1. Maura Monahan

    Say Cheese!


    Since a fair amount of DS106 involves photography, I wanted to compile a list of blogs I read regularly that also have great tips on taking photos, editing, etc.  So, in no particular order:

    1. Fernweh Magazine – This site is designed and managed by a group of young girls …

  2. Maura Monahan

    There’s No Crying In the Library!


    Well, not anymore at least.  And for the record, I wasn’t really crying, there was just something in my eye…both my eyes…and they got really teary.  That’s all…

    For the past three and a half months I have had the security of knowing a job is waiting for me this …

  3. Maura Monahan

    Final Project Update


    I’ve got a little bit of video footage for my final project but I definitely want to add some more this week.  I think I just really need to start being more disciplined and focused when it comes to working on my project.  There are certain things I really want …

  4. Maura Monahan

    Remixed: The Kitchen Edition


    Before tackling the remix assignments for DS106 this week I decided that something had to be done with the can of black beans that’s been sitting on my shelf since January.  Cue the black bean salad!

    I did a few recipe searches and concluded that for a basic black bean …

  5. Maura Monahan

    Y’all Wanna Remix?


    Final Remix assignment: Newspaper Blackout Poetry – Countrified!

    I had fun doing this assignment.  As I was scratching out surrounding text the idea of adding the American flag element just kind of came about so I went with it.  Using iPhoto I boosted the color until it was to my …

  6. Maura Monahan

    Remixed Remixes


    Well, that’s assuming “What life is all about.” is an album of remixes by the always popular Wind, Wave, Model.  It probably is.

    Mister Remix Generator shuffled his assignments and cards to bring me the Album Cover design assignment and the Fox News card.  Sensationalize something?  Yes please.  I loved …

  7. Maura Monahan

    Warning: Remixed


    For my first Remix assignment the generator gave me the Warning visual assignment along with the Media Bender remix card.  I had done the visual assignment earlier in the semester so I figured that remixing my own design and refreshing my Audacity skills would work well together.

    The first thing …

  8. Maura Monahan

    Doing Life


    So recently I’ve heard the phrase “doing life” more and more often.  And I like it.  Mostly because when I hear people talk about “doing life” what they are actually referring to is a time when they actively engaged with others around them and developed deeper, more meaningful relationships.  I …

  9. Maura Monahan

    Video Killed the ds106 Star


    My Video Assignments are done!!!

    For the Make a Tutorial for Your Mom assignment I filmed myself copying and pasting a link into an email and then opening a link from an email.  I know, really simple, but actually last week my Dad was telling me how he would have …

  10. Maura Monahan

    Content with the Contents


    Whenever I think about my final project, I end up thinking about the past four years of my life since these college days are quickly coming to a close.  That’s kind of a lot to think about.

    Coming into school I was very naive about what the next four …

  11. Maura Monahan

    Daily Create Weekly Update 7


    Oh let’s just call this week of Daily Creates an epic fail and move on.  I was away Thursday – Saturday evening without any internet access and only got two assignments done for the week.  I’m thinking of adding “Daily Creates” to the list of reasons why I need an …

  12. Maura Monahan

    Daily Create Weekly Update 6


    Oops, I was a slacker two weeks in a row.  Two weeks ago I neglected to compile my daily creates into one post and this past week I only did two…and I also just realized I recorded a video for one and then forgot to upload it to YouTube.

    This …

  13. Maura Monahan

    Tea Time


    My assignments this week for video seemed to create a bell curve when it comes to difficulty and effort – my apologies but we are at the far right of the curve.  This might be because it is 11:46pm and my creativity is at a bit of a low.

    Anyways, …

  14. Maura Monahan

    One Second Smile


    Looking for a little editing break, I turned to the 1 Second Film video assignment.  I decided smiling was easy enough to do.  Black and white seemed to class it up a bit and go nicely with the silent effect.  If a smile only takes a second, maybe I should …

  15. Maura Monahan

    Video Essay


    I almost forgot to blog about this assignment!  That would be terrible considering the Video Essay assignment is worth five stars.  To make this essay I recorded myself talking using the camera built into my Mac and iMovie.  Then I imported clips I’d downloaded from YouTube using “Fastest YouTube Downloader” …

  16. Maura Monahan

    Made By Maura: The Kitchen Edition


    I knew right away that I was going to do the Cooking Show video assignment.  I love making things in the kitchen.  Deciding on what to make was the most important part of the show.  I felt that the recipes needed to be simple so anyone would be able to …

  17. Maura Monahan

    Sock It to Me


    Here is my completed video for the Product Review video assignment.  I really liked this assignment because I was able to use an everyday object – a pair of socks.  Well, multiple pairs of socks.  I added music at the beginning which actually might be a little too loud.  Originally …

  18. Maura Monahan

    Little Miss Graduate


    There are quite a few things I know I will never miss about being a college student.  I don’t plan on ever shedding a tear about research paper deadlines or reminiscing fondly about being locked out of Eagle Landing…when I live in the building (stupid doors).  I doubt that I’ll …

  19. Maura Monahan

    If You Can’t Take the Heat…


    …get out of the kitchen!  No wait, come back – I’m doing a cooking show!

    For the Cooking Show video assignment there would be quite a bit of prep work – for film and food.  Choosing an appropriate recipe would be extremely important.  It would need to be something relatively …

  20. Maura Monahan

    Gee Golly Gosh, Twitter is so Nifty!


    I think a fun Vintage Educational Video assignment would be one that teaches a young whippersnapper how to properly use Twitter.  Until creating a Twitter account for this class, I’d avoided adding even more social media into my life.  When I finally jumped on the bandwagon I was a little …

  21. Maura Monahan

    Film, It’s so Prestigious!


    The film I decided to analyze is “The Prestige.”  It was released in 2006, directed by Christopher Nolan, and starred Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.  It falls into the genres of drama and mystery as its plot follows the lives of friends-turned-enemies magicians in the late 19th century.

    While I …

  22. Maura Monahan

    Daily Create Weekly Update 5


    TDC: 3.6.12. – A video showing a hidden talent:

    TDC 3.8.12 – Create a circle with colors reflecting how you feel:

    TDC 3.10.12 – Take a picture from the inside looking out:

    TDC 3.11.12 – Celebrate religious architecture with a picture of your favorite church, temple, mosque, etc.:

  23. Maura Monahan

    Radio Recap


    Woohoo!  Our radio show is up on Soundcloud and the ten minute “behind the mic” section is about to join it.

    Lindsay and I ended up recording our segment together on Audacity but she had to call me while I put her on speakerphone.  For some reason (weak wireless connections?) …

  24. Maura Monahan

    Sound Off


    Remember when I said I was happy to be done with design assignments?  I’m about ready to say the same with audio assignments.  Too bad I am not even close to being done.

    Melodie, Lindsay and I are away from school for break which has been making the twenty minute …

  25. Maura Monahan

    Daily Create Weekly Update 4


    TDC 2.29.12 – Take a photo of a leap:

    TDC 3.2.12 – Record a video of your hand drawing a picture of your other hand:

    TDC 3.3.12 – Take a picture of an instrument that measures something:

    TDC 3.4.12 – Silent walk down the street:…

  26. Maura Monahan

    One is the Loneliest Number


    One might be the loneliest number but it’s also the number of blogs I like to have.  I started blogging in January 2011 and used Blogger since it was pretty much the only blog site I’d ever heard of (I know, I don’t get out much).  Now that I’ve become …

  27. Maura Monahan

    Pressing Onward


    For one of my classes this semester I am required to have a blog.  I also had to purchase a domain name and web hosting services too.  My new blog is on WordPress and since I use that quite a bit for class so I decided to move my old …

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