1. @MoB4884

    Radio Show Promo


    Attached below is my contribution to our group radio show design poster. We each decided to create an image of our current selves photoshopped with a picture of our younger selves, and then collage all of our photos together into one larger poster.

    For this image, I used a photoshop …

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    Radio Show Progress


    This week, my group members and I met on Zoom to discuss ideas for our radio show. Before we met, we determined what our theme should be so we could have some idea of what to discuss in our meeting. Our general theme is childhood stories that merge into our …

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    Weekly Summary


    Below I have included my posts from this week! I enjoyed getting to see the different designs my classmates have made and taken pictures of. I feel like previous weeks have been more focused on posting images you already have or recording a sound, but this week I felt like …

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    Let Me Pick Your Brain About Design


    I really enjoyed reading the article about graphic design. I loved seeing some of the old school product designs and some cool newer-aged designs. It was really cool to also read about the author of the book that the article is based on. I loved how they discussed that the …

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    Design Blitz


    Below I have included photos of some elements of design I found this week! It was a bit challenging this week to find design elements around me, as I recently moved and have only had time to go from home to work in between unpacking boxes. So, I did the …

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    One of the assignments from the assignment bank this week was to find a quote from our favorite movie and place it over an image from that movie. I chose the movie/musical Hairspray, because for as long as I can remember I have been OBSESSED with this movie. I love …

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    Mo B’s Burger Bash


    One of the assignments this week was to create our own menu, and I chose to make a burger menu! I used a template from Canva.com and was able to find a great template to customize. I loaded the menu up with all of my favorite appetizers, types of burgers, …

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    T-Shirt Design


    The goal of this assignment was to make a t-shirt design. The assignment said it could be funny or whimsical, but I actually had just finished this design for an education honor society I am in, Kappa Delta Pi. (Side note- this t-shirt actually won the design contest ) I …

  9. @MoB4884

    Word Cloud


    One of the assignments from the assignment bank this week was to create a word cloud describing our experiences with DS106. I’m glad that the three biggest words are challenging, rewarding, and engaging because they are the three words that I think they perfectly describe my thoughts for this class. …

  10. @MoB4884

    The 5th Installment of Summaries


    This week was more difficult for me than previous weeks. I think audio media is the thing I am least comfortable with and the section I was dreading the most. It took a lot more time this week to complete these tasks, and if I’m being honest, dont think the …

  11. @MoB4884

    Radio Show Ideas


    Here are some of my ideas for a collaborative radio show!

    share funny stories/memories from our childhood talk about our highs and lows of college – favorite memories, hardest assignments, hardest classes, friends we made, etc. talk about our majors – what we love about it, what we hate, how…
  12. @MoB4884

    Live Tweeting


    This was my first time live tweeting while listening to something. The story itself was super creepy and kind of made me question my own dreams and why they happen. The sounds in this story were so unique to the time period, from the static of the microphone, to the …

  13. @MoB4884

    Just Working Things


    When thinking about what my daily life sounds like, I though a lot about my work life. I work retail and getting up and going to work is a DRAG, but ya know, gotta get that $$. So, I thought it would be funny to make a shortened version of …

  14. @MoB4884

    Ted Talk


    For my third assignment for this week, I chose to do a Ted Talk. The assignment was to listen to the way the speaker emphasized words and pauses, and try to recreate it using his speech. I’m always super nervous when it comes to public speaking, so this was definitely …

  15. @MoB4884

    When ~Corona~ Ends


    In the assignment bank this week, there was an assignment to change a rap song lyrics to post apocalyptic lyrics. I got the idea to change the “post apocalyptic” part to something Covid-19 related. This song came on the radio a few months ago and I substituted “September” with “Corona” …

  16. @MoB4884

    80’s Radio Commercial


    Below is my version of an ad on an 80’s radio commercial! I had background music that was popular in the 80’s and found a product that is actually becoming popular again!…

  17. @MoB4884

    Radio Bumper


    Here is my radio bumper for ds106 radio! It was definitely a little strange making this. I tried to make my voice as smooth as possible (like most radio dj’s) but tried to make it fun and upbeat!…

  18. @MoB4884

    Sound and Stories


    After listening to Moon Grafiti, it is evident what a key role sound plays in our ability to visualize information. Sound has the ability to set moods and create emotions. When listening to Moon Grafiti, I felt like I was there, in that moment, listening to them. The sound was …

  19. @MoB4884

    The 4th Installment of Summaries


    As in previous weeks, this weeks’ assignments challenged me to be more creative and use new tools. I used photoshop for the first time and actually learned something fun that I might use for future social media posts. My phone has an amazing camera so one would think that I …

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    Where I live is SUPER boring. I live on a pretty busy road so there’s no where I can really walk to take pictures and I was unable to devote the time this week to get out to a park due to my work and school schedule. So, with that …

  21. @MoB4884

    You’re Doing It Wrong


    For as many times as I say this phrase, I don’t have a lot of pictures to laugh at or reference when I think about this sentence. But, I was able to dig up a super old photo of a carseat strapped to the top of a van in the …

  22. @MoB4884

    8 Bit Pic


    Below is an 8 bit picture of me attending an art exhibit at Artech House in DC. I had no clue what an 8 bit picture was before this assignment but after finding a website to convert the images, it took some trial and error to find a picture that …

  23. @MoB4884

    Marine in Wonderland


    Pictured below is my best friend, Marine. This assignment was to make something seem out of proportion. For some reason, my mind immediately went to the Smurfs (idk why because I haven’t seen or thought of Smurfs in years…) so I wanted to incorporate a mushroom for some reason. I …

  24. @MoB4884

    Giant Pencil Holding


    A while ago I tried to create the optical illusion that I was holding the Washington Monument … BUT I think I needed to be further away for it to look right. “A” for effort though, right?

    2/5 stars …

  25. @MoB4884

    Splish Splash


    I actually really enjoyed this assignment because I had never used photoshop. It took a bit of googling to figure out how to get just a single color in the photo but once I figure it out I had a lot of fun with it! I actually edited a few …

  26. @MoB4884

    Visual Storytelling


    When it comes to capturing a picture, I tend to get lost in the moment and forget to capture an image to remember it by. I find myself looking back on a day and wishing I had captured something to remember it by. Most of my pictures in my phone …

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