1. Michael Walter

    The Big Caption


    Big Caption, a photo by mkattax52 on Flickr.

    This was the big caption assignment, and it was very simple but very fun. I like this picture because it leaves a lot up to your imagination. I used picnik because I find it easier to add captions in. This was …

  2. Michael Walter

    Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs, and Philo Taylor Farnsworth


    Ben Franklin once said “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.”

    Everyone in today’s generation knows Steve Jobs and everybody knows Whitney Houston, but whom will people remember longer? Both are extremely valuable people to …

  3. Michael Walter

    Going political on yall


    I’m mad, oh I am mad, and it is against you corporate America. Let’s talk insider trading and lets talk about the people that we are suppose to look up to and trust. Governmental officials who now remind me more of car salesman than the old Abe Lincoln I like …

  4. Michael Walter

    Getting Hacked


    Yesterday, the ds106 class got hacked by person named like Emre1598 from a Turkish organization. I’m assuming he is from one of the desert geographic sections, and has nothing else to do but hack organizations. Luckily, being cheap, I went with the non-recommended cheap webhosting site, and my website is …

  5. Michael Walter

    You know what grinds my gear…


    When I’m at trying to log into a website, and I have to enter the security captcha. Half the time I can barely read whatever they call symbols or letters. What the hell are they for? A robot? If a robot can type, I think were screwed from the beginning. …

  6. Michael Walter

    Whether to Wear What in the Weather


    I’m not going to try to discuss fashion, just whether you would consider yourself an under dresser or an over dresser. If it is winter, and I hear that it’s going to be like 40 degrees and it has been 35 degrees all month, I start getting all stoked for …

  7. Michael Walter

    Lets talk Super Bowl and Puppies


    I wanted to know what people were thinking of who was going to win this years Super Bowl, and by Super Bowl I of course mean the Puppy Bowl!! If you don’t know the Puppy Bowl what it let me introduce Melena Ryzik of The New York Times describes the …

  8. Michael Walter

    Improving the Blog and talking tennis


    Just got my laptop fixed! Woot woot! Starting today, I am going to attempt to blog everyday. Currently, I’m watching the replay of the Nadal and Djokovic championship tennis match, and they are just ridiculous. The match ends up being a total of five hours and fifty three minutes. I …

  9. Michael Walter

    The trite introduction.


    Dear Internet World,

    Hear it now, hear it loudly, this is the start of something new.

    It may take me a little while to understand how to maneuver this site, but give me a little time, and this will be the most robust websites out there/ a cool way to …

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