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    AnimatedGIF Assignment 1780


    I found this GIF of what I thought was one of the most amazing sports plays in recent history, as the player literally did a flip over the top of the other player in order to score a touchdown. Pretty amazing in my opinion.

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    Writing Assignment 1056


    Create a life for a tool or household object.

    I sit on these counters and stare at these walls day in and day out. So far I have only ventured into two other rooms of the house, but the mother of the household admonished my freedom giving children so harshly …

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    Visual Assignment 1971


    For this #VisualAssignment I chose to do #VisualAssignment1971 which was to create a game of thrones style house banner. At first I thought I should be serious about this as it could turn out really cool but it wasnt working out too great so I went the silly route instead …

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    I felt like this week was a lot of work, but a lot of fun at the same time. To be honest I had to set up a new account for everything except for YouTube, and the only reason I had that was because of having a gmail account already …

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    What do I think about having a secret agent theme? Well to be honest I think its AWESOME. Who doesn’t like a god spy movie or a James bond film? I think that most everyone can get behind the idea of a secret agent theme and I also think its …

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    I think the message from this article is actually really good and very positive if you really read into the advice that is given. I especially liked the idea presented in number 3 which was “share something small every day”. I think this could apply a ton to getting your …

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    Testing Testing 123


    This is just a test to see how all of this works. If its working how its supposed to I assume this will post to my blog and look pretty amazing! I need a secret agent nickname….…

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