1. mstough

    Ziggy in the Rye: Week 15 Summary


    This has been a really crazy week for me, but I enjoyed dipping into Ziggy’s head a bit, even if it produced what I thought to be Holden Caulfield a la The Catcher in the Rye like posts and thoughts. I’ve also been feeling a bit creatively burnt out as …

  2. mstough

    Ziggy’s Collage


    Ziggy made a collage about himself and shared it on Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. He summarized his identity and story in 12 pictures: Italian leather jacket with fur, orange prison uniform, red car representing Princess, cigarettes, beer, family, Baltimore, the docks, duck, beanies, tattoos, technology.…

  3. mstough

    The Resume He’ll Never Use


    Ziggy attended a resume workshop in prison and made a resume even though he’s got a life sentence and will most likely not put it to good use. He shared his resume as well as his thoughts on while it is utterly useless on Tumblr, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.…

  4. mstough

    Ziggy Plays Teacher


    Ziggy completed the Renegade Teacher assignment through a Tumblr post that he shared on other social media (Google+, Twitter, Facebook). Ziggy’s most likely minuscule time on the internet (because he’s in prison and won’t get away with this for long) is turning into a time for self-reflection and he wants …

  5. mstough

    Daily Create: #TBDS


    I did today’s Daily Create, which was to look back at your favorite creation from #DS106 and discuss why you love it and how you made it. I posted here about sweding an episode of The Wire: I think I am most proud of the swede of The Wire that …

  6. mstough

    The Boys of Summer Go Outside


    For the Parallel Plot assignment, I decided to assemble clips of the kids from The Wire season 4 to Childish Gambino’s “Outside.” I think a lot of struggles Childish Gambino references in the song as well as the EP it appears on are seen on The Wire. Whether or not …

  7. mstough

    Looking at Pigeons: The Wire Season 4, Episode 7


    I like the contrast of light and dark here.

    This makeshift bullet-proof vest type thing was really a cool invention of sorts, I guess you’d say. I also like how there’s a mirror in the background that shows the faces of the other people.

    Omar’s situation really brings up a …

  8. mstough

    Dragon Lady: The Wire Season 4, Episode 6


    It was really interesting to see these shots of the mayoral candidates going to church and how that was such a big deal. The cameras outside seemed really crazy to me, and made going to church seem like just another thing a candidate has to do to look favorable and …

  9. mstough

    Ziggy Sobotka Meet the Internet


    Ziggy was always the one on the docks who knew his way around technology. Maybe he didn’t use it for the best purposes when we saw him on The Wire, but now he’s ready to explore more of the internet and the people in it.

    Here’s how you can interact …

  10. mstough

    Jessica & Maggie Make a Swede


    For the Swede assignment, Jessica Reingold and I decided to do The Wire  Season 3, Episode 11. In a Google Doc, we planned out the scenes we wanted to cover, what props we’d need, a simplified script, and when & where we’d film it. This past week, we met up …

  11. mstough

    Video Essay on The Wire Season 3, Episode 12


    For the Video Essay assignment, I decided to discuss scenes from The Wire season 3, episode 12 and how they show the characters dealing with Stringer’s death and comprehending how they understood him and where they go from here.

    I downloaded the episode and rewatched the scenes I wanted to …

  12. mstough

    That Bleeping Crime Scene


    One of the more memorable scenes from early on in The Wire is of Bunk and McNulty at the cold crime scene in the apartment where they only say “fuck.” I love it, and think it’s a great, humorous scene. When I saw the That Bleeping Censor assignment, I thought …

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