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    Design Blitz


    So this was a pretty challenging concept for me to grasp this week, as I found myself having very conflicting ideas about what I should and should not take pictures of and what falls into which design category. I think in the end it came out alright, and maybe it …

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    One of my favorite movie quotes


    If you havent seen the movie “They Live” then stop what youre doing and go check it out. Who doesnt love a good alien movie? Although not my favorite movie of all time (thats too hard to say) it really is an amazing film in my opinion.


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    The Vignelli Canon


    I found this literature to be incredibly interesting, although I will admit that some of its features and ideas were lost on me. Design is something that I have never been able to understand very well, so having to spend a week studying it should be difficult for me but …

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    Weekly Summary


    I feel like I got so much done this week! It was honestly fun to mess around with the audio side of technology because although I listen to music fairly often I dont normally mix and make mash ups of my own so this was all new to me. Also …

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    Radio Show


    So I was thinking about this over the course of the week and I thought it would be awesome to do something along the lines of a dialogue based radio show. Not a talk show, but more of a reporting type of thing. The best example I can think of …

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    Audio Reflection


    This was actually really amazing. I have never listened to or heard of this type of dedicated audio storytelling before without the use of pictures so I was pleasantly surprised to hear how great this was. I found it so fascinating how they used the sound effects to sort of …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was fun and rewarding for me, but I will say it was pretty difficult. I am not very good at photography and I have relatively little experience on the subject in general so I found myself struggling with some of the assignments for the week. I also came …

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    Video Still Shots


    After reading through this assignment I must admit that I got a little excited, because spy kids is one of my favorite movies and the excuse to watch it again for another blog post was way too good to pass up. I wanted to make sure that I took my …

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    Love at first shot


    The cowboy had ridden for miles, and his lover couldnt tell if it was him or his horse who looked more worn out. He had heard from a neighbor that she had ran away from home to find him, and he knew this was his last chance to be with …

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    Visuals of Storytelling


    Believe it or not I take very few photos, and I have never really been much in to photography. I try to use applications such as instagram in order to take more photos and post them more often but it never really ends up working out for me as I …

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    Weekly summary!


    I think this week went really well and I feel as though I am finally starting to get the hang of this stuff. Although I was short on time this week and I had problems with getting the course website and my blog page to load I managed to complete …

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    Writing Assignment 1503


    I had a bit of trouble first finding some literature to write this post on because I was searching for legible post cards but once I abandoned that idea and searched for letters I found a plethora of information.

    The letter that I chose to write on is pretty amazing …

  13. @mjryanonline

    Writing Assignment 1714


    This writing assignment was meant to have you speak about an object of technology that was once living and is now dead and what it meant to you or what purpose it served when it was alive. The thing that I chose to write about was my old computer hard …

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    Writing Assignment 2056


    I thought this writing assignment would be a good idea for me to do considering people who read about my secret agent, ManBearPig, are probably going to be at least somewhat confused. Originally I got the idea for naming my character Al Gore and having his agent name be ManBearPig …

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    Agent Stories


    Trials and tribulations of being a spy kid! I wanted to apply Vonnegut’s story methods to the movie spy kids as we watched it this week and I think it works great with his story shape concept. In the beginning of the film the spy kids seem to have it …

  16. @mjryanonline

    Spy Tv/Movies: The Spy in Film


    First off I have to start by saying that I never knew what that spy soundtrack was from until I watched Mission Impossible. The theme song for that show is one of the most popular and recognizable sounds when you think about spy stuff and I never even realized it …

  17. @mjryanonline

    I am ManBearPig


    Hello fellow agents, I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Al Gore, but you may call me agent ManBearPig. Although my current whereabouts are private for obvious reasons, I am at liberty to inform you that I am present in the DC area in order …

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