1. mlbarker

    A plea for help


    The raging headache I’m experiencing could be a result of my social conversion therapy or perhaps it’s a result of the design assignment I’m currently working on.

    I’m trying to make a vintage postcard.  I’ve been following this tutorial on Youtube, and it’s been helpful for the most part:

    I’m …

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    Spoiler Alert: A story in four icons


    Here’s a four icon telling of “It’s Your Funeral.”

    “It’s Your Funeral” in four icons (scroll down for credits)

    In this episode, we learn a few things:

    (1) No. 6 is very active.

    (2) Kosho looks AWESOME!  This is exercise I fully support.

    (3) No. 6 demonstrates some really human …

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    Campy camp posters: A Prisoner106 project


    I never went to summer camp.  I didn’t have friends that went to summer camp.  For a while I thought summer camp was just something that existed in tween/YA books to move the plot along.  Parents were out of the picture.  Kids were left to sort out their own problems …

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    GIFable moments from The Prisoner


    It’s way past curfew and for some reason the sleepy time music isn’t playing in my bungalow.  The lights are a little dim too.  Perhaps this is a consequence for not earning all of my work credits last week.

    Might as well make some GIFs.

    Machine Readable – from “The …

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    GIFable Memories


    I was gone for a while.  I can’t say where I went.  I can’t say for how long I was gone.  I can only say that there was no Internet.  Luckily I had files on my computer, so I was able to make some animated GIFs.  It’s important to keep …

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    Be seeing you.


    “I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered.  My life is my own!” — Number 6

    And so it begins.



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    A #networkedcourse


    The summer of 2012 was transformational.  The summer Olympics were held in London, England.  The US witnessed one of the hottest summers on record.  The Curiosity Rover landed on Mars.  Carley Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” was the official summer anthem.  And campers everywhere flocked to Camp Magic

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    Was Matthew Weiner a Twilight Zone Fan?


    I’m fairly confident that the origins of Don Draper started with Martin Sloan from the Twilight Zone’s “Walking Distance” (S1E5)

    Martin Sloan from “Walking Distance” (S1E5 of The Twilight Zone)

    Martin Sloan is an ad man in New York City.  Don Draper is an ad man in New York City.  …

  9. mlbarker

    What if Don Draper read feminist literature


    Don Draper reads Charlotte Perkins Gilman

    This one was for fun.

    In “Man with a Plan” (S6E7 of Mad Men), Don Draper leaves his mistress in a hotel rool, and refuses to tell her when he’ll return.  She’s puzzled, but willing to play along in Don’s weirdo fantasy.  And then …

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    When ideas don’t turn out


    I’m almost embarrassed to write up this post and put it out there.  But I’m trying to practice working in the open even if that work is a total failure.  Process counts, right?  Right.

    Like most DS106zoners, I watched “Eye of the Beholder” a few weeks ago.

    image …

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    1 story / 4 icons


    Last year I recommended Zone One for the upper school’s 2012-13 summer reading list.

    Zone One cover

    It did not reappear on the 2013-14 reading list.

    “The kids didn’t like it,” I heard.  “Not enough zombies,” they said.  “It’s a thinking wo/man’s zombie novel.”


    I don’t know what to …

  12. mlbarker

    Conform to the norm


    Follow the Leader

    A single purpose.  A single norm.  A single approach.  A single entity of people.  A single virtue.  A single morality.  A single frame of reference.  A single philosophy of government.

    “The State” sounds like an awful place to live.  The above bumper sticker would probably land you …

  13. mlbarker

    Making light of addictive personalities


    I’m a real jerk for poking fun of alcoholism.  But here it is all the same.

    Troll quote assignment

    The woman:  Lindsay Lohan.  The quote: lyrics from “Plastic Jesus,” an American folk song by (according to Wikipedia) Ed Rush and George Cromarty.  The attribution: Reese Witherspoon*.  The common …

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