies?  Storytelling is a form of telling stories, made up, real, to anyone at any age. I learned that storytelling is something that still occurs, and now, can be digital. This includes … Continue reading Weekly Summary 3
  3. mirandaskin

    Week 2 Summary

    How well do I feel I completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?   I think I completed this assignment well this week. It was more thinking and doing on my blog, with the reflections and daily creates we had. I installed the applications easily too. It is cool to see everything you do on the … Continue reading Week 2 Summary
  4. mirandaskin

    “Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able”

    I watched the presentations by Michael Wesch called “Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able: New Learning Environment for New Media Environment”. At first, I assumed the talk would describe how technology generates a fresh learning environment for this generation. He explains how this web creates a new learning environment for students at universities, but also provides an environment … Continue reading “Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able”
  5. mirandaskin

    Week 1 Summary

    How well do I feel I completed the requirements of this week’s assignment?   I think I completed this 1st assignment well. I read the directions and followed along and created all the social media accounts. Finally, I created my blog and put it all together. 2. What gave me trouble? What did I enjoy most? … Continue reading Week 1 Summary

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