1. mmatorin

    My Village Friends


    Hey guys and gals!

    This has been an audio kind of week! For this week we were required to make at least 3 audio assignments totaling at least 8 stars. Audio assignments are available from the Audio Assignments Bank on the DS106 website. The main point of these assignments was …

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    This American Life- I Was Just Trying to Help!


    Hey everybody! 

    One of this week’s assignment was to listen to a full Podcast and try to really catch the radio techniques that were being used. The official assignment was this: Overall, how effective do you think audio was for telling the story(ies)? What types of audio techniques did the …

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    The Beauty of Radio


    Hey guys and gals!

    For this assignment, we had to listen to some ideas and tips about what radio is, how good radio is made, and what it’s for. The assignment instructions and videos are all found on Mrs. Polack’s DS106 webpage. HERE.

    To start I would like to …

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    Concrete Poetry


    Hey everybody!

    Todays DailyCreate was to write a concrete poem. A concrete poem is one in which the placing of the words builds a picture or somehow visually describes the poem or the theme of the poem. I did a poem about the beauty of having not just a house, …

  5. mmatorin

    Emotional Photo


    Hey everyone!

    Today’s dailycreate was to post a picture that evoked an emotion. I really love these kind of photography things and because my dog is so amazing, I immediately grabbed his adorable snout and snapped a photo.

    @ds106dc #tdc1364 #umw #ds106 #dailycreate Are you all emotional yet? Is your …

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    Some Fresh Reading


    Hey guys and gals!

    First daily create of the fourth week! We needed to come up with a sequel to a book cover that was posted. It was called “Suck it up Buttercup”, so I figured the next installment should deal with the political correctness frenzy.

    @ds106dc #dailycreate #tdc1345 #umw

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    Summary of Week 3


    Hey guys and gals,

    Another week complete. Soon, i’ll have a whole month done! Doing okay and learning a great deal.

    To be honest, I can’t say I learned anything new. My notion on story telling hasn’t changed from what I thought it was in my “thoughts and ideas” post …

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    Reflection on Tales of Two Pictures


    As I scrolled through the various Daily Creates, I began to worry that I wouldn’t find two pictures that I could make an interesting story out of. Luckily, it did’t take very long to build the idea. I saw the picture of the shoes and liked it immediately because they …

  9. mmatorin

    One Minute in 2065


    Hey guys!

    This daily create required a 1 minute video of how my life would be in 2065. I will be 75 years old and I would be a peaceful grandma. I would like to garden and sweep the sit in my chair to enjoy the serenity of nature. With …

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    A Tale of Two Pictures


    Hey guys and gals!

    For this assignment, we had to choose to do one of the following:

    Tell a Story in Five Frames is a group in flickr that you can join to add a story that consists of only a title and 5 photos, no text. You can share …

  11. mmatorin

    Other Student’s Digital Story


    Hey guys!

    I looked through some of the previous projects and stopped with THIS one because it gave me the exact example of a multimedia digital story that I needed to further understand what digitally storytelling is. I like it because it takes a theme that nearly everybody knows and …

  12. mmatorin

    This Story is Shapely


    Hello everybody!

    Kurt Vonnegut’s PRESENTATION was short but so very funny and entertaining! This was a very fun ASSIGNMENT as well because most stories really do fall under the categories that he described. When Vonnegut began describing the story shape that includes a character rising from depression, to a happy …

  13. mmatorin

    The Sea in my Backyard


    Mediterranean Mermaid

    Some children, with their endless capabilities to imagine, splashed around in a pond or a pool and believed it to be the vastness of the ocean. For me, that pond was the sea and it was, in fact, my front yard. I did not understand that as a …

  14. mmatorin

    Storytelling, You Say?


    Good evening guys and gals,

    For me, storytelling has different categories and requirements for each category. For example, there is storytelling via fiction  or non-fiction novels, there is story telling via movies or picture or art, and there is storytelling which occurs between people who are sitting around a warm …

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    Daily Create-Poetry


    Hey guys and gals!

    Below is my daily create for 9/9/2016. The poetry idea is really cool and I read some previous people’s responses and they were very creative. In general, I dislike poetry. Probably because I am convinced that my poetry sucks. I do like Walt Whitman though.


  16. mmatorin

    The Summary of Week Two


    Hey gals and guys! Week two is complete and it’s time to reflect:

    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments? What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn? What would you do differently? What questions to you have? What…
  17. mmatorin

    Computer Bugs? New Guinea Bugs?


    Michael Wesch Talk

    I assumed this talk would be very similar to Campbell’s presentation in the sense that Michael Wesch would most likely dive deeper into the emerging cyber-world and the importance in finding a place in it. After listening to his presentation, I came away with the main idea …

  18. mmatorin

    Reflection of a Face-Lift


    Reflection of a Face-Lift

    Based on the title, I expected the reading and the conference video to be about either the importance of building your “own space” on the web or about HOW to build it. I honestly didn’t think it would be anything too entertaining but I did believe …

  19. mmatorin

    GIF Me a Break!


    Howdy Folks!

    Finally, I have settled on a GIF. This assignment was torturous: let’s dive into the details.

    The ASSIGNMENT Say it Like Peanut Butter

    First and foremost, the GIF.



    This is that amazingly, famous scene from the Titanic where Rose Bukater (played by Kate Winslet) and …

  20. mmatorin

    The Summary of Week One


    Week one is a few hours from the end and with the help of many cookies and large cups of coffee, I have made it in one piece and have “successfully” (to be determined by the grade I receive) completed the assignments.

    Happiness looks like this:

    Now, let’s discuss this …

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    Procrastination Nation


    Good Afternoon all!

    So much Digital Storytelling work to do. Time to meditate.

    My name is Maryna Matorina and I am a senior biology major at the University of Mary Washington. If anybody is wondering  why my site name is “pgrusski”, it’s because I was born in the Ukraine and …

  22. mmatorin

    What Is Even Happening…


    Testing, testing.

    I have never simultaneously created so many social media accounts.

    Oh, excuse me. I believe I see an award coming my way:

    “Digital Multitasking of the Highest Caliber 2015”

    Why is everything so white and bland….…

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