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    Superhero Crime-Fighting And Reporting Logo


    For the design portion of this weeks assignments I created a logo for the “Superhero Crime-Fighting And Reporting” Network. The team I am working on decided on this as a name for our radio show project. I used Canva to put together some images that I took from Google images …

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    Summary: Week Seven


    This week I began working with my group to brainstorm and conceptualize a radio show that will last approximately 30-42 minutes. We collaborated on brainstorming in a Google doc and I wrote a post reflecting on this week’s progress titled Radio Show: Week One

    I also completed a couple daily …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week I completed 10 stars worth of Design Assignments as well as the Super Tattoo assignment.

    The first assignment I tackled was One Story/Four Icons. I used four icons to represent one of my favorite movies, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I had a hard time at first deciding …

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    Super Tattoo


    The superhero character I created, Madame Polygraph, has a super power which enables her to tell if people are lying based off a pinch in her foot. So, she had this tattoo of sound waves tattooed on her foot as a way of representing her super power. Although she can …

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    Branding Gossip Girl


    For this assignment I used Canva.com to create a logo that could be used by New York City’s Upper East Side blogger of Manhattan’s elite. She is an anonymous blogger, but could use this logo as an icon on her blog or social media pages. I chose the pink and …

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    Character Wordcloud



    For this assignment I created a wordcloud using wordclouds.com .  I used words to describe my character Madame Polygraph who is a crime fighting, mind reading mom. The website was super easy to use and I liked the way you could customize the shape, font and colors of the …

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    One Story/ Four Icons



    For one of my assignments this week, I opted to complete the suggested assignment: One Story/Four Icons. These are my four icons…can you guess the movie? Scroll for hints…




    Hint #1: Three friends (2 guys and a girl) ditch school for the day




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    Ready, set, photoblitz!

    ake a photograph of the front of a building. Your feet, show what kind of day you’re having Trees come in all shapes and sizes. Make a photo of an interesting tree. Tell the story of a place in a single photo Make a photo of a scene looking out…
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    List of buckets…or Bucket list?



    In this post I collected some photos of things that translate to items on my bucket list. I used 6 for this collage. In my life I would like to see the Northern Lights in person, this would probably include a trip up north, maybe even Alaska. I would …

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    “Selfie” with a Shepard


    This is my favorite photo of my favorite dog, Argus (shh, don’t tell the other dogs). My family adopted Argus as a puppy all the way back in 1997. This photo was taken Summer 2007 in the midst of a move half way cross the country. All the furniture was …

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    Summary: Week Three


    This week was a crazy week. I looked a daily creates more than three times this week, but kept putting them off. That was a bad idea as I only has three days to complete three daily creates and I forgot one of those days, so I have these two …

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    “Exile in Portales”


    For this post I was challenged with finding an example blog where the author’s voice shines through. A post where you can hear the author speak to you and see their wit and humor. I’ll admit, I didn’t need to look very long. My Grandfather is the best author I’ve …

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    For My Mom…



    Where do I even start?

    You have been my best friend, even when I thought you were my worst enemy. You never stopped loving me and proving it, even when I told you I hated you. Those preteen/early teenage years were rough for me, but you were resilient, graceful …

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    Madame Polygraph


    Amy Pope slid her hand out from the warmth of her bedcovers and blindly tried to locate her cell phone. It was 7:00 am and her alarm was beeping and reading the time to her over and over again. The noise grew louder and she opened both eyes to find …

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    The Beast


    The cool, salty air blew against his face as he stepped out the front door onto the porch. “Here we go, day one,” he thought to himself as he paused for a moment before continuing off the porch, down the steps and into the back seat of  his mom’s four …

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    Vonnegut Analysis on “Superman” Episode 1


    Kurt Vonnegut is definitely onto something to point out the stories have shapes that can be drawn off of an axis. There is a typical “normal” that sets the axis at zero. Then from “normal” things can either go bad or good. In the first episode of “Superman” that I …

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    Reflecting on Superheroes


    Reading the article “How Ancient Legends Gave Birth to Modern Superheroes,” gave me a deeper insight as to what determines a superhero in the genre. I liked that they use a scale method versus a simple “yes/no” approach. I think heroes can be all types of “people” with different intentions …

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    Summary: Week Two


    This week I have made an effort to complete three Daily Creates. They didn’t require much work, but more thoughtful insight. The first Daily Create I completed was on Monday, September 4th. I gave my idea on what the fourth law of robotics should be.

    #tdc2065 My response for Today’s …

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    One Step at a Time


    My last assignment to be submitted this week is a “Day In the Life of my Feet.” Yes, my feet. I recorded just my feet as I moved about from one activity to another, the hardest part being to remember to record! I tend to have my hands full of …

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    Real Housewives of …


    For my second weekly assignment I became the newest “Real Housewife!” I’ll admit this series is one of my guilty pleasures. I may not be current on episodes or have seen every spinoff city, but I do guiltily watch this show from time to time.

    The tagline I decided would …

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    Cool College Collage



    For one of my weekly assignments I created a collage about myself. The collage includes pictures of myself, my family, things that help describe who I am and what I enjoy doing.

    One of the first things that come to mind when I think of myself as a person …

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    Summary: Week One


    Week one in DS106 swiftly gave me a reality check when I realized just how much work this class requires. My week began with registering my own domain name through Domain of One’s Own. I didn’t get too creative with my domain name selection, just simply my name with middle …

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    Super106 Thoughts


    According to the Wikipedia link, Merriam Webster defines a superhero as  “a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; also: an exceptionally skillful or successful person”. I particularly liked this definition more than the other definition that only includes the cartoon version of superheroes that we all think of. “An …

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    DS106 Multi-Modal Introduction



    When asked “Who are you? Who is Amanda Pennington?” the first response that pops into my mind is always “The T’s Mom.” These are my T’s! From left to right, Tristan (son- 2 years old), Taurean (boyfriend of almost 11 years), Tatum (daughter-1 year old) and Taurean (son-9 years).…

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    Today’s Nap Time Was Not Long Enough


    Remember when you used to HATE taking a nap when you were a kid? Your parents usually insisted upon it saying something like “You need your sleep” or “If you want to be big and strong like Iron Man/Captain America,/the Hulk/Whichever one is your favorite for this immediate 10 minutes, …

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