1. mpeavy1

    Time-Space-Relation Project


    I found I had a hard time relating to and working on this project.  Maybe some more examples from previous classes will make this easier for classes down the road, but i had a hard time wrapping my brain around how serious the project was supposed to be. I wanted …

  2. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 6


    Affinity Space Project

    December 11- I began working on project, figuring out what I needed to do and what I wanted to do the project on. I went through most of my personal picture that I have the right to share and threw them violently into iMovie as I began…
  3. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 8


    I don’t participate in any real news related websites other than Reddit, although I do read the BBC and Drudge Report for generic news. I honestly didn’t want to sign up for anything more than is necessary as I kind of felt that we were constantly throwing information about ourselves …

  4. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 10


    Where I’m from Poem

    I am from cow pastures and elementary school bus walks filled with scary, violent dogs. From the 80’s and inception of gaming and from the wilderness I used to despise. I am from the war on marriage and the dissolution of love. I am from the…
  5. mpeavy1

    This I Believe Essay Log: Music


    Way back in September I thought about doing the poem about music and therefore the DMC about it as well. Since I was learning to use a music program, I felt it would sync up similarly with the movie software.

    December 9th- well it was kind of easy to put…
  6. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 9

    DS 106 Assignment C

    I did the Over Edit Yourself assignment just for giggles and so that I could easily eliminate an assignment off the list. My picture ended up looking like a late 80’s B movie filter for some kind of toxic looking picture. Cheers.…

  7. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 5


    DS 106 Assignment B

    I chose the Forced Collaboration assignment because I’ve only really been working on music in my free time, so I’m going to build off of that being the easiest way to make a few points and do something new with my audio. Plus, as long as …

  8. mpeavy1

    Super Late Blog post #1


    Okay yeah, so after reading the attention chapter some time ago, I am eventually getting to the blog post. Yeahhhhh.  I can remember while reading that I never have problems focusing while doing something, just focusing before starting. I would have to say actually starting something is the hardest part …

  9. mpeavy1

    Blog Post 3


    Voice Morphing to the Max on DS106

    Hey guys, I did the voice morphing assignment on DS106 with myself and a video Ted talk that Bobby Mcferrin did. I was so inspired that I created a song out of it, which took me a few obsessive days. I hope you …

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