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  1. mmiranda

    Have fun…

    The most important thing to remember when taking DS106 is to have fun and that you are never wrong you just make it in a different way. I learn a lot through out this class, I am a very shy person and this class took me out of my comfort zone. Another advice, do not … Continue reading Have fun…
  2. mmiranda


    I did not remember we have to do it by Friday and for this reason, I will apologize and I will only post one tutorial I need before which is related to a assignment. We needed to explain our mother to use technology I choose it to do a tutorial of sharing desktop while recording … Continue reading Tutorials….
  3. mmiranda

    Vine Remix

    This assignment is worth 3 stars and it asked me to make different videos in vine and put them all together in one video clip. I use my cellphone to do the vine videos and then I went online to get the video download to my computer and them upload them to YouTube.  I used … Continue reading Vine Remix
  4. mmiranda


    One of the assignment we have to do which was worth 0 star is to create a mini documentary. Because the professor suggest that we can link it to our host character I decide to conduct an interview with my host character. The lack of people to helps me made be do something pretty interesting, … Continue reading Documentary
  5. mmiranda

    Purpose in life in a Poem

    @ds106dc #tdc1397 — melissa (@melissam88273) November 5, 2015 We have to create a poem about our purpose of life.  Because twitter does not support long text and I was near a computer I did a quick typing and took a photo. then I load it to twitter. )
  6. mmiranda


    This video assignment is worth 4 stars and it prompt me to create an origami for Halloween. I know it is a little late for a Halloween origami but it is never too late for one. I create this assignment for the assignment bank and it will prompt a student to create a video of … Continue reading Origami
  7. mmiranda


    This assignment is about your signature and it is worth 4 stars.  We had to draw or design a letter that represent our personality.  Repsag decided to to draw her signature in a piece of paper using black and purple because their are her favorite colors. The letter are PR back to back because it … Continue reading R
  8. mmiranda

    ASSILEMARIM 2015-10-19 14:08:00

    Above is the Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan which was built after Tokugawa Ieyasu the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate orders the feudal lords in Western Japan to contribute to the building of the castle in 1601. Hello again; I am Repsag my friend Melissa allowed me a tiny space in her blog so I can … Continue reading
  9. mmiranda

    Week Six-Design

    One more week down, and I different topic than last week. This week topic was design, which at the beginning I thought it was boring and simple. However, after reading the guide  by Vignelli I really appreciate all the work that is done. Design is not as easy as it look because they have to think of … Continue reading Week Six-Design

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